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Late Tr3/3A/3B Ac Air Filter Decals Reproduced

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Charles Runyan of The Roadster Factory has been working for the last 6+ months to replicate the rectangular AC air filter decals for TR3-3B SU H6 carbs. He wasn't happy with the existing options so set a goal to make the best available. and wanted to make the best possible.


I had the chance to share some of my images (and the reference images from the car of a member of this forum, too) with TRF as they worked on the project. I got a few samples of the finished product the other day and thought people might like to see 'em. NFI on my part -- just a chance to share information and upgrade the parts available to the community.



They're water-slide transfers, sized to within a mm or less of the originals. The fonts took a lot of time to make sure they looked "typeset" and not "word processed" -- that's a big failing of the ones on the market now. The colors on the orignals seems to vary either from production differences or from aging, but the white and light blue is judged to be fine here.


Input from some folks who sweat this kind of stuff (and yes, I mean you John Warfield... :)) confirms these are indeed the best yet.


Not everyone sweats concours originality, I understand -- heck, I'm ONE of those who doesn't. But for fun or for serious authenticity, these can't be beat. Here they are on my original refinished air filters.





And for reference, here's what the originals look like.



And here's some of the other **** on the market. None are the right size and all the modern ones have some deficiencies in the fonts. The top ones are water-slide transfers from an eBay UK seller -- previously the best available. The middle one is a late 70s/early 80s TRF sticker, one of the best for it's time and still quite good with respect to graphics. The bottom one is the style commonly included with reproduction air filters, such as Moss Classic Gold. These are the worst by far.


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