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  1. Roger H suggested that someone had produced a small batch of panels for the rear 'seat' (if you can call it that ?) panel of the IRS cars. DRN 4D is distinctly lacking in the rear seat department, peeling off the bituminous soundproofing sheets brought the underlying sheet rust with it, and a fine panoramic view of the garage floor . . . . So, can anyone assist with a rear seat panel, patch, or whatever . . . . please ? Cheers Alec
  2. Having been shopping recently, I have a few bits and bobs available for sale! I have attached some photos showing some of the original Stanpart panels which will be for sale. These include doors, wings, bonnets, boots, windscreen frames and other parts for TR2 to TR6 cars. There's lots not in the pictures. I think I'm going to be busy over Christmas sorting stuff out. I also have some 6 cylinder engines, a complete TR250 bodyshell, gearboxes and all manner of other original Stanpart parts. In due course, pictures and descriptions of parts will be available to see onl
  3. Hello All, I am getting very near to completing the restoration of my 250, & I am currently fitting the inner door mechanisms. I need an o/s door window glass lower window channel. this channel glues on to the bottom ot the glass & enablesthe w/winder unit to fit/slide across the the channel. this channel unit has a window stop bracket fitted to stop the window being wound up too high. this bracket stop is situated towards the front with the slides facing inwards. If anyone can help to obtain this channel I would be very grateful. My phone no is 01302 711235 Cheers
  4. I have had the most senior moment ever. Having rebuilt my engine reground crank.new pistons cyl head having new valve seats etc.it was time to turn over the engine to build up the oil pressure before firing up the motor. Having spun the engine for ages but still no oil pressure I wondered what could be wrong. I went to bed that night & I couldnt sleep thinking what coud be wrong. Up in the next morning I decided to remove the sump & check the pump. After draining out the engine oil & 1/2 hour removing the sump what did I discover?. I (BL---Y) hadnt fitted the oil pump. The que
  5. I am reluctantly putting my 1967 TR250 up for sale due mainly to lack of use and other projects - the usual story!! I thought I would give this Forum first look before I put it up for sale on the usual sites. CD/916-L was built in October 1967 and shipped to Los Angeles. It has spent most of its life in California, according to the fairly extensive history that came with it. In 2000 it underwent a full restoration by XK's Unlimited, a Jaguar and British car specialist, costing over $30,000. In 2006 it was bought by a Canadian and shipped to Vancouver where it put on 2500 dry miles until I
  6. Just posted on the B/S/T section: http://www.tr-register.co.uk/classified/1236/Complete-dashboard-TR5250-LHD PM or email if any interest.
  7. Hi All in my 5 the headlight switch is on the right-hand side of the steering Colom, and the positions are Top=off middle side light bottom side & headlight So, when I got one from a supplier it was Top= side & headlight middle sides and bottom=off Can anyone throw some light on this (pardon the pun) have I ordered the wrong one ?????????? James……………….
  8. Interesting article on pistons etc http://www.wbclassics.com/tech/tr6/engine/triumph-tr6-cast-piston-comparison
  9. This all makes fair sense. Fitting a cooler thermostat will not stop overheating - just delay it. http://www.tuneruniversity.com/blog/2012/04/low-temp-thermostats-whats-the-advantage/ Increasing pressure of radiator cap will raise boiling point. .... But to my mind may explode your TR2/3 Smiths heater....it is also said the bellows thermostat will not work correctly if over 4psi radiator cap pressure is used. http://www.tuneruniversity.com/blog/2011/06/beating-the-heat-advantage-of-a-high-pressure-radiator-cap/ link to Redline Water Wetter Moss Europe http://www.moss-e
  10. Has anyone got an o/s plastic demister nozzle for my 250. It fits to under the dash top & fastens to the heater box via a plastic hose. Unfortunately my original nozzle is broken. The part no according to the Moss parts book is 806741. Cheers Peter
  11. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1964-Triumph-Other-/142343497492?hash=item2124556714:g:V44AAOSwnF9Y6ul0&vxp=mtr FYI It's been posted by Dawn, active on this forum with a white TR4 project. Edit: gone Edit 2: back on http://www.ebay.com/itm/Triumph-TR4-backlight-Aluminum-Frame-and-Original-Glass-/142348296070?hash=item21249e9f86:g:kaYAAOSwnF9Y8ApQ&vxp=mtr
  12. I've got the Revington "works" light bar fitted but have the chrome bumper/overriders nicely rechromed and sitting wrapped up in the garage. What is the consensus on the better look for the TR5? "Works" light bar or original chrome bumper? Is the light bar too radical or does it suit the colour/style of this car?
