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Headlight Problem

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Hi Phil,

welcome to the forum.

There was a similar question a couple of weeks ago.

Having replaced the switch the problem remained. It turned out to be a bullet connector immediately after the switch under the dash.


Have you got a wiring diagram http://www.advanceautowire.com/tr2506.pdf

establish where the power stops and check the connectors. Otherwise it could be a dodgy earth.


Have a look through the search facility



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I had a similar lights issue about 15 years ago - in fact none of the lights worked apart from the flasher! Checked all the fuses - all OK and ended up chasing the problem to some dodgy rewiring behind the dash (not done by me I hasten to add)! A wiring diagram made the diagnosis and repair a simple affair though, once I had eliminated the obvious...

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Hi Phil



Had the same problem a few weeks ago main beam, side lights, headlamp flash worked fine, but no dip headlights. Traced it back to the original clear hooters light switch on the dash,seamed to be working fine but wasnt,these clear hooters switches are nown for giving problems. Ordered a new replacement switch swapped it over lights worked fine again. Only problem you will have is the replacemnt switch wont fit in the dash just a bit too wide, you will need to file out the metal plate behind the dashboard . I found the easiest way to remove the steering wheel you then have a enough space to work just file out each side till switch fits ,fairly ok too do just be carefull you dont damage the dash or wiring behind, disconnect battery first . Fixed the problem for me




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I had a similar problem earlier this year on my TR5 which turned out to be a faulty earth as suggested here and then.


The headlights and front flasher lights have common earth wiring and a faulty connection on one headlight caused some baffling lighting combinations. I too suspected and checked out all the switches first to no avail.



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Worked on the wiring as suggested but did not find any issues however, I discovered that by playing with the flasher switch I can make the highlights come on!

Could the problem be in the assembly on the steering column?

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I feel you found your problem. The column high beam low beam selector needs to be cleaned up with some spray cleaner,or replaced if cleaner won't do the trick.

I had this same issue was able to correct the no light problem just by doing what you did. We don't use the selector that much so fiddling with it helps make the contacts


Good Lucktr3-11.jpg

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