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The car featured in the 'TR7 Modifications & Upgrades' thread is for sale

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Have watched your thread with interest from day one, who ever picks up your car is certainly going to get a very special car indeed.


Best of luck with the sale.




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Hi Rob,


is it really worth selling the car, for what it's likely to bring ?


You surely ought to be able to manage a certain amount of happy motoring during the spring and summer months, especially if it's a B&B operation rather than a full hotel and/or restaurant business . . . . and you may well find yourself in dire need of the TR sort of relaxation and getting away from it all ?


That £60K is a huge investment of time and money over the past 7 years, and a massive potential depreciation given that even a top notch TR7V8, as opposed to a genuine TR8, is unlikely to make five figures.


Then what are you going to replace it with ?





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Hi Rob


I have thoroughly enjoyed your thread and it has inspired me. I understand your reasons for selling, I too sold a pukka 7V8 convertible that was completely rebuilt. I sold it in 94 to pay off negative equity for a house/career move.

After 9 years without, I had to get another, the one I have now.


At the time my negative equity was a huge 20%. Now the 12k is a much smaller drop in the ocean. My point being that you might not stop the itch, scratching it later might cost more than what you perceive to be saving now.


Your car looks and is perceived to be top notch, do what you can to keep it and scratch that itch to stop the rash spreading.





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