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  1. Hi I have 185/70/15 hr Vredestien classics on wires. These performed well but have been on the car 8 plus years and have been stood stationary for some time. I am relaxed with going back to 165/15. I have found some Galaxy 165/15 HR for £72. They do say tubeless? Longstone sell a whitewall version of this tyre, and they specialise in classic tyres Also some 185/70/15 VR Radar tyres from Camskill for £62 Any feedback would be greatly appreciated Smeggie
  2. Hello All, I think have read every post relating to wire wheels and genuine minilites. Although I haven't seen this topic brought up and I am keen to hear people's thoughts. Currently I have 72 spoke 5.5 inch wires on my TR4A although the wheels are in great shape, I am not a huge fan of wires. I am tempted by genuine minilites, however discussion regarding Dunlop's M-Type wheel has stirred my interest enough to raise this topic and seek other members opinions. The thing is that I have always loved the "world" badge that comes with the TR4A and as the steel wheels with hubcaps h
  3. Just thinking of replacing my Vredestien T-Tracs.....the originals not T-TRac2. They have been very good and would buy again, except they don't exist and the T-Trac2 has odd looking sidewalls. Ok its cosmetic but... https://www.blockleytyre.com/search So i thought I would look around at alternatives . One I have been considering is the Blockley 165VR15. Does anyone have any feedback on these? They look a bit like G800's from years ago, i think. Iain
  4. One aspect of rebuilding DRN 4D, what to do about wheels and tyres . . . . the V8 Lady insisted that we retain standard wires, painted of course. No chrome bling ! New wheels at £150 a time are out of the budget, period. In any case, she likes originality. The quintet of original factory 60-spokers were supplemented by a quartet of decent looking originals purchased from a fellow Forumite, giving a choice of nine wheels in all. Thank you, that man ! Tyres were easy, five of Vredestein T-Trac2 from the guys at Camskill, from whom I've purchased several sets of tyres in recent years, an
  5. TTrac 2 tyres in 165/80x15 have been in short supply for several months. Now back in stock at Camskill, an online tyre supplier I find eminently satisfactory. Link - https://www.camskill.co.uk/m53b0s408p125635/Vredestein_Tyres_Car_Vredestein_TTrac2_Vredestein_T_Trac_2_-_165_80_R15_87T_TL_Fuel_Eff_%3A_E_Wet_Grip%3A_B_NoiseClass%3A_2_Noise%3A_70dB Excellent tyres for any TR2-6 on 15" wheels in my view, and at the current price, a bargain . . . . £40.90 apiece inc vat, a set of 5 delivered to my door in a couple of days, came to just under £225. Usual disclaimers. Cheers
  6. I know tyres are a subject that's been covered many times, but my 185/70 R15 tyres need replacing, and the consensus seems to be that the original 165 R15 size gives best results.However, the price of the recommended Michelins is rather eyewatering, Vredesteins less costly but still not cheap. Alternatives that come up on internet searches include the Retro Classic (which I believe is made by Nanking). Does anybody have any experience of these, or any other options?
  7. Hello guys I've just been fortunate to acquire a TR5 which has only done 1,500 miles since 2007 following a restoration in the 90s. The tyres look great but I've been told they should be changed every 5 years or so. I have three tyres with the same code MICHELIN DOT FNTB A4MX '023' and one tyre, identical letters, but the DOT code is '362' Looked up on the net that understand that if the coding was '0213' then that would mean the tyre was made in the second week of 2013. That said I only have three digits, does this mean the tyres I have were made second week of 2003 and single tyr
  8. Now I know there has been a lot of debates about 185/70/15 v 195/65/15 for fitting to the TR6, Ive decided that I'm going the 185 route thinking the increased should height will give a slightly more compliant ride for my old bones BUT main choice here seems to be the Vredestien Sprint classic or the Michelin XWK i've no doubt that ultimately the Michelin is the better tyre but is it a 2 1/2 times better the the Vred tyre? I suspect not, and I think I know where I'm spending my money but anybody have any thoughts ?.
  9. I thought you might be interested in this PM i received Hi Dougal What are your recommendations for changing tubes and rim tapes? Do you recommend changing them at each tyre change baring in mind that tyre changes for us are normally forced by age considerations rather than wear. It is sort of discretionary. tyre and inner tube manufacturers say change tubes every time you change a tyre. I would also suggest that when a tyre is 10 years old it has had it. I would suggest the same rule applies for tubes. I change my tubes every time i change a tyre, baring in mi8
  10. Hi I received this PM and i thought you might be interested in it. Hi Dougal What are your recommendations for changing tubes and rim tapes? Do you recommend changing them at each tyre change baring in mind that tyre changes for us are normally forced by age considerations rather than wear. It is sort of discretionary. tyre and inner tube manufacturers say change tubes every time you change a tyre. I would also suggest that when a tyre is 10 years old it has had it. I would suggest the same rule applies for tubes. I change my tubes every time i change a tyr
  11. Hi we're looking for a great looking TR6 for an upcoming photoshoot. Ideally you'll be running on TR6 steel wheels (MOSS/Wellers). We'd then arrange a professional shoot with a world class Motorsport photographer (currently shooting for Formula E). If interested please contact us at enquiry@wellerwheels.com
  12. I realise this subject has been done to death over the years and I apologise for bringing it up again. However, even having read through all the earlier threads, I am still unsure on a couple of points and would appreciate some authoritative guidance, please. My 1972 CR is fitted with standard steel wheels, but I believe they may be from an earlier TR6. Tubes are presently fitted, even though the current tyres are tubeless. Are these wheels suitable for fitting with tubeless tyres, or must a tube be fitted? If I should decide to stay with a larger tyre than standard (presently fit
  13. Time I changed the old Firestones on my TR4A. I'd been thinking of the Vredestein T-Trac, but they have no stock and can't tell me when they will. Any suggestions from the forum members? The car is not used on track (in fact not used much at all!). Not looking to buy the cheapest, but I'd rather not spend more than I have to. Anyone used the Blackcircles own brand? Pete
  14. During a long run the J type overdrive was becoming slower to engage taking a good few seconds. After an overnight rest the overdrive engaged once more before stopping altogether. The oil level was checked but still no change. Did not have facilities to check anything else while completing north coast 500. Any areas I should check first would be appreciated. Craig
  15. JohnG

