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  1. As you may have seen on the news Unipart Automotive have gone into administration. No pay for July, so claim it back from the government. Same for notice. Kept on by kpmg for 2 weeks to help close it down. Therefore, if I can't find a similar job role pretty soon, the TR will have to go. It has won Pride of Ownership at the IWE a few times. Insured for 10k Hope to make it to IWE, but it seems a long way from Dorset, and cancelling the hotel would save shed loads of dosh.
  2. Anyone know of a source for a replacement sump for a 4.6? Thanks Jo
  3. Hi All, I am at the end of my tether, my Rover 4.0L V8 engine in my Grinnall, since being parked all over winter has developed a fault where it breaks down after 4-5 miles; I have been recovered twice by TR breakdown, excellent service by the way, there in 40 minutes both times, I have changed the following with new parts: Oil pressure switch Distributor Coil Ballast resistor Fuel pump Fuel line front to back Filters Checked the fuel pick up is clear in the tank By passed the immobiliser Next items to check/change Ignition switch Earth straps There has been two symptoms, no fuel in to
  4. This month's TRAction has an image of a placemat. I remember this as a jigsaw, but it's one I passed on to a charity shop several years ago. So the questions that follow: Are there jigsaws featuring our favourite motorcars? Are there enough jigsaws featuring our favourite motorcars? Best wishes Al
  5. Hello, I'm trying to sell my Uncles TR7 V8 3.5 / TR8 soft top, due to his illness he is unable to drive her. He bought her new in 1981 and in 1990 was converted by S&S preparations to a V8 along with brakes,twin pipes, suspension, run on unleaded etc, She has been stored in a garage all her life, engine bay, boot, underneath protected with wax so she is rust free the silver paintwork looks new and she has only done 70,000 miles from new she starts no problem, no smoke, no rattles and revs freely however she has been sat for a year so we have replaced her battery but I'm gu
  6. Hi Guys. I am restoring a 1980 Tr7. It has a full length Webasto style sunroof, that dose not tension properly down each side. dose anyone know of someone that can repair it or where I can get a replacement. I think it is factory fitted. Thanks Ollie
  7. Hi had my TR7V8 since last September and covered around 3000 miles since without mishap...But..this AM tried the headlights and sure enough the Drivers side light doesn't rise, I found the Relays and one clicks and the other doesn't so I swapped them over and sure enough the same headlight refuses to rise, so I'm assuming that the relay isn't getting power...where to look next? Any help much appreciated Regards Brian
  8. Hi I am new to this site and wondered if anybody could help. I have a TR8 RHD. With a Rimmer bros converted SD1 Rack. It has a problem leaking fluid from rivets which hold a ring inside the tube.. I have heard that the Triumph Stag power rack will fit and wondered if anybody could confirm this or could my rack be rebuilt... I am from Hampshire... Cheers
  9. My Old Magellan Roadmate has become somewhat unreliable these days, so thinking about replacing it with something more up to date. any recomendations? Don't want anything too fancy, 12V power only will do, don't really need road traffic conditions, or camera positions etc. Bob.
  10. I've got a problem with low speed manoeuvres in my tr7(v8), I get a loud knocking noise, almost a cracking noise when turning the wheel. It seems to be coming from the nearside and is not continuous. It recently passed its mot so I assume there's no play in the important areas. Any suggestions??
  11. Has anyone fitted the Tony a Hart (Stag specialist) hand brake improver often posted in eBay ? Aircraft quality aluminium, any feedback would be appreciated, Jo
  12. Hi all, Is it possible to remove and replace the ceiling lining (so I can install insulation) without damaging it or would I be better off taking it to a motor trimmer? Next, having installed insulation in the rest of the cabin, I want to return the carpet pieces that run along under the doors. Any advice on the best adhesive to use? Must be available in Aust. The carpet is being fixed to closed-cell foam. Thanks in advance, Michael
  13. My drive is begining to look like the oil is leaking from below upwards! AND not only that but its FUCHS 20/50 full synthetic... The sump looks fairly well protected against corrosion so it must be leaking from quite high I would imagine andy usual suspects that I should interview first so to speak? All help much appreciated Bonnietiler
  14. For those who are having difficulty sourcing a decent sound system for the TR7, this is what I have, its small , compact , and fits in the dash. This is due to the depth of the unit, as it does not have a cd slot. Its a radio, has 3 Interfaces: 1 x USB input, 1 x SD input, 1 x AUX input Some members have contacted me regarding my article in TR Action and asked where can i get one. Please follow the link. But to be honest,I listen to the V8 more than the radio Check the sellars other items too, as he has quite a few types of radio on his list http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-Car-
  15. brand new unused short gear remote for a lt77 gear box £90.00 delivered uk only mail me on pvbs1261@aol.com thanks peter
  16. Hi, My TR7 has a Rover SD1 V8 on board and I want to install a new AC compressor. I am looking at working off the original mounting assembly, but that includes a very heavy idler pulley. Is there any particular reason the idler pulley has to stay if I can lock the compressor in place with the right belt tension? Words of wisdom please. Thanks Michael
  17. I see a tr7 v8 convertible for sale at Peter Byrne for a very unreasonable £29950! Surely prices haven't risen that much? Jo.
  18. Hi all, just a quick note that i am selling my domain name TR8.co.uk - first offer over £299 gets it. It's valued at 3 times that if not more. Superb if you want to put the web address TR8.co.uk in chrome letters on the bootlid of your 8.! (see attached pic for an idea). Your email address could be: john@TR8.co.uk for eg. great site to make money off. niche market. Ideal if you are part of a club or group or restoring a triumph and want to keep an online diary. No offers below 300 please. Any questions, let me know. Cheers Steve.
  19. Hi, I am just about to install a Davies Craig water pump and fan controller in my TR7 3.5L V8. It allows you to set the target water temperature, but the question is, what is the optimum temp for different uses (eg, best economy, racing)? Any ideas? Michael
  20. Hi first post on here if i were to obtain a TR7 V8 what is the tax and insurance for such a car as i will use it back and forth to work ? just a thought thanks david
  21. looking for a quick rack for a tr7/v8 rep any one got one ??????????????
  22. Back in the early 80's in my mid teens I used to work at a petrol station on the A46 near Old Sodbury on the Avon Gloucestershire border. The garage was called Roman Camp Garage and had a workshop round the back of it. The Workshops were owned and run by a chap from Hawkesbury Upton called Dougie Dawe. Dougie was quite well known in the local area as a Rally enthusiast. I seem to remember Dougie purchasing 3 Works TR8's that were ex Tony Pond cars? I can still recall the amazing noise these cars made each evening as he pulled out and accelerated hard off down the A46. You could still h
  23. Hello guys, I'm still playing, in my few spare time, on an ex US, carburetted + air con TR8. I've removed all the air con parts (I'm allergic), and rebuilt a standard TR7 heater with new radiator and all anccilaries to fit under the dashboard. But it's not the problem : I've also modified the cooling fans wiring loom for something far more simple, and now need to find the temperature cut in/out of the sensor in the radiator (a rebuilt standard TR8 unit) : is there here any TR7 V8 or TR8 owner who could help ? Thanks in advance,
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