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Hi: just received a quote to rechrome the front and rear bumpers for a TR4 - no dings etc - chrome just lost its lustre. I nearly fell off my chair with the price of £700 quoted. Does anyone know / recommend a firm who is good and is cheaper? Never got around to a price for four overiders! Thanks




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Hi Steve,

what part of the country are you in.

If London (South East) then - Colonnade Metal Finshing - next to Wembly footy stadium are very good and sensible prices

Front bumper - £150 apprx, rear bumper apprx £200, overriders at £50 each. Worth a call


Or Ken Munford in Perivale (West London) is very good and possibly cheaper.



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You can try ACF Howell in Walsall. They did my overriders, + front and rear bumpers for £535 + vat. Copper plate and chromed



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Excellent chrome plating IS expensive and the cost is in the preparation/ polishing.

However, that number of beer-vouchers is well over the top (by a factor of 2).

Be aware that a lot of platers can't be arsed with classic car work as most of the substrate pieces are old and in poor condition and owners expect miracles and tend to moan when they don't receive a "brand new" looking item back from the plating vat.

Derby Platers seem to get mentioned several times on this forum. I'd offer to help, but my Dad's company stopped chrome-work a couple of years back. I may be able to point you in the right direction if you get really stuck. If you're in the NW, Leigh Metal Polishers are a good starting point, but they don't plate (but will know a decent platers).



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If Don King is still in business, I can highly recommend them.

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