    Steel Wheels;

    All I have a set of 5 "original" steel wheels for my six. Given what I know and what I have learned about the car, I'm not sure the "original", is as genuine as one could hope. They are stamped; 5 1/2J 15" As you can see from the photo's the wheels are not in good condition, but, neither are they beyond the pale. (The one shown is one of the better condition wheels) Questions; Could these be bead or sand blasted, prior to powder coating? (I am not sure of the efficacy of blasting welded wheels) If not, any suggestions for bringing them back to 'on the car' condition?
  16. Hello all, I have what I think (hope) are a good set of very little used 5 wire wheels to go on the car. (Well one is to go in the boot of course!) However, I hate vibration on a car and would first like to get them checked for radial and axial 'dial out' then possibly repainting as they are like 5 shades of grey at the moment. Question 1. who in the south/south west or midlands would be able to check and true them. 2. what was the correct silver paint for 1966 Many thanks.
  17. I have finally been and bought my new wheels and tyres Before And with the new wheels Many thanks go to MGB-Hive in Wisbech who supplied the wheel/tyre combo for an amazing price Their fitters were awesome, took the utmost care in fitting the tyres, made sure all the balancing dots lined up KC
  18. My old pal Martin Jay (Distributor Doctor) asked me recently for my thoughts on tyres for his TR3. It is back on the road after a rebuild that took rather more years than anticipated - Martin founding Distributor Doctor was one good reason, the chaps rebuilding the body was another, and not so good, reason . . . . eventually Martin and yours truly liberated the car and it went to Stuart in Cornwall for a proper job . . . . . Meanwhile, the costly classic tyres purchased more than a few years back seemed to be possessed of more tread than grip. Old problem, on a limited classic mileage
  19. Morning Troops, Following my panic email yesterday as fitter had fitted my new Toyo 330's without tubes I've done some research this morning and alls well. I rang Rimmer where the XW452C's came from in 2010. The first Salesman insisted that they had to have tubes but I went on their website and found the product details which state these wires are tubeless. Rang Rimmer back and got another Salesman (there's 18 of them apparently) and he said definitely run these wires without tubes as they have a special silicone edge. Just rung Black Circle and Toyo 330 I bought are tubeless too
  20. Bazza


    I've not long bought a 73 TR6 and it has Pirelli 205/70 ZR15 tyres and a look through the workshop manual says it came with 165 and it can take 185s but over this is not recommended. The tyres look new and the wheels look like original steel ones. Should I be changing them? Thanks.
  21. Hi All, I intend to fit 196/65 tyres on 15"x 6" wheels. My suspension is slightly lowered for fast road use and before I go buy the tyres can anyone with a similar set-up tell me if I'll have sufficient clearance between the tyre & wheel arch. I don't wish to open up the great tyre debate again, I've searched the archive and can't seem to find anything conclusive. Regards, Richard.
  22. kcsun

    Wheels again

    Has anybody found any 16 or 17" alloys for a TR6? Tyres in those sizes are much more readily available than the standard 15's kc
  23. Having replaced the wheels on olde smokey, I have 4 spare silver painted 48 spoke wheels fitted with tyres that would suit as a spare for those that may be having problems fitting something wider. (they fitted in my early 3A fully inflated) Unless Tom advises otherwise, the wheels seem to be in reasonable shape - certainly useful, if only for a short term spare. The tyres are less pretty. 8 year old Camac 165's with 23k on the clock, legal (ish) tread but some odd wear hear and there, but again, if only used as an emergency spare, they should suffice. Before I get Tom to send the
  24. If it is of any use to anyone, I am selling my standard wire wheels off my 4A project with the splines and spinners. They are 50 years old and in used condition but the tyres are in good nick. If I was keeping them I would powder coat them etc. Anyway, they are here on ebay if any one is interested. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/231572095711?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Reading a previous post on wheels, I am not a purist as many know and I have gone for 72 spoke interlaced to get the wider look but fitted the American 20 mm white wall which is a 165. (I ca
  25. kcsun

    New Wheels

    I have to buy a new set of tyres for my car and I am now contemplating a new set of wheels as well options are stay on the steels or Minilite copies Or Revolutions The car is French Blue any views on which to choose? Do not want wires as they involve too much cleaning (got that t shirt!!) What about a tyre choice? kc
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