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  1. Hi all, Do you have access to an engine simulator package that you'd be willing to use to answer some questions I have? I'd like to understand more about the effect of different types of cam profile and timing on the TR6 engine, and I really liked the visualisations on HotTR6's page. Simply, I'd like to know what would happen if you start with a CP cam, and open the lobe centres a few degrees (up to 5). Then play with advancing/retarding the cam a few degrees (-8 to +8). I'm not too concerned about the actual torque & power figures (far too much else will affect those), but rathe
  2. This should keep you busy Please add on 1/ New type Kenlowe fan
  3. What better to do on a scorching hot day than tune me carbs! Gave up with Colortune - wound both jets up to flat on the bridge then backed off 6 flats. Front carb was way off balance, now running well!
  4. Good evening Peter, Now you have that nice pulley info. Could you now predict the torque using the standard pulley? I've had a bit of a guess and came up with this. Std is where I am now. The new head and cam is a worked head with a fast road cam. Cheers Steve
  5. Well my simple head off project from last year has ended up with a complete engine rebuild and in inline rebore. So I now have the pleasant prospect of putting it all back together with a new sprint cam, unleaded head conversion etc etc. Its been a while since my Webers were tuned and I am sure that all these changes will need some fine tuning. So the question is do I bother with a rolling road or just a good old fashioned tune up? I live near Reading so any recommendation is this area much appreciated. I should also put in a word for Classic and Modern based in Bracknell who dropp
  6. Hi All, I am looking for some advice , I have a US 1969 TR6 that had been converted to right hand drive, during the conversion a set of HS6 SU have been fitted, the choke cable from the old cards does not reach the choke connector for the first SU (nearest the bulk head ) Given the cost of replacement cables can anyone advise which one is best to order? Thanks Mike
  7. So we take a 3.5 Rover V8 with a Webber 500/Holley carb and one of the big pancake filters that sits on the carb in the V above the engine. Its a good K&N one and appears to work fine apart from on hot days when all the thing is doing is sucking hot air from inside the Wedges engine compartment, not in anyway ideal for good performance. So we get a nice plenum from one of the V8 tuning specialists to sit on the carb, a length of 3" duct to run to in front of the radiator and a nice big Cone K&N filter to go on the end of the duct. Starts up nicely, cruises nicely, plant your f
  8. Grinnal

    SU Carbs

    Hi Folks Can anyone recommend a garage that is good with SU carbs in the Dudley / Wolverhampton area? Thanks Mike
  9. Farly6

    Petrol Smell!

