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TR7 Modifications and upgrades

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The last time I saw my car was in December 2013 when it was collected from my home on a trailer and sent to S&S for sale (see pictures) - I can't describe how sick I felt watching it disappearing up the road. However, changes in my life meant that I could no longer keep the car in top condition and I decided to sell it to someone who would look after it rather than watch it deteriorate in my own custody.


How fortunate I was that the TR7 aficionado, Christopher Smith, bought the car! He has taken great care of it and made some  additional modifications that only improve on those that I made over the years. Thank you for taking such good care of it Christopher!


That was then, this is now! As I write this post in June 2019, five years on from my reluctant sale, I am in the process of buying the car back from Christiopher Smith.


The journey continues!






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I need help. My mechanical pump wasn’t working so I bought a small 2.5 to 4 psi electric pump. And put it in line where the mechanical one was. That didn’t work so I put it in the trunk where the filter is and that didn’t work. No fuel is coming out of the pump. And I’m not trying to drop the tank to figure it out because I don’t really want to disassemble the rear end to get the damn thing out. Anyone have any ideas I’m missing? 

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I just want to say a big THANK YOU to @BizMan for this forum thread. 

You've greatly inspired my own TR7v8 adventure and I've stolen a great many of your ideas from this thread.

The last few years have been weird for all of us, but I hope you are well and on the road, and will post some more again in the future.

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