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Commission & other numbers

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Hi all,

Whilst reading the numbers in the 4a engine compartment ( ?? too much spare time?) I've become confused at their meaning. Is there an easy e-guide anywhere that I can refer to ?


What I've got is the 'normal' oblong-ish plate showing commission number of CTC 65492 O(verdrive), engine number that coincides with the number stamped into the block, plus paint (19) & trim (11) etc, BUT there's also a separate metal strip riveted onto the bulkhead with just a stamped number of 65154CT on it. Can someone tell me what that number refers to please ? The normal oblong plate is headed up in German ........ is that normal ? The car was nut and bolt rebuilt in 92/93 ............ which may be totally irrelevant I suppose !!


Regards to all,



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The metal strip you refer to is called (I think) the 'body in primer' number and is therefore irrelevant. I have seen a commission plate in German before, but it was on a LHD 1962 TR4 CKD car assembled in Belgium for the German market, along with a steering lock and various metric nuts and bolts.


Hope this helps.



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