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They said smile things can only get worse ........................................

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So we smiled and they did.

I reported on a minor success fitting one of my new sidescreens which fits very well in my humble opinion. So i THOUGHT LETS HAVE A GO AT THE OTHER ONE, piece of p!** .

Not so fast!

Prepare to be amazed.

Offered the panel up to mark up for the door plates and no matter how it was positioned I could not get in to line up.

Hurrumph! what the hell goes on here.

After much puzzling, checks, thinking, beer and even tried wine. I have the following dilemma either the screen stantion is bent or the side screen is bent.

I inspected the sides screen carefully and the packaging it came in to find that it has had a severe impact which seems to have parrallelogramed the frame. This evidenced by a graze on the fabric and crushed package corner.


So an engineering issue, how the hell to pull the back of the frame backwards to gain approx 1/4" at the top of the front so it will line up with the stantion. These frames are quite stiff and not an easy shape to the clamp.


My thoughts.

Lay a long block of covered hard wood use a strap through the rear of the side screen frame on its end.

Stand on the block and push the frame away from me and hopefully the frame should go back the other way so as to give twice the amount moved at the bottom where I need to get it forward to the stantion.

Any thoughts about another way, baring in mind this is a brand new covered frame.

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Hi'er Rod,


well you wouldn't want things to be straight forward now would you?


Bit dubious about just pushing the thing away, not scientific that.


Make a decent wooden or indeed custom metal frame, and then use a screw/bottle jack to apply pressure,

Get in touch, we might knock something up together?



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Hi Rod ~

Surely if they are new sidescreens you should be able to make the supplier replace the damaged one?

TR sidescreens are notoriously ba*tards to fit!!!!



PS: I'm certainly NOT looking forward to refitting mine ~ give me Austin Healey or MGA sidescreens anyday!!!!

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I'd go with Tom's advice first of all, otherwise I was going to suggest the same 'engineering solution' as John.

I certainly wouldn't want to risk major damage to a new item. In fact, in the worst case, if the supplier and/or carrier doesn't accept responsibility for damage in transit and you don't fancy suing them, then it might be worth offering to split the cost of partial strip, straightening and rebuild.

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Unfortunately these were NOS from ebay seller.I have negotiated a discount for the tiny scar to the vinyl on the right side and was happy enough till unpacking the other one and trying to fit. Can hardly go back now and ask for more discount!!

Perhaps it really is the stantion that is bent back but normally it is the passenger one that gets bent, perhaps a heavyweight yank driver pulling himself erect by the screen.


If I could work out how to remove the perspex sliding window without breaking it, I would strip it down myself.


Is the vybak glass only held in by the channel at the top and bottom but stitched at the front????? as it may distort when the frame is bent backwards.


Hio John , will call later.

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The sliding persex part is easily removed. A combination of pulling the top of the frame and bowing the sliding panel will let it pop out. Put it back in much the same way. You'll need a pal and a vice to make it easier.


Bill the custom sidescreen expert@NB

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