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TR6 Gearbox and Overdrive will it fit in TR3A

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I have found a 2.5 saloon gearbox and J Type overdrive. The gearbox specialist says he can change the unit to make into a TR6 box and overdrive. The constant mesh gear pinion set will be changed complete with, the crosshaft, and the speedo drive gear, also the rear flange, he also has an angle drive for speedo. Will all this fit into a 3A. I realise that I will have to alter the rear mounting.

I have seen the whole gearbox and overdrive stripped, and everything that needs doing will be done, bearings seals etc., only the layshaft has lost some case-hardening, overdrive the clutch and a few botched up studs etc.

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Yes, it will fit! If you use the Moss adapter plate, be prepared to alter that one once again... If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to ask! (btw, for the speedo cable, an MGB angled drive will fit perfectly too).



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Dear Royszboys,


I have done exactly that. The Moss plate turned out to be unuseable because my stainless sports exhaust (also from Moss) would not fit through the chassis as the bracket's bolts were in the way.


I now have a good quality plate produced and fitted by Clive Manvers and it all went together very well. I have found the J-type to be a better gearbox with a bit taller ratios but the speedo reading is a fairlytale. I'll be sending it to Speedy Cables to be recalibrated - their website will tell you all about it.


Good luck!




1959 TR3A UDM322

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