    I have been trying to sort out this issue for ever and getting no where fast! So I'm appealing for help. I have tried to find a discussion forum about this but cant.. so here goes. I am the owner of a late model UK CR TR6, which has standard fuel injection and a fast road cam. It has the twin tail pipe sports exhaust. The problem is that the boot is constantly smells of petrol. Its so bad that you cant really put bags in the boot. I have replaced many of the pipes around the Bosch fuel injection pump, fitted proper petrol pipes and petrol clips and the seals in the tap in the bottom o
  10. A very hot spell leads me to wish the 3A would do better mpg. It went to a local sports car garage and the SU tuner had his own way for the adjustment of the needles in the SU H6. It ran very smoothly and off to Lincoln and back. The roads are rough, crowded and the M11 north of junction 14 was a huge building plot with a 1 hour traffic jam.At the show my friend balanced the two carbs with a Gunson balancing tool and then checked the mixture with 4x colortunes. On the return journey we are over 30mpg. Rest days before setting off for CLM The son-in-law cancelled at the last moment so dri
  11. I am currently driving a Kent 270 cam Duration 270 Timing 37/63 73/27 Cam Lift 7.44mm After about 4.200 the torque curve starts sloping down, max HP @ 5.355 I called Newman Cams and showed them this curve. They recommend Duration 280 Timing 30/70/70/30 Cam Lift 7.36MM So this is a PH2 with PH3 Cam Lift. It should increase the rev range at the top end and not loose any power at the bottom end. Take a look at the Kent 280 version. Question: Should I get a customized Newman cam, or get the Kent 280 cam. Any opinions? Jochem
  12. Hi Folks, Another question which I can't get my head around. My car as a late TR4 [July 1964] is displaying strange combustion. Twin CD175 Strombergs are fitted. Numbers 1 & 4 spark plugs look as if the mixture is leanish, whereas numbers 2 & 3 look as if the mixture is too rich! How can the front carb create lead cylinder lean and trailing [#2] cylinder rich, and the rear carb create lead [#3 cylinder] rich and trailing [#4] cylinder lean? To my amateurish eye, it just doesn't make sense! Best wishes Willie
  13. So Finally getting round to doing a few jobs. One of the things I have read for years is regarding how you should get a properly designed kit and anything else is dangerous and blah bla. So My 5 has had a bosch pump for 30 years. It doesnt have anything fancy just a 580254973 pump which was superseeded by the 910. It doesnt have a bosch filter just low down in the boot and with the CAV filter and it has done many many miles of hard driving here in the alps without ever missing a beat. So sorry folks when I read stuff about you will damage your car and stuff I am not very convinced as I a
  14. I've had my TR6 for 15 years now, after buying a partly stripped down but relatively solid car. It was garaged in 1985 by the previous owner and remained there until I bought it in 2002. I then garaged it and over the years gathered some parts while missing out on many more and getting the welding and strengthening done. I got a bit lost in my desire to get the car back on the road mainly caused by time, money and a lack of skill and knowledge. My dad rebuilt the engine and stripped down the front suspension and steering. Unfortunately he became ill and was unable to finish this job off be
  15. Hi, I am looking for some help and this is my first foray into the TR Register Forum. My TR6 seems to be running lumpy/hesitant from idle up to around 2.5k revs. Throttle response doesn't seem to be as crisp as it was before. The car was running fine, sat for maybe 4/6 weeks without a proper drive out then developed this problem. Higher up the rev range it seems to sound okay. I have a coolant leak from somewhere front nearside which I think may be the top hose but thats a seperate issue which should be easily found/fixed and possibly unrelated to the above. I am new to the clas
  16. Hi all, I've been meaning to get the engine tuned, and injection properly set up on my TR6 for a while!.. Finally started to look around for a 'specialist' place that could do this in the area.. Around Sandhurst, Berkshire.. Or a reasonable distance. Does anyone know of anywhere that can set them up properly, and can recommend? Many thanks in advance.. Richard
  17. I admit that I have been a so called expert hahahaha on the PI system since the age of 9 when my father picked up his new CP TR6 directly at the factory at Coventry in 1970. Sitting in the back of the smelly car accompanied by the whine of the Lucas pump I learnt a lot from the start.o By the age of 15 I was already tinkering, trying to cool pumps and checking injectors. By 21 I was well into vacuum gauges and fuel pressures. So While waiting for some parts to arrive I thought I would open up a metering unit I have swapped out. It was leaking fuel from the datum cover. I have always tun
  18. Having recently fitted a Pertronix set up to my TR3a, I have been experimenting with the timing. I indexed the front pulley when I rebuilt the engine so it is a fairly straightforward task to check the timing with a strobe - I don't have one of the fancy modern ones that allows you to read it off the light. I have set the plug gaps to 32 thou and have found that the engine runs best and at its smoothest with a nice clean pick up from low revs and no pinking with the timing set to 10 deg. BTDC at idle (800 rpm) with the vacuum advance removed. My calculated CR is 9.2:1 and I am usin
  19. I know there have been a few threads about this, but guys Im desperate! I have a 1973 car which was brought back from the USA in the 90's and was converted to PI with a donor engine from a 1971 CP car. Ive owned it for the last 17 years, with hardly any issues- superb tick over, good responsive acceleration. Last year it was beginning to run a bit lumpy bottom end on acceleration, so I took it to a rolling road. All was going well, until the mechanic started playing with the throttles, and sprayed carb cleaner on the butterflies. Then he commented that he couldnt adjust one of the sets
  20. Here's a pdf of the talk: https://supertrarged.wordpress.com/2017/07/10/how-does-an-su-carburettor-work/ There's information about SUs ( and Stromberg CDs) that will probably be new even to most SU experts: 'mixture spread'. ======== May I thank those of you who braved the sauna-like conditons in the Friesen Shed. And may I apologise that you could not hear me. I do not have a loud voice and the PA for the arena defeated my best efforts. In my defence I had requested months before that a lapel mic and amp-loudspeaker be provided. It was not there. So I have suggested to the powers tha
  21. Hello, anyone fitted EFI to their 4 cylinder triumph and happy to share their experiences, I am looking at the Emerald conversion kit, cheers, Andrew
  22. All details are in buy sell trade on main club website.
  23. Hi there, I am looking to have the engine from my TR4a rebuilt (along with the gearbox) and would ask if anyone can highly recommend any specialist they have used over the past few years - preferably in the Oxfordshire/Berkshire area - although not essential if it's the right person. If anyone has had a full new rebuild, an indication on cost and time it took? Obvosuly every case is individual, but a ballpark would be nice to know. Thanks in advance Paul
  24. FULL KIT .... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/352062397035?
  25. Back with more engine/ignition/fuel issues – seems never to end J The car fires (not easily) up, but will not idle. Unscrewing/open/lock the air supply from air manifold have no impact. The plugs are getting black/carbonized after very few minutes of running. So I guess running over-rich. I have not measured any vacuum anywhere. I’ve measured the balance of the butterflies, they are closing fine and produce fairly equal readings. 1. Since the MU is rebuild by Prestige injection, I assume the settings are right. I’m reluctant to adjust the mix on the MU. But I will if I have to. 2. Could th
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