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1973 TR6 OPC 310L

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Does anyone know the whereabouts’ of my very first TR, a 1973 TR6: OPC 310L, called 'OPEC'?


In 1984, I rescued this car from a council abandoned vehicle compound in Camberley, Surrey when it had been abandoned on the highway and the owner couldn't be traced by the local council to levy its fine.


A year or so later, it turned out the TR was previously owned by an army officer based in Shrivenham. Why it was abandoned in the first place I never found out - this, I'm sure would never, ever, happened today!


Anyway, I restored 'OPEC' during the winter/spring of 84/85 and resprayed the car in signal red (previously white) and showed her round the local circuit.


The car's claim to fame was to appear on the front cover of TRaction (Winter 1988, No 76) with the then page 3 girl Linda Lusardi draped over (well, leaning on!) OPEC.


In 1989, I sold OPEC to a garage in Guildford (who then sold her to a chap in Fleet, Hampshire) to make way for another TR6, then a two TR4As. I now have the very last TR I'll ever own, a 1958 TR3A - the TR bug had well and truly bitten!!


If anyone knows the whereabouts, or if OPC 310L is (or has been) registered in the Register, could someone please let me know, as I am happy to forward some photos and would just like to know how OPEC is getting on.


Many thanks




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Hi Andrew,


OPC has appeared twice in the Register since you sold it. The first time in 93 to Basingstoke and the second time in 94 to a guy in Beckenham, Kent. Not sure if he is still in the Register so email me off forum if you want me to get in touch with the last known contact no. My email address is at the rear of the current TRaction.



Derek Graham

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