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  1. Has anyone bought any of this make of power tool. Just had a Lidl leaflet through the door one or two bits that may be useful for occasional use in the garage ,wouldn't expect anything super but are they any good for the odd job. Thank's Bri
  2. Hi All Flippin Eck, the things this lock down is making us think of, so unimportant but curious. Did the TR6 come with any tools? I'm assuming the obvs like a jack and wheelbrace. But when i got mine errr, a real long while ago, it came with this. Anything original about it or did my PO just stuff anything in the boot. Cheers Keith
  3. Well, new to me anyway... I've been making do with a crescent shaped spanner for my overdrive sump drain plug, getting grazed knuckles in the process, but I recently found out Moss now do a proper ring spanner (part number 521814T) - hopefully makes life that bit easier! Comparison photo attached. Cheers Steve
  4. Hi All Car lifts. Just wondering what solutions everyone had come up with? Now its not just a TR thing as i do have a couple of other oldish steeds on the fleet that i need to look after, but i'm considering something i can use on the TR as i've still got some plumbing to do underneath, but i've also go the Wife's (cough cough) MG TF to look after and at 15 years old it needs a fair bit of fettling, with suspension and rust problems to sort, subframe and suspension rust as the body is almost immaculate, they were pretty good at the end. But only having a domestic garage and nar
  5. On Friday, I acquired these from Lidl in Aylesbury: Hydraulic Bottle Jack by Ultimate Speed. Stands 18.5 cm when fully closed, weighs 7.5lb (3.4kg). Screwed extension in top of piston, giving operating range of 18.5-36 cm. Operating lever in 2 parts, held together by spring-loaded pin. Supplied in decent cardboard box 12 x 12 x 19cm, with instruction leaflet and 3-year warranty. Max load 3000kg – should cope with a Range Rover, but not sure I would want to lift something that huge! £11.99. Cable tie set by Powerfix. 250 pieces in 5 sizes, from 100 x 2.5 to 300 x 7.6 (mm), all in white plasti
  6. We have in Dorset / Hampshire / Wiltshire a small chain of large swag shops, as in you name it they'll clear it . . . . Useful for all sorts of stuff on occasion . . . . https://www.in-excess.com/ . . . . the kind of outfit where stock changes by the day. Currently they have lots of soundproofing material . . . . coyotes' cojones, damn good stuff and a bargain. https://www.in-excess.com/collections/car-tools-accessories/products/soundproofing-under-felt-material-carpet-lining-insulation-car-van-camper-oem Another goodie is 3M face masks complete at less than the cost of a dec
  7. Hi - Has anyone got a puller I can either borrow or buy for a TR4A? I understand that unless you use the real McCoy then the flange can be damaged. Im in the Yorkshire region. Thanks, Brett
  8. Slightly different/off topic, but I'm trying to identify various sizes of spanners and sockets by applying a colour band/dash of paint etc. There doesn't appear to be a commonly applied colour between different manufacturers or even the same manufacturer. I've got a set of 5 Wera joker spanners and they follow (metric) 8:pink, 10:yellow, 13:green, 17:red and 19:blue. I appreciate there few metric fittings on a TR6 but once established, it could be applied to AF. I'd thought of the resistor colour code as I'm from an electrical background, but again unsure how to apply it. It is: 0: Black
