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Found 5 results

  1. I fear that Surrey tops are cropping up rather a lot at the moment but please forgive me. Am fitting an original Surrey top and hard top to a 5 which was a soft top. This conversion was done some 40 years ago. I have retained the original windscreen frame, and bought from a reputable supplier an original Surrey capping. I have then ordered various parts from the Moss catalogue including part No 613508 ( distance tube). I had assumed that these goes up through the underside of the original windscreen frame on the underside of where the soft top would have been secured is that correct? If so do I have to enlarge the existing hole on the underside of the frame? Was the windscreen frame on a 5 the same one regardless of whether it had a soft top or hard top? Can't help but feel I am missing something. Thanks for bearing with me! Tim
  2. Where shall I start.. I plan to fit the Surrey top (acknowledging the correct definitions) - but I include the back light, hard lid and surrey top in this - to my 4a during the rebuild. It came with an aftermarket US GRP back light/hard lid and roll bar, as well as a soft top frame, all of these are perfectly serviceable; last year I picked up a new Surrey top frame. I have read numerous register posts and helpful advice on the Revington website, so I think I understand what's required. However clarification of the following would be appreciated:- I think the windscreen capping for the Surrey fitting is different to the standard capping, ie it has a extended lip at the front edge, is that correct? Are these available? Can the soft top header rail be used as part of a Surrey top fitting, I note the Revington conversion kit has something a bit similar? I like the idea of a more solid fixture at the front edge. If this would work, is the Surrey top windscreen capping needed? Is it possible to get the remaining fittings (again Revington seem to list a lot of them - not cheap), which parts are NA or difficult to find? Any steers/photos much appreciated David
  3. I have recently bought part no 610633 from Moss. This is the seal for the rear screen of a Surrey top to the rear deck. It would appear to be woefully inadequate. My frame is an original alloy one and I am thinking that what has been supplied is for a fibreglass one. The rebate in the rubber seal is far too thin to locate on to the alloy frame. So any suggestions gratefully received as usual. Thanks, Tim
  4. I have just had the rear frame for the surrey top soda blasted and having primed it thought that I would remind myself of how it attaches to the rear deck. However, when I removed the frame I did not take any photos as I thought that it would be obvious how it goes back. Wrong!! In the photos attached you can see 3 studs, these are mirrored on the other side and then there is a central one in the middle of the deck making 7 in all, as in the Moss catalogue. However there does not appear to be the correct number of holes in the deck to receive the studs.There are holes for the 5 across the rear deck but not the next 2. Hope that makes sense. What obvious point am I missing please? Many thanks, Tim
  5. Hi All I'm new here, just bought my 1st TR4A and joined the Cleveland group. Can anyone tell me what I should expect to pay for an Aluminium Backlight for TR4A in reasonable condition? There seem to be plenty of the canvas surrey tops available for around £150-180. But the back windows seem a bit expensive! Cheers Phil
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