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  1. Hi from Italy (and sorry for my english!) I'm restoring a TR250 1968 and I'm choosing the bodypaint. I fall in love with Valencia Blue but the color I see on Moss (and similar) catalogue, code 66, and some picture on internet or in the books of Bill Piggott are so many different! I've just do the spray test with the Valencia Blue code 66 and I don't like it! It is more dark, blue and...green than the other Valencia Blue....which is the ORIGINAL one???
  2. Hi Folks, has anybody used the SuperPro Blue bushes and grease seal in the TRunnion. I've only every used the white nylon bushes that wear quite quick. Also any tips on keeping water out as the ring seals don;t work that well. Roger
  3. I have acquired two TR250's for restoration, both are for sale, one is very good and the other is poor, offers based on £13k and £6k respectively PM me if interested Tom
  4. Does anyone have any experience of what's involved in converting a TR250 to pass an MOT? I am presuming a change of headlights so they dip the right way and amber lenses in the rear lights for the indicator, but is there anything else crucial? Thanks AL
  5. Hi Guys & Gals Has anyone got one of these switches they want to sell please, I have the wiper switch but need the washer switch. Here's hoping? TRaah for now Phil
  6. Hi my friends Going to have a go at dent pulling on my mothers car Seen these kits, any one got any views on them, or used them, www.power-tec.co.uk Product no 92379, also on eBay, and a product video Red box with all the tools aprox cost 170 Can ay one advise something better Pink
  7. My Old Magellan Roadmate has become somewhat unreliable these days, so thinking about replacing it with something more up to date. any recomendations? Don't want anything too fancy, 12V power only will do, don't really need road traffic conditions, or camera positions etc. Bob.
  8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Triumph-Other-Convertible-1968-TRIUMPH-TR-250-An-Unbelievable-Restoration-on-an-original-overdrive-/321417790734?forcerrptr=true&hash=item4ad5fe450e&item=321417790734&pt=US_Cars_Trucks
  9. http://www.gizmag.com/mini-superleggera-vision-concept/32240/ I want to mod my 4 - Alan can you do something along these lines?
  10. Last finding in my compulsive quest for sensible non-invasive upgrades: Fog/driving lamps. The casing of the lamp is integrated in the indicator stand and installation does not require any modification beyond cutting a larger hole in the indicator stand. The lamp include the LED halo used as indicator and the LED fog/driving lamp itself. The peripherals are integrated in the casing of the lamp hence no add-ons to install on the car out of usual relays. There are three diameters, the one installed on the pics below is the larger one. Small and medium will fit TR2-3; medium and large will fit TR
  11. Hi Everyone I'm going to start my 250 resto project this Summer and thoughts turned to the engine. I'm going to upgrade it to TR5 spec and so was wondering what the full list of mods I'll need to make. I've already got:- NOS 2500 UK spec cylinder head Complete PI system and most importantly of all, an alloy rocker cover! So l'll need to change-the camshaft and the dizzy obviously, but what else. The cylinder head came without valves,rocker shaft or pushrods, so I'm not sure if any of the 250s head can be swapped over. Cheers Alan
  12. So probably the only useful thing I did over the winter was to get the hardtop to fit. Bugger of a job it was too... Trouble is, now its on I rather like it. I fit under it and it's much quieter in there. The sun doesn't beat me to death quite so badly either. Am I alone in preferring my convertible tin-topped, or are there others out there with similar leanings? I'll include one gratuitous shot from its first proper trip out this year, mainly because I'm still chuffed with the way it turned out and there hasn't been much car porn lately.
