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10 x TR7 V8 Rally Cars - South Down Stages

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Looks like there are 10 spaces reserved for TR7 V8's at the southdowns tarmac rally stages on the 12th feb at Goodwood. Anyone here joining in??

Have a look at the web site www.southdownsstages.co.uk for more info. Closing date is the 4th Feb. Spectating is free too. I'd think that anyone that wants a closer look could volunteer to marshall too.

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john clancy has just posted on tr drivers forum that that the tr7 event is not going to happen due to only 1 confirmed entry. :( if i had a rally car i'd want to be using it at every availaqble oportunity thats the young boy speaking in me, but costs of transport running maintenance partner etc all conspire against it i guess. shame though..

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This is a Tarmac rally, licence grades, car qualification and a good navigator is not things that most of us have, I did 30 years ago, have the car but long lost the finance to keep up the qualies and experience ;)


Last year could have been the last meet for the cars especialy now Bert Smeets has withdrawn due to lack of support, unless someone organises a restricted event somewhere I cannot see a future apart from rally days.

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This is, I'd suggest, the sort of occasion that works as maybe a once a decade celebration - not every year.


There aren't that many pukka 7V8 rally cars owned by regular serious competitors and in regular use. The rally wedges are fearsomely expensive to prepare, to run, and to maintain - at least if you're taking them to the limit. The few hundred quid for entry fees and licences, and the cost of getting the car there and overnight accommodation, aren't too bad. It's the transmission rebuild every 2 or 3 events, the engine rebuild every 5 or 6, and the appetite for tyres, that rack up the bills. Not to mention the difficulty in replacing some of the special parts as they wear out. For example, I doubt if Bert had much, if any, change out of £3K for last year's day at Goodwood.


The sums are very different to those of more modern, smaller club rally cars !





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