  13. It's back on: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-Surrey-Top-2-teilig-TR-4-TR-4-A-250-PI-5-PI-/152492467503?hash=item238142652f:g:jEoAAOSwAKxWXxBY
  14. Hello guys, I'm back again with the same request : where to find good quality parts ? I urgently need a pair of TR (IRS, they are the same on TR4A to TR6) vertical link, references are 307215 an 307216. I've seen some poor repros several years ago, using these parts seems very similar to play the "Russian roulette" : soon or later, you loose.... So, who knows where it can be found ? Here is a link to show you what I need : item N°22. http://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr5-6/steering-suspension/front-suspension/front-suspension.html
  15. Won't stay long http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRIUMPH-OVERDRIVE-TR4-5-6-RECONDITIONED-JTYPE-25-OVERDRIVE-BOX-/322447982657?hash=item4b1365c041:g:nU0AAOSwxH1ULGSh
  16. As the car has gone....I won't be needing these anymore..... TR250 Sports Car Spare Parts Catalogue First couple of pages loose, remainder in good order for age. Roger Williams, How to restore TR5 / 250 &TR6 used condition Regards john
  17. Hello All, I am well on the way with the restoration of my 250. This car according to the heritage certificate is as follows, Chassis No CD/1843-L Engine No CC/1072-E Body No 1952-CC Specification LHD North American Export Date of build 27 November 1967 Date of dispatch 13 December 1967 Destination Leyland Motor Corporation of North America San Fransisco USA. The Question I have is, when I apply for V5 log book after the car has a MOT certificate will the DVLA issue an E no plate or a F no plate. As far as I can remember all 250
  18. Last year at the MOT, the tester pointed out that I didn't have anything holding down the battery. As it approaches time for the MOT again I thought I would invest in a clamp for the battery. A simple job, I thought, for someone of my limited ability......... When I went to fit it I found that the heater valve is in the way (see photo). I know that I could just put a spanner on and rotate it out of the way, but I also suspect that the reason it is that far round is because it has been tightened up as far as possible so as not to leak. I know that once I start tweaking it, what was a 2
  19. Hello guys, I hope you can help : where can I buy very good 6 pots rocker shafts, I mean with the right material at the right dimensions ? I need shafts only : the ones I tried 'till now have a smaller diameter than they should, allowing the pedestals to slip on them very, very easily, and rockers to play more than they should. Any idea ?
  20. Any thoughts on these Dutch manufactured radiators? eBay.co.uk ......item number 112298747525. My new radiator that was purchased two years ago and only installed a year and 3000 miles ago has sprung a leak! I am going to send it to be re-cored any way. But came across this on the bay!
  21. Hi Chaps, I know it's not really the time of year to be selling my TR250, but insurance expires in 8 days and I've decided to part with it...... Not for the purist but lot's of goodies, totally reliable and well sorted and ready to use. Still looks like the snap below, with about 21K on the clock since it's total rebuild. With MOT, full history and TRAction entries etc.... http://www.classiccarsforsale.co.uk/triumph/tr250/208722 http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C812470 If it doesn't go I will insure again and try in the Spring..... TTFN john
  22. Just been reading this on the Stag forum, depending upon how this is adopted or implemented it could mean cars with modifications have problems. I have no problem with an MOT it's the largess it gives governments to control and manipulate what they decide is "original". https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/554763/historic-vehicles-consultation.pdf Mick Richards
  23. I have a spare set of these comfortable and supportive seats in good condition. They are black vinyl, with headrests and runners. They have white piping. I have decided to sell them and thought it sensible to mention this here before subjecting myself to the usual fun and games on eBay. To buy these new would cost £1,360. Obviously, I am not looking for anywhere near that for them. Moss ask £1,025 for their classic seats, which we all know do not fit into a TR. I would suggest £500 would be a fair price for my seats, including the runners and headrests. If anyone is interes
  24. In the maintenance manual it give a road speed for a given engine speed, not in RPM but ft/min. Something like 2500ft/min piston speed and 85 mph. Is this a recommended max crz. speed. For engine life. If so I better ease of the gas a bit!! Dave
  25. Very original, 2 days to go
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