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TR4 Clutch - Good Quality Part - Which Supplier

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Hi All,


My gearbox has been overhauled/rebuilt - and apparently not before time too, it was close to destroying itself (2nd gear bush or something from memory).


Anyway, I need a new clutch to refit - the type with the 3 big fingers and big springs as opposed to the multi fingered diaphragm type .... what is the real name for these clutches?


Are there any to steer clear of, any good quality parts currently in circulation that I should go for? All experience welcome so that it only goes back together once and stays there for a good few 10's of '000 of miles.


Many thanks,


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Hi Brian,


Moss current product is reliable enough, and probably as good as you'll find for the spring clutch assembly new, around £150 the kit.


Otherwise you could always get your old component reconditioned - for around 2/3 the cost for a proper job.


Don't sling your old cover and plate, it's good core for reconditioning - I can pass it on to the chaps I use if nought else !





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Hi Brian,

if you need all the bits in one go - Pressure plate/friction plate/Bearing/fork/taper pin etc then the TRShop do good stuff/advice.


Have you checked your taper pin and fork - if you replace don;t forget to support the taper pin somehow.


How is the cross shaft and bearings.



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Hi Roger,


The whole box has been overhauled and the fork etc checked ...... here is the diagnosis after strip down.....



There is some bad news but on the whole not too bad. The worst problem is that the counter shaft has been set with insufficient end float, this has caused burnishing and excess heat with has resulted in many micro cracks in the constant mesh gear. This part is not available new. The better news is that you need to buy a
euromillions ticket this Friday as you are obviously a lucky person, the second gear bush is so close to total failure that it could have failed anytime now and wrecked the box! The overdrive is not bad at all just in need of the normal overhaul service items, all the rubber 'O' rings have gone hard (apart from the one on the operating shaft that the
last person forgot to fit!) bearings, gaskets, seals etc etc


It's all been done now - just waiting for me to collect.



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Hi Roger - yes I got it.


When I took the box in for repair, it was one of the first things he looked at..... commenting on how it had been previously repaired.


I'm confident it's now a good 'un



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