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Happy New Year!  As it is the 30th year of the TR7 this year I thought I'd try going through the TR Register records to see if any 1975 cars are on the road here in the UK.


Not a brilliant result I'm afraid.  The best I can come up with (for US 1975 model year) is ACL45U which was owned in East Calder, West Lothian back in 1997.  I have the owner's details and know he was still a Register member in 2000 so I'll contact him and see if it still exists.


Does anyone know Paul Robertson?  The name sounds very familiar.......


There more records relating to the few UK market cars (ACG1 to ACG4688) made from Sep 1975 to Oct 1976 so I'll be following those up too for 1975 cars.


Anyone reading this who owns a car built in 1975 please drop me a mail or reply to this topic with some sort of contact details.




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I have no idea whether you are interested in all the 'early' cars or only ones which still survive. From 1997-81 I owned ACG 1924, a Speke built 4 speed car which was registered in 1976 as OMJ 198 P although I do not know when it was built.


When I sold it in 81 the tin worm was already evident in several of the usual areas. I have tried in various ways to trace it but I am as certain as I can be that the car has long since gone on to the great scrapyard in the sky  :(

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Survivors in particular.  It would be ideal to be able to identify a few running '75 ACG or ACL production cars.  Having said that it is always interesting to hear from TR7 owners about their old cars  :)



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