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  1. Having tried out a number of different offerings to replace the 6 / 21 W bulb used as stop /tail (TR3a,3b) or indicator / tail (TR2,3) None of them actually outshone the original bulbs. The problem being that the position of the LEDS was not in the correct place within the plastic (or glass for early TR2's) covers. There is a Fresnel lens built into both these covers, & the original bulb filaments are placed at the focus of these lenses to give a good intensity when viewed from behind. So, I decided to make my own version. many types of LED chip were tried, mostly white in colour as I could not find any red ones which were bright enough, The basic design places 3 X white LED chips (or 4 X red ones) at the focus of the lens, & they worked well enough, comparison tests between standard bulb & my units showing a definite improvement. The final breakthrough was following a meeting with fellow Forumite Dave Lacey, who was interested in my project, & sent me some high power red led's which his company used for a different purpose. The improvement these offered led me to design & have made a number of printed circuit boards to take these led's & supporting components. These boards are assembled, then mounted, & potted into the standard bulb base. I have now installed my TR, a friends TR, both with the Lucas L549 lamps, & my Hillman Aerominx which has the L741 lamp unit (same as early TR2's). They can be configured for 12V or 6V working, also -ve or +ve earth. I have now made up a total of 8 "bulbs", with another 12 assembled pcb's but not yet configured, or mounted to bases. If anyone would like to convert to these "bulbs" I can supply them ready to go, but as they are hand assembled numbers are limited, & they may take a few days to complete. Cost would be £10 per bulb. Note. if using on a TR2 or TR3 with no separate amber rear indicators then a different flasher unit will be required as with any LED conversion, these are readily available from a number of suppliers, I used one from Gil at "Better car lighting". Imaged attached shown comparison with standard bulbs, LED on left, bulb on right Bob.
  2. Can't be many California TR2s for sale still claiming one owner! https://www.ebay.com/itm/1954-Triumph-TR3-One-Owner/254167313092?hash=item3b2d8d6ac4:g:1eoAAOSwo4Vcjn96 Dan
  3. Hi I'm refurbishing the master cylinder on my TR2, once I put the front plate on, the springs don't have enough 'spring' to return the piston when pushed in. The rubber seal at the end of the pushrod by the end plate seems to be the offending item, really, really tight to fit. Is this just a poor fitting repair kit or am I missing something/they are meant to be like that? Both sides are the same I've lubricated with fresh brake fluid etc, and the rest has gone together fine Also the bellow seems to have two retaining rings, I assume this are no longer available so was thinking I could just wire these on Any advise appreciated
  4. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated, trying to get my car complete for this summer. https://www.tr-register.co.uk/classified/2526/TR23-Grille-Mouth-trim-WANTED Cheers Bob
  5. Hi all, a bit of advice on my TR2 rebuild, on the old rear valance there appears to be a fixing plate for the rear lights, I can't see anything any of the parts books, is this something I need to make? I assume it sits behind the valance/wing. The one on the car has disintegrated so it's hard to see how it goes....
  6. As I am installing a low port head that was previously shaved, I am having trouble with the rocker gear geometry (so I am using one shim under the rocker pedestal) and also with the exhaust manifold now interfering with the block head so that it can't be tightened up. Is it ok if I shave the manifold flange so it fits? Does this mean my compression ratio is going to be really high? Dan
  7. When checking on rear brakes I discovered that the new brake cylinder had leaked and soaked the brake shoes . Brake shoes are so expensive as exchange parts, considering shipping from and to Sweden. Maybe someone knows where to buy just the lining and the rivets? I found at least 3 pores in the sealing area of the brake cylinder, compared it with and old saved cylinder and the old one looked better so I installed that one instead of buying a new. The old one has a more complicated design/better design with a separate piston for the handbrake and a spring behind the actual brake piston. Also discovered that I had fitted the backplate 45 deg wrong and the cylinder 180 deg wrong probably causing only one brake shoe working as the cylinder was unable to slide enough, fitted in that position (a bit ashamed now) And how it should look, used brake shoes nicked from (probably) an old Volvo, just adjusted the length in one end and drilled some new holes for the springs. Exactly same diameter and width.
