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  1. Having tried out a number of different offerings to replace the 6 / 21 W bulb used as stop /tail (TR3a,3b) or indicator / tail (TR2,3) None of them actually outshone the original bulbs. The problem being that the position of the LEDS was not in the correct place within the plastic (or glass for early TR2's) covers. There is a Fresnel lens built into both these covers, & the original bulb filaments are placed at the focus of these lenses to give a good intensity when viewed from behind. So, I decided to make my own version. many types of LED chip were tried, mostly white in colour as I
  2. Whole ad can be seen on the main website, TR gets only a fleeting glance at the end. Bob
  3. I’m looking to fit a rear firewall to OGB (a TR2) as recommended by many. I know this topic has been dealt with or referred to a number of times and there are lots of encouraging comments and some photos of the how the bottom of the firewall is riveted to the floor but I can’t find any photos of how to fix the top. I’m OK with the general principle, aluminium angle to the floor and inside faces of the wheel arches to which the firewall is then riveted but I’m struggling with the detail of how to attach the top of it to the front of the rear deck and seal it. The rear cockpit liner
  4. The TR Spares Development Fund (SDF) is delighted to announce that, following a considerable gestation period, the units are now boxed, in stock and on sale from Pete and Tom (his son) Cox at Pete Cox Sportscars in Redditch. Full details can be found below , with the price and contact details for purchase. Yet another success for the SDF, which exists to: "Preserve the Marque and keep TRs on the road". I must apologise that my attempts to upload a photo have failed - will try again tomorrow! Ian Cornish, SDF Chairman TR Spares Development Fund (SDF) Early TR2
  5. Hi, I am attending the spares day on Sunday, and would like to clearout my remaining TR2 spares, all open to very modest offers: Non OD gearbox, good gears Half shaft Door top trims trims, original, plus flbreglass elbow trims Rocker cover and vent/filler 3 deg trunions, new Starter, needs recon Dynmo, working 3 Overriders, used need rechrome Rear axle lowering kit Door latches, used, plus new strikers. See attached photos. If interested please PM me or text on 07961932463, can deliver to spares day FOC. Cheers Mike
  6. Seeking a small diameter hub boss. My TR2 steering column has a splined end that the steering wheel hub fits onto. Do later TR models like TR4, TR5 have the same splined end of the steering column? I need to buy an aftermarket hub boss that fits those splines, in order to fit a restored specialty steering wheel for my Doretti (using same TR2 column). But I don’t want to use the large diameter boss that is available from Moss to fit a Moto-Lita wheel to a sidescreen TR - because I have a smaller wheel center that is more like TR4. Wheel is pictured. So if I buy an aftermarket TR4 hub bo
  7. Has anyone converted their car to use a cable operated throttle, rather than the linkage rods? Rather than reinventing the wheel, which I could do, it would be helpful to see pictures and descriptions of how your car has been converted. Thanks David
  8. Probably the wrong place for this topic/post. However, I have this one cluttering up the workshop and am open to any sensible offers via eBay. I’d love it to go to a new home. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lucas-ammeter-Range-Rover-classic-Triumph-Morris-Austin-50-0-50/254270361591?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 if it’s of interest, please make an offer, whatever you feel it’s worth to you. David
  9. Hi, Does anyone one know where I can get replacement knurled screws for sidescreen mounting brackets please? I have one missing and one bent (which I hope to carefully straighten). Any help gratefully received Best wishes Ade
  10. Had not seem this image before. Shows the abundance of the early US offerings! Cheers Dan https://www.ebay.com/itm/N347-1954-NEGATIVE-SEXY-LADY-ADVERTISING-TRIUMPH-TR-2-CARS-ALLIED-VAN-LINES-SEE/202758870481?hash=item2f355ed5d1:g:fp0AAOSwlPZdWD-S
  11. Hi all, Can anybody give me some advice please.... When I bought my 1955 UK TR2 it came with an upgraded engine as the original had died way back when. The owner back then, (an employee of Standard Triumph) had obtained a brand new engine from the factory - 2138cc stamped CT10E. This owner has told me that the engine he bought was 1 of 10 bound for the U.S.. This new engine is fitted with: CD175 Strombergs Inlet Manifold - Stanpart 305744 Exhaust Manifold - 304164 Cylinder Head - High Port Struggling to read the number (see photos), two valve spring per valve. So...I would lik
  12. Hi, I’m looking for recommendations for companies who can refurbish the Lockheed rear axle on my TR2.....they need to be in the UK. I want to keep the original. Kind regards Ade
  13. When checking on rear brakes I discovered that the new brake cylinder had leaked and soaked the brake shoes . Brake shoes are so expensive as exchange parts, considering shipping from and to Sweden. Maybe someone knows where to buy just the lining and the rivets? I found at least 3 pores in the sealing area of the brake cylinder, compared it with and old saved cylinder and the old one looked better so I installed that one instead of buying a new. The old one has a more complicated design/better design with a separate piston for the handbrake and a spring behind the actual brake piston.
