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Wheel Arch Observation (whilst seeking TR6)

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Apologies if this has been commented on before. Whilst inspecting a 1973 P.Red TR6 for prospective purchase, spotted that rear wheel arches were sitting a tad proud of body. Looking underneath, observed that new arches had been partly "overlaid", with evidence of black grp underneath. Body otherwise looks quite good, excepting minor rust in bottom left hand corner in boot pan.


Is this a "bad thing" ?


Non-Triumph owning Classic Car friend regards this is as "a poor practice".


Would appreciate thoughts from other TR6 owners.

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Welcome Alex.


That sounds pretty 'poor practice' to me!


Of course it all depends on the price, the wings are easily removed for repair / replacement.



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Thanks Steve.


Yes, I rather thought so too, especially as much of the rest of the car looks broadly OK. Hmm. But your point about this being eminently repairable without too much of a workup is a good one.


I will keep looking :)


Thank you.

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Partly 'overlaid' means they've been blended-in with filler which will (given the way a TR body flexes), crack/split/fallout eventually. New rear wings if the rest of the car is OK would be the answer.

Thing is, if that's been done to the car, what else lurks?



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Mike... yes, therein lies my reticence. More careful looking required I think. I'm finding that TR6s being sold by dealers/traders aren't necessarily any safer a buy than those available from private owners. Fortunately, my eminently more experienced friend (in the field of classic vehicles) is with me on these visits and with depressing regularity picks up mechanical or bodywork "howlers" that I had missed in my enthusiasm.


Anyway, the search for a decent pi.red TR6 continues onwards !





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Good luck with the search Alex!


I think this is the best time of year to buy, people facing the winter ahead and not getting any use out of the car.


I bought mine last December, its my second, the temperature was 2C and the roads were 'fun'





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Thanks chaps.


Roger: yes I did contact the local Group Leader (Nigel) in my area about a month ago.... but nothing known about currently. I did see somewhere that the TR Register does suggest that members seeking a TR could do worse than talking to other members and buying something that has more known about it.


John: well yes, always potentially interested. Spouse really wants a red one and I get to choose everything else, whatever that means ! :) My previous cars (including a '67 Alfa Spider) have tended to be red, although my old Morris Minor was blue.

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