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Found 125 results

  1. Hi Folks, tomorrow I will start on the renovation of my Surrey rear frame. Before I attack it and do some damage has anybody got views on the rubber seal that goes around the rear glass. Do they fit? Any particular supplier? Roger
  2. I'm thinking of doing this on my TR4 Shouldnt be too difficult
  3. Seasons greetings everyone. Is there a figure in the manuals at all for spline free play on the halfshafts? I've pulled a shaft out due to bearing play and whilst it's in bits I intend on cleaning the halfshaft splines for inspection then spraying and baking on Rocol 321r. On first inspection with a x10 magnifying glass they look in excellent condition and I can still make out machining marks. As an aside I'd like to give the last person to work on it a slap, every nut and bolt had been strangled by some muppet. Luckily the studs going into the t/a are all good, I pulled them too yesterday for inspection and re secured with loctite. Even this sloppy bearing has not long been replaced..... Incorrectly!!!
  4. Gentlemen, I have been offered a Lucas DR3A wiper motor for my 4A. However, it is not the 75568A, which is the model number of the motor according to the one presently on my car. Can anyone please tell me if a Lucas DR3A 75607B is a two speed model and if it would be a suitable straight fit replacement for my 4A? I haven't seen the item as it was offered me via the internet. Thanks Graham
  5. Ola, I am about to design a 4/6 points rollover bar for my 4A and I want it to match closely the curve of the back light and door posts. To do this I need to prepare a template/pattern of the bar. I thought about using plumbing PVC tubing and elbows and heat them with a Bunzen to give them the right shape before sending the template to the workshop for fabrication. Anyone tried to use this method or is there another method that would give similar result with less work ? Thanks as always
  6. ola, about 10 years ago I bought the CD with technical specs from the Heritage Motor Centre. I've used it every now and then but as technology evolves my new Mac doesn't have a CD reader anymore so I can't read the CD and can't seem to be able to transfer any .exe readable on my Mac. Any clues, lead as to ho to do it ?
  7. While covering myself in waxoyl yesterday, I noticed that the offside bracket (on wishbone) for the anti roll bar is not looking great and needs replaced. A couple of questions: 1. If I drive the car and it gives way, is it likely to do any damage? 2. When I replace the bracket, is there any tension on the bar? Is it better done jacked up or sitting on the ground? 3. 'Everyone' seems to think poly bushes are the way forward. Is now the moment to fit some to the ARB and will they really make any difference in this area? Thanks as always for your comments Ali
  8. Having had a quick look at the underneath of my recently imported TR250 when it was being MOT'ed, I can see that the underside of the body and chassis are seriously unprepared for the rigours of our weather. Some bits are painted black, some are new e.g.. floor panels and some are showing bare metal where the paint has worn off. Fortunately it looks pretty rust free at the moment. I am not sure what paint has been used previously, but I would like to get on and coat it in something protective and then add a liberal coat of wax on top. Does anyone have any suggestions for something that would cover up existing paint (perhaps with a de-grease first) without having to strip everything back? POR-15 seems to be popular but I have no experience of using it or how much prep it would need? Any thoughts welcome before winter strikes! Ali
  9. Finally repatriated my new TR250 and am trying to get it ready for MOT. Having lived most of its life in California, it seems that washing the windscreen isn't a priority over there. Unfortunately it is for an MOT! Apart from the pump being knackered, there is no tubing from the bottle to the T piece in the plenum. I presume the tube goes from the bottle through the grommet into the footwell but how does it then get into the plenum? The only way that I can see is next to the rod that opens and closes the flap. Is that right or should there be another way in? Thanks Ali
  10. Hi Guys, Some advice please, just refitting my TR250 and about to put in the heater bulkhead connector, a simple but 'doooh' question, which way up does it go, the bent tube at the top or the bottom, it's so long since I stripped her and in the schematic drawings it always seems to be hidden !!! Hope you can help out please TRaah for now Phil
  11. I am restoring my TR250 and have installed all the electrics, today I fitted the battery to try things out. when I got to the indicators, strange things happening, the only thing that works is the hazards and then only when the indicator switch is on (right and/or left) but no dash warning light (hazard or indicator) and only with the ignition only, when I remove the hazard flasher from circuit, the indicators work right /left (and the warning light) but won't flash? The only thing that's not yet in circuit is the front indicator lights (as I haven't fitted the grill) but I can't see how this would make a difference or cause the issues I'm seeing. Its a new wiring loom (TR5 PI LHD) and every thing seems to be connected correctly and to the wiring diagrams, so Guys and Gals, any ideas please?