  9. FULL KIT .... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/352062397035?
  10. Just writing my christmas list to Santa. Why do tyre inflators have pressure gauges showing 0-200 psi? Who the hell has a tyre inflated to that pressure? Anyone know where I can get an airline fitting tyre inflator with a sensible range for car tyres (ie up to 60psi?) Jerry
  11. Hi Guys May seem a stupid question to some of you, but I have a 1/2" BSP TAP that has virtually no lead in on the nose. In the past I have just used it for cleaning out existing threads, but I would like to cut a couple of threads into an alloy block, and to do so I could do with modifying the tap so that it has a gentler lead in. Do you think I could get away with mounting it in the lathe and very gently taking a bit of material off, or will the tap be too hard to machine? Its marked HSS GRD Alan
  12. I purchased a 50mm air Sander/ grinder from sealey, excellent tool but the sealey discs don't last very long. Is this the norm for these tools or is there a better quality disc out there that will last a lot longer. Mark
  13. Hi Folks Whilst going through boxes of bits that came with a car, I came across the following and they have me puzzled what they are for, or from. They came with piles of stuff from a Triumph home, but as there were also boxes of old mini bits as well they could be from anything. The bolts caught my eye as I don't think I have seen any that long before with such a short thread. I don't know if the rubber ring in the clamp tool should be there or just happens to be there? Alan
  14. There has been discussion recently on the Forum about removal of engine, and I see that Lidl has a CHAIN hoist (note - not rope) with 3m lift, 1000kg load capacity and 3-year warranty at £29.99. Also, shelving unit H190, W1000, D45, with 5 shelves (max. 65kg/shelf) at £24.99, or two for £40.00 Double bench grinder at £19.99. It never ceases to amaze me what this company sources. Ian Cornish
  15. Hi Folks Anyone any ideas how I can accurately weigh a con rod when I can't rely on the electronic scales. Problem: The recent engine demise damaged one of my forged con rods and it needs to be replaced, the manufacturers have kindly said that if I can give them the weight they will supply a single replacement thats close enough that I can rematch the full set. OK so here is the problem I have two sets of electronic scales that report that they can weigh to the gram, but around the 500g mark I'm weighing they disagree by 2-3g, also if I put a steel scale weight of 8oz on they both
  16. I am trying to bend my copper fuel line from the pump up to the flexible under the thermostat housing on my 3A. I have a proper pipe bender and can not get a smooth tight curve.. It seems to move to a kink quite easily. The bend from the fuel pump is very tight because I am using an adapter which allows the olive to move up the pipe about 1/4 ". I did not like it balanced on the very end of the pipe. This will be impossible with my bender. Is there any one who has an old useless speedo. cable approx 1/4" outside diameter which I could feed down the pipe before any more attempts.
  17. I'm restoring my original steering wheel and it's all set for painting black. Question is 1/which brand of aerosol paint to use ? 2/ which grain is best (satin or high gloss) and 3/ should there be a different grain for the center and for the wheel itself? Thanks
  18. Ok I have a cleanish garage and want to keep it that way. Up to now when I have done underseal it has been painting on to surfaces or rattle cans with long wands to do cavities. If I used a compressor to spray the stuff, I have been told there will be goo in every corner of the garage due to the amount of energy that the goo has from a compressor compared to the punch it has from a rattle can. What are the panels opinions. eddie
  19. With this simple home-made tool it is a real pleasure to remove and refit the diff. Merry christmas Tage
  20. Their new catalogue is available. Worth an hour or two searching for that pack of split pins, drill bits, or any other aero product/fastener that we use on our cars, because the one the specialist sells is too often junk. LAS Aero Catalogue. Just fill in the link on their page and it will be sent FOC. https://www.lasaero.com/site How about a twin wire throttle (choke?) cable??? Or strap duplicator to find the hole in the bodywork so you do not need to drill another hole when fitting screw on trim Cheers Peter W PS And what about this little jem http://www.lasaero.com/si
  21. I'm looking for an easier way to lift the car than trolley jack and axle stands. More ground clearance would also be a benefit. My back isn't getting any younger! Has anyone here got any experience of this type of lifting device? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hydraulic-Car-Ramps-Hydraulic-Car-Lifts-Adjustable-Car-Ramps-Brand-New-/151653005177?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item234f393779 Less expensive than a hydraulic car lift, and many of the affordable lifts don't give great access to the centre line under the car. £400 plus delivery seems a bit steep but combined with heavy duty
  22. I know car lifting systems have been covered quite a bit, but as there seems to be many options out there I'm still a bit unsure what would be best for my purposes. Although I'd love a full two or four post lifting system, I doubt I'd get enough use out of it to justify the expense, plus it would necessitate a massive clear out of my garage to make space. I'm a bit fearful of standard metal ramps and of jack stands, plus they don't really seem to offer flexibility, and so I've narrowed my options to: 1. HYDRAULIC CAR RAMPS 900KG CR01 from CJ Autos - http://www.cjautos.eu/product_p/cr
  23. I've got a stainless Good ridge flexible hose to the clutch slave cylinder. Although I've ensured its a tight fit it weeps the odd drip of clutch fluid.Pipe is new as is slave cylinder. Can anyone recommend a thread seal that hopefully will halt my drip.Many thanks.
  24. Hi, Does anyone have a CJ Autos lift model number CL02 or a Strongman Tamar scissor lift and if you do would you mind giving me a quick review and if possible a picture or two. I might have the opportunity to buy one or the other at a very good price. My garage is a standard suburban width and 1 1/2 lengths long so I will never be able to fit a proper lift nor do I find axle stands particular pleasant to work under. http://www.cjautos.eu/product_p/cl02.htm http://sm-t.co.uk/product/tamar-2-8-ton-mobile-scissor-lift/ Thanks Jim
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