  8. I was chatting with a friend a couple of days ago and he produced a binder of Motor Sport magazines dating from 1954/55. Whilst flicking through them I found this article about the TR2 which I thought might be of interest here. Rgds Ian TR Review - 1955.pdf
  9. Most of you have probably already seen this film but just in case anyone hasn’t, CLTV ( the UK Sky and Freesat channel not the Chicago version) have been broadcasting archive Le Mans films. Last night I happened across the 1955 race featuring the TR2’s of Richardson, Dickson and Brooke. This was the year overshadowed by the horrendous tragic accident. Last nights film was a Standard Film Unit PR film whIch I hadn’t seen before and well worth looking out for on Catch-up if/when they repeat it. David
  10. Searching through my shed the other day I came across this long lost item. When I had a TR2 in 1976 I bought this genuine TR2 medallion from a Standard Triumph dealership along with a genuine TR2 front apron which I've sill got. The intention was to fit the apron in place of the horrible 3A apron fitted to the TR. I subsequently sold the TR2. I'll keep both these items ~ just in case! Tom.
  11. Dear Friends ~ I can never, ever understand why some people fit that ugly wide mouth front aprons to really lovely TR2/3's??? My first TR2 was fitted with such a monstrosity complete with obsolete Austin A35 backward facing drooping door handles?? Yes, I know I've got a TR3A which is the least attractive model of the TR range but I doubt it will ever see the road ever again! Tom.
  12. Hi All Can anyone tell me how the Lucas 549 tail lights on the rear of a 1955 TR2 should sit to be focussed correctly? The rear of my car has been completely rebuilt so I have no reference. i.e. Should the lights sit parallel, angled in slightly or angled out? I am assuming that the metal of the rear wing/rear panel sets this angle, or was there an angle on the original lens covers? Should there be a gasket/seal between the metal base and the lens cover? I know there is a rubber gasket between the body and the base. Also Should there be a gasket between the centre brake/number plate light and the body Lucas L564? Should the metal part of this light fitting be chrome or left just metal? Regards Ade
  13. Hi, anyone got experience of conversion kits from Rimmers or Moss for TR2/3 rear shocks? Is it a better idea to repair the Armstrong units?
  14. I am so thrilled that I can post photos from my computer now without that stupid photobucket, so I wanted to show off a couple of vintage TR shots from my research on Hawaii sports car racing. The "Vail Motors" dealership shot is where my TR2 was ordered from when it was new. Cheers Dan
  15. Hi, In the process of restoration of my TR2, we have removed the boot floor to replace it with a fresh one (and a later raised type to have a bit more room in the wheel compartment). When i look at the space around the spare wheel pan, I wonder if there's someone who has redesigned the pan or the whole boot ? If you would fit a more square pan, it'll give more that 20 litres of extra space. You could even leave out the boot floor for the most (ok, you have to weld sheet metal from the sides of the pan to the wheelarches) and cover it like a tr4 boot ? Very curious if we are the first with this odd brainfart ?
  16. Folks. I have been constantly hearing regards fake cars. Time to do something simple ie post the suspect cars and let some so called experts help unsuspecting buyers. It will be very easy to create a database on FaceBook. yes I know a lot of people dont like FB but do you like the idea of of people buying cars that are 'Ringer's?' Doesnt that damage our reputations too. Those new owners might just join the register one day. So there we are to start the ball rolling I have started a FB group for this. If you have good knowledge please pop over and either give your expertise, post photos of cars or if you need a hand deciding anyway. Please help other to look after the Marque in this sense too. Tony The 'TR Ringers' FB group. To combat the despicable habit of selling cars for what they are not Such as Tr250's as Tr5's and Tr7 with a v8 as Tr8's I have started another group. You are free to join if you can give advise or want to check a car? The official wording is Welcome to this group. It has been formed to address the ever increasing number of Tr's that are being converted and then sold as something they didn't come out of the factory as for instance a Tr250 being sold as a Tr5 or a Tr7 which has had a 3500 v8 conversion. Whether you want to help stop the phenomenon or need help assessing a car. Please join the cause. https://www.facebook.com/groups/234504900530639/?ref=br_rs
  17. Does this 1954 long door TR2 survive? She was BRG with Tan interior and Fawn weather equipment. She was also fitted with a Universal Laminations hardtop in Green. Tom.
