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HS6 Linkages and Springs .........

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16 hours ago, Shielob said:

Hello All,

Question when it comes to the linkage back to the throttle pedal. Where the "contorted metal rod" comes out of the passenger compartment it goes through a plastic bush and is then attached to an Actuating Lever, this then joins to the Long Throttle Rod. Does your Actuating Lever (sorry cant find the correct description) sit horizontal to the ground or is it inclined at about 30 degrees?  

My problem is the car sits and idles ok and will accelerate gently but if I open the throttle a bit more enthusiastically the car dies. I am wondering if the arc of taken by the Actuating Lever is opening the butterflies too quickly. A bit like the lobe on a cam which gives a small amount of movement over the first few degrees then accelerates the amount of movement as it rotates.

It may well be distributor timing which may also be influenced by a sudden drop in vacuum but thought I would ask the question and eliminate any complications or easy fixes first.

It is a TR4 with a TR4A linkage as posted by Stuart.



Thats nothing to do with throttle rod angles, thats tuning.

The rod bracket at the bulkhead sits something like this pictured below, Ignore the rest of the linkage as Im running Dellortos.




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