  13. On the rear swinging arms on the TR4a to 6 the rear hubs have a 5/16 unf thread in the swinging arm which often strips. If you drill out to take a 5/16th UNC helicoil the drill size is .328 and almost certainly will break through the wall thickness in the hole wall material at certain places, it being fairly thin. Those engineers who have often used them can possibly recall what Helicoil advise, In this position can you rely on a Helicoil or will the breaking through compromise the helicoil security and clamping affect ? Mick Richards
  14. We have insurance We have Tax We have MOT We have no interior We only have one seat We have no hood We got wet But you could,nt wipe the smile off my face. HAPPY PATCH
  15. Morning Gents Could you advise me of the standard ride hight at the rear, ie ground through wheel center to bottem of wheel arch. Also could do with a piccy of the top of wiper motor to see orientation of the wire that sits on the round part of the lid ( park conection ). Hope that makes sense. Many thanks in advance. Getting happyer Patch
  16. Hi from Rome! Does anyone know if Triumph 2000's Hub caps fit on Tr250?? They seem to be the same... Thank you
  17. Another classic comes out the woodwork!!!. Listed yesterday on ebay.
  18. I have been looking for a TR5 or TR250 to restore for a while now with no luck. I recently spotted a car at anglia car auction in king's lynn with no reserve. I called them and they told me it is a genuine TR5... does anybody know anything about this car they have given me the chassis number of CP2459O and engine number CP2576E so that looks about right for a TR5 but I dont know the registration number yet. I'm not that familiar with auctions and no reserves specifically but what is the car worth realistically... I was thinking maybe
  19. Currently we have a pal's 3A in the garage for assorted tasks . . . . rebuilt gearbox in with a new clutch and hydraulics, new fuel tank, etc etc. When we came to try starting it, fuel pump issues, usual consequence of having sat dry for a few months, old age and failure. Nothing new there then. I've seen some of the repro pumps in recent years, cheap enough at £40 but quality seems a tad variable - ignoring the lack of priming lever, some seem otherwise reasonable enough, others a disaster zone . . . . operating arm flopping about all over the place, for example. Not reassuring. R
  20. From an e-mail received this morning, I see that Veloce has updated and revised Roger Williams' useful book. Ian Cornish
  21. I've read with interest comments from people who have correctly set up the geometry on their cars (not only TRs) and have a couple of questions for those in the know as I'm interested in getting my local place with the Hunter gear to look at the TR after they've tweaked my Audi and the missus' Boxster. My understanding for the TR5 is that: Rear Set Up The toe in is set using a shim between the trailing arm outer bracket and chassis and this is Moss part number 139363. The numbers in the Bentley & Haynes say the rear should be within 0 to 1/16th inch (0-1.58mm). The camber s
  22. Hey! It worked! I'll try another! Tom
  23. Hi Everyone I haven't posted here for a while so here goes! I recently bought a secondhand Clarke 150TE Mig welder off fleabay to help me with my TR250 rebuild. It came with a regulator,and empty gas bottle which I've now exchanged. I've no experience with these "hobby" welders, so apologies if the following sounds a bit thick. When I tried to refit the regulator gas started to escape from a pinhole situated about 1cm from the lower lip of the casting. At first I thought this was a fault in the casting, but I've since seen another regulator and it also has a pinhole in the same position
  24. One of our local group members has recently bought a very nice TR6 and discovered this problem: "I think I told you about my TR6 diff problem (the front mounting plate has sheared). The 4 locating pins seem ok but won't know for sure until the diff is off. I will get them boxed in at a later date. Moss are selling a new mounting plate for about £130. Imported from the USA (probably made in Mexico!). Revington will sell me a repaired strengthened exchange unit for about £170. Or I could get mine welded back together and strengthened. What would you do?" I can't advise from personal exper
  25. A short while ago, I walked out of a local supermarket to find a "retired" gent giving my 250 a good looking over. Expecting the usual conversation about owning one of these many years ago, I was slightly taken aback by his opening line of "do you want to sell it" To cut a long story slightly shorter, he owns a 4A and has always wanted a 5 or 250. Having never considered selling a car that I had always wanted and had spent 9 years building, I laughed when he said that, if I was willing to give him half an hour to get home, he would return with a very large pile of banknotes. There was n
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