  18. Hi How much would I expect to pay for a steel hardtop for a TR2 if it was in excellent condition? I am looking for one which has the difficult to find bits and doesn't need lots of welding, if anyone can help.. Kind Regards Adrian
  19. Not sure how many forumites use the TRR main website BST facility, and having read a few comments about it, both positive and negative, I thought I would direct those who don't normally look to check it out, and if anyone wants an original Lockheed Master Cylinder, I have just listed one for sale. It was so much easier doing it via the forum........... Ian
  20. My engine builder has started sorting out some of my spare blocks, cylinder heads and cranks in order to build a couple of race engines, one for a TR2 and a spare for my TR4. To get straight to the point, if youre in need of a new engine for your TR2, 3 or 4, I may be able to provide a freshly built modified fast road full engine. Not a full spec but, 89mm pistons and liners, balanced crank, cam to be decided (perhaps what you would like), modified cylinder head, lightened flywheel. Therell be all manner of other quality bits included in the build. The reason for this is that I have a new set of quality 89mm pistons and one with a whole host of other parts. This would be perfect for the owner looking to update his engine, without the hassle, or to the person building a car, but who does not have an engine for it. Price is as yet unknown as spec is uncertain. If youre interested, please get in touch and let me know as soon as possible as this will help me make a decision as to whether or not to build this third engine. David
  21. I have for sale a NOS pair of boxed AMCO 5004 wind wings made specifically for TR2/3/3A/3B in their original box. These are not the Chinese repro items and have the AMCO logo embossed on them. Offered here first, before BST gets a dip, then they go on eBay. AMCO as we all know is the US company that made and supplied parts & accessories to Triumph dealers in the USA when the cars were new. The blurb about wind wings reads as follows. Original Wind Wings offered by Triumph dealers during the 1950’s and 1960’s. These wind wings were installed as wind deflectors on the side of the windshield frames and attached to the chrome lip. Constructed of Plexiglass with chrome mounting hardware and secured with allen screws. No drilling required. This is the items:- https://www.sportsandclassics.com/parts/triumph/rare-triumph-tr2-tr3-tr3a-tr3b-amco-wind-wings-5004/ GB £ 200.00 plus carriage. Please PM me if interested. Peter W
  22. Spotted a leak/drip from the right hand side (offside) of the radiator today. It needs a bit more investigation, but it looks like it is coming from the edge of the core on that side. The radiator is a repro unit (SC Parts I think) - fitted when the car was rebuilt ~8 years ago. I've already had to have the thing out to have the neck reinforced after it leaked there as soon as the car was back on the road (and it looks like it may be starting to weep at the base of the neck again). I'm looking for thoughts on the best way forward; 1. Get this one repaired again, or 2. See if I still have the old one that was in the car before rebuild* and get that one re-cored/rebuilt, or 3. Just buy another new one (* or if I haven't still got the previous radiator, buy an old one for refurb). I would welcome views, and if the course of action is to buy a new one - who produces the best? Thanks
  23. Whilst the front is off (see Radiator woes thread for the reason) I've been looking at what else needs doing whilst access is a bit easier. I have the Moss rack and pinion steering conversion (fitted in 2010/11) and I'd noticed that the UJ right down at the steering box moves up and down on the spline. I've tried to tighten the pinch bolt - the nut turns, but it doesn't seem to tighten - I suspect the thread is damaged on the bolt (or nut). Does anyone know the size and specification of this pinch bolt and nut - and a likely source of one? (I've sent an enquiry to Moss, but they haven't responded yet.) Thanks (again)
  24. DaveN

    Rag Top

    Hi. Ive never had the hood up on my car but decided last night to give It a go. What a PITA! Its nearly an inch short of the pins dropping into the header rail. I did manage it in the end by pulling and tugging on the the hinge arms. Result it is drum tight! It looks like a new canvas/mohair type and probably was a good fit prior to the chassis being changed by a P.O. Ill leave it up for a couple of weeks to see if it gives at all, but is there any thing else worth considering doing? Dave
  25. Hi. Im looking for a right hand drive steering box and column (ideally split) to fit into a side screen car which is being built as a race car. It must meet with proper regulations so needs a steering box, rather than a steering rack. If you have a spare one knocking around, or have converted your car to rack and pinion steering, do please let me know. Thanks David
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