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As a new member to the TR Register forum I thought I should share my ownership.


As a young lad growing up in the 1970's I always said my first car would be a TR7, and in 1990 I bought my first TR7 DHC which I used for a few years and then resigned to the 'rebuild fund). During this time I bought another TR7 (for about £100) to run whilst the DHC was offroad. That year we travelled to the TR Drivers Club meeting and en-route we negotiated a speed bump that ripped the rear axle from the car (yes, I know!). We subsequently got a lift home from the RAC and trip to the scrap yard (it was 1993).


5 years later I got the bare shell back and spent the next 18 months rebuilding and converting to V8, as well as new interior and other changes (inc. blue mohair roof).


My interior is mostly MG Montego/Metro from scrap yards, apart from the leather that I had custom made by a family member (based on the BMW car from the mid-90's).




I also have central locking from the Rover SD1 mated to my alarm system. The keyless door handles are from the rear of a Land Rover. The handbrake is also from a Rover, which gives a round knurled feel rather than squared.


The cruise lights are all 'smoked' and all are rear mounted (not bolt-through like modern equivalents).


Oh, and the engine is 'standard' 3.5 but with fast-road cam (H214) and later Vitesse heads, standard offy, holley & 360cfm to give 195bhp.


Cheers, Paul.

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