  14. Can't be many California TR2s for sale still claiming one owner! https://www.ebay.com/itm/1954-Triumph-TR3-One-Owner/254167313092?hash=item3b2d8d6ac4:g:1eoAAOSwo4Vcjn96 Dan
  15. Hi I'm refurbishing the master cylinder on my TR2, once I put the front plate on, the springs don't have enough 'spring' to return the piston when pushed in. The rubber seal at the end of the pushrod by the end plate seems to be the offending item, really, really tight to fit. Is this just a poor fitting repair kit or am I missing something/they are meant to be like that? Both sides are the same I've lubricated with fresh brake fluid etc, and the rest has gone together fine Also the bellow seems to have two retaining rings, I assume this are no longer available so was thinking I coul
  16. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated, trying to get my car complete for this summer. https://www.tr-register.co.uk/classified/2526/TR23-Grille-Mouth-trim-WANTED Cheers Bob
  17. Hi all, a bit of advice on my TR2 rebuild, on the old rear valance there appears to be a fixing plate for the rear lights, I can't see anything any of the parts books, is this something I need to make? I assume it sits behind the valance/wing. The one on the car has disintegrated so it's hard to see how it goes....
  18. As I am installing a low port head that was previously shaved, I am having trouble with the rocker gear geometry (so I am using one shim under the rocker pedestal) and also with the exhaust manifold now interfering with the block head so that it can't be tightened up. Is it ok if I shave the manifold flange so it fits? Does this mean my compression ratio is going to be really high? Dan
  19. I was chatting with a friend a couple of days ago and he produced a binder of Motor Sport magazines dating from 1954/55. Whilst flicking through them I found this article about the TR2 which I thought might be of interest here. Rgds Ian TR Review - 1955.pdf
  20. Most of you have probably already seen this film but just in case anyone hasn’t, CLTV ( the UK Sky and Freesat channel not the Chicago version) have been broadcasting archive Le Mans films. Last night I happened across the 1955 race featuring the TR2’s of Richardson, Dickson and Brooke. This was the year overshadowed by the horrendous tragic accident. Last nights film was a Standard Film Unit PR film whIch I hadn’t seen before and well worth looking out for on Catch-up if/when they repeat it. David
  21. Dear Friends ~ I can never, ever understand why some people fit that ugly wide mouth front aprons to really lovely TR2/3's??? My first TR2 was fitted with such a monstrosity complete with obsolete Austin A35 backward facing drooping door handles?? Yes, I know I've got a TR3A which is the least attractive model of the TR range but I doubt it will ever see the road ever again! Tom.
  22. Hi All Can anyone tell me how the Lucas 549 tail lights on the rear of a 1955 TR2 should sit to be focussed correctly? The rear of my car has been completely rebuilt so I have no reference. i.e. Should the lights sit parallel, angled in slightly or angled out? I am assuming that the metal of the rear wing/rear panel sets this angle, or was there an angle on the original lens covers? Should there be a gasket/seal between the metal base and the lens cover? I know there is a rubber gasket between the body and the base. Also Should there be a gasket between the centre brake/number pl
  23. Hi, anyone got experience of conversion kits from Rimmers or Moss for TR2/3 rear shocks? Is it a better idea to repair the Armstrong units?
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