  12. Hi Folks, Can you please help me identify my A-type overdrive gearbox. I think that it originally belonged to a 2.5 saloon car, but is there any way to tell this? I was thinking that I might put it in the TR250 if it is suitable. Thanks for any help. Dave.
  13. Hi Guys & Gals, In the process of restoring my TR250, as usual some parts are hard to find, not only the Clear Hooters Wiper, Washer & Hazard switches but I also found the retaining brackets just like rocking horse do do I could find them in the car parts diagrams but I couldn't find any dimensions or proper drawings, I did thankfully finally sourced them and thought others probably have the same problem so I took some measurements and drew out a diagram to help others and to have on file in the forum. I've tried to be as accurate as possible and the measurements are in imperial inches Anyway if you see an error let me know but hopefully someone will find it useful? TRaah for now!!! Phil
  14. Anyone know where I can get a copy of this book? It seems to be out of print at the moment and not a sniff of one on the web
  15. Hi All, A friend has just bought about 5 carloads of Triumph TR parts, amongst which were 2, 6 cylinder camshafts marked 6T224 and 6T234, anybody know what these were off. I guess TR5 and TR6. Also what is meant by 2 ring and 3 ring camshafts ? Thanks for any help Dave Jones
  16. Ola, could anyone provide me with the exact width (in mm) of the rain channel of the factory lid of a surrey top including the width at the front corners (see pic). tks
  17. This month's TRAction has an image of a placemat. I remember this as a jigsaw, but it's one I passed on to a charity shop several years ago. So the questions that follow: Are there jigsaws featuring our favourite motorcars? Are there enough jigsaws featuring our favourite motorcars? Best wishes Al
  18. Just had a look on Ebay and was interested by a couple of prices. TR4/4A5 outer sill NOS - £350 is this normal or have I lost touch (and my marbles). There is also a NOS TR4/4A door complete for the same but in comparison is good value. Roger
  19. I have received a newsletter from TRF, in it Charles mentions that he has seen new inner and outer wings (steel and ally) produced by proper new tooling in Germany. Has anybody else heard of or seen these new panels? Also, other new panels for Michelotti cars will be produced in the future. Link to newsletter. https://secure.zeni.net/trf/letter.php Cheers Graeme
  20. Hi from Italy (and sorry for my english!) I'm restoring a TR250 1968 and I'm choosing the bodypaint. I fall in love with Valencia Blue but the color I see on Moss (and similar) catalogue, code 66, and some picture on internet or in the books of Bill Piggott are so many different! I've just do the spray test with the Valencia Blue code 66 and I don't like it! It is more dark, blue and...green than the other Valencia Blue....which is the ORIGINAL one???
  21. Hi Folks, has anybody used the SuperPro Blue bushes and grease seal in the TRunnion. I've only every used the white nylon bushes that wear quite quick. Also any tips on keeping water out as the ring seals don;t work that well. Roger
  22. I have acquired two TR250's for restoration, both are for sale, one is very good and the other is poor, offers based on £13k and £6k respectively PM me if interested Tom
  23. Does anyone have any experience of what's involved in converting a TR250 to pass an MOT? I am presuming a change of headlights so they dip the right way and amber lenses in the rear lights for the indicator, but is there anything else crucial? Thanks AL
  24. Hi Guys & Gals Has anyone got one of these switches they want to sell please, I have the wiper switch but need the washer switch. Here's hoping? TRaah for now Phil
  25. Hi my friends Going to have a go at dent pulling on my mothers car Seen these kits, any one got any views on them, or used them, www.power-tec.co.uk Product no 92379, also on eBay, and a product video Red box with all the tools aprox cost 170 Can ay one advise something better Pink
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