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  1. Hi guys - I've renewed the fuel line from my tank to the fuel pump. Having a battle getting the fuel line to seal properly at base of the tank. Any suggestions here? I've considered welding or brazing in the line permanently, just leaving a short stub of pipe from the base of tank that I can attach a fuel hose to. Have replaced the olive on the line, and tightened the nut up tight, but it still leaks. Anyone got any clever ideas? cheers Pete
  2. Hi guys A quick question on setting valve clearances on a four pot running standard cams etc. I went through this process following initial start up of our rebuilt engine, but I think I may not have done it properly: I measured the clearances (when cold) for both the inlet and exhaust valves on each cylinder when that cylinder was at TDC. I thought this would be ok given that both valves would be well and truly closed at this point of their cycle. I now note (having RTFI’d) that you are supposed to carry out this adjustment when the cam lobe for the valve you are adjusting is exactly
  3. I've developed a locking system for my spare wheel cover. All it entails is using a glove box lock and modifying it as shown in the photo's. Photo. 1 shows the lock with modified latch: Photo. 2 shows the guide at the top of the cover: Photo. 3 shows the receiver welded to the top of the opening: The following photo's show the locking mechanism (locked/unlocked):
  4. If your heater elbow hoses decide to give up the ghost in the back and beyond do you think that you can turn in to the nearest garage and get a replacement? I don't think so. I've modified my heater connections, both inside the cab and in the engine bay, as you'll see from the photo's, using copper fittings then you can use an ordinary straight piece of hose as a replacement. Tom. PS:~ All the fittings have been fitted with 'swages' to prevent the hose slipping off!
  5. A friend ( well known in certain TR circles.......) has fitted his prop shaft with the sliding joint at the diff end, will this cause a problem, and why ( trying to avoid one word answers ). On the face of it we cannot see one. It is a non IRS car, but would the same apply for an IRS one? Thanks Mike
  6. Now THAT, I like! Cheers, Deggers
  7. Nothing outstanding here, except the sky maybe Enjoy? Guy
  8. So we smiled and they did. I reported on a minor success fitting one of my new sidescreens which fits very well in my humble opinion. So i THOUGHT LETS HAVE A GO AT THE OTHER ONE, piece of p!** . Not so fast! Prepare to be amazed. Offered the panel up to mark up for the door plates and no matter how it was positioned I could not get in to line up. Hurrumph! what the hell goes on here. After much puzzling, checks, thinking, beer and even tried wine. I have the following dilemma either the screen stantion is bent or the side screen is bent. I inspected the sides screen carefully and the p
  9. Hello all, Just wondering if someone can shed any light on these? I stumbled across two TR photographs on the Portobello Road recently. Not sure if either car still exists, but perhaps one of our American friends recognises them? (Registrations: 7438-BL and NBS 430). Cheers, Deggers
  10. These have been in a drawer for 35 years, after we removed them from the tr2 when we first got it. Ram pipes, trumpets, whatever, they have no markings and was wondering if I polished them up and put them on my HS4s, what would happen. Too much junk in the engine? Dan
  11. Is it necessary to have the special tool to remove the rear hub on the Girling back axle to replace the oil seal, or is there a way round it.
  12. Hi, As my 3A and 4 have non overdrive boxes,I was always on the lookout for overdrive gearboxes.I now found two overdrive boxes from TR2's. Would a 2 overdrive box fit in the 3A and/or would the overdrive bolt on(after changing the outgoing shaft)the 4 gearbox,so I wouldn't loose the 1st syncro gear. Thanks
  13. Charles Runyan of The Roadster Factory has been working for the last 6+ months to replicate the rectangular AC air filter decals for TR3-3B SU H6 carbs. He wasn't happy with the existing options so set a goal to make the best available. and wanted to make the best possible. I had the chance to share some of my images (and the reference images from the car of a member of this forum, too) with TRF as they worked on the project. I got a few samples of the finished product the other day and thought people might like to see 'em. NFI on my part -- just a chance to share information and upgrad
  14. Hello all, Well, this certainly puts my occasional amateur tinkering into perspective! (Hmm, probably time for another cuppa and a browse through that parts catalogue!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thqGxye_k8o Cheers, Deggers.
  15. The classic lines, the racing pedigree, the thrill of open cockpit driving? Absolutely! But hey, let's be honest fellas . . . there are, and forever will be, inevitable consequences of wielding such impeccable taste, as we do! (With due apologies to the lady sidescreeners among us, of course!) Happy motoring! Cheers, Deggers.
  16. My father recently passed away and has left me his TR3A. He had had some work done on it to restore it (in mostly original fashion although I understand there is one fibreglass panel). It looks wonderful. It's a lovely family heirloom to keep in the family but currently costs me a fortune since I've garaged it London asi live in a flat in the centre of town. It's probably not very suitble for me at this time of life but I'd loves to keep it as long as the economics aren't too scary. Can someone give me an idea if it will appreciate in value? I'm looking for something to counterbalance the
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