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Optimum operating temperature

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I am just about to install a Davies Craig water pump and fan controller in my TR7 3.5L V8. It allows you to set the target water temperature, but the question is, what is the optimum temp for different uses (eg, best economy, racing)? Any ideas?



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Not much different in either case, these V8s have a relatively narrow operating band where they are happy.


I used to have my race car set to even out at about 85 deg, if the temp strayed up to 90 deg you could see the HP start to bleed away as the temp rose. As regards everyday use the above info will be the same, get the temp up to over 80 deg ASAP and control it there.


Mick Richards

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Hi Michael


I put one on my TR7V8 last year and I have it set to 85degC same as Mick


There are a few pics of my install here: http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/tlweb/tr7/repmod/mod_ewp.html


I also moved the alternator to make fitting the EWPeasier: http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/tlweb/tr7/repmod/mod_elec_alternator.html


I used the EWP controller to operate the fan after the dual speed Kenlowe Electronic controller started palying up and then failed!


Overral it works pretty well although due to the number of hose joins, mods to make the heater work and blanked off water pump getting everything water-tight took some time.


I particularly like the way it prevents heat soak by running the pump, and fan if the engine is hot.


Claims that it releases 12bhp (or whatever they claim) by not driving the water pump from the engine is, in my experience, dubious.


One thing I find a bit alarming when the engine is warming up is seeing the temp gauge oscillate between the 1/4 and 3/4 marks. This happens because the pump is turned off and on by the controller as the engine reaches the set temperature. The cooler the weather the worst it is, maybe its designed for the Oz climate!




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