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Found 3 results

  1. After a 6 week lay up due to a new knee ! I thought I'd get a few last trips in the TR6 whilst the weather was reasonable. Prior to putting her in the garage she started and drove without issue. However on starting and for a few miles until warm, white smoke from the exhaust ( not condensation). All seem to settle down but on acceleration slight smoke and a slight misfire as if the timing was out. Pertronix electronic ignition fitted about a thousand miles ago. Where to Start ? knowing the great depth of knowledge within the register I thought I'd ask the question.
  2. I have recently started to have an issue with starting my car (1970 TR6 Pi). It takes a lot of turning the engine over before it will start. I have listed below some clues which may help you help me (I hope!) 1. It does not flood so no smell of petrol. 2. When it does start, I take it out of the garage and it leaves a small trail of oil (engine I think, and no smell of petrol) 3. I then leave the car standing a few minutes to warm up and it leaves a patch of oil on the tarmac. 4. Then after I have taking it for a run and return, it does not leave a patch of oil as in
  3. Hi all, my main question is when buying a new ignition switch should I buy complete with new barrel & key or retrofit my existing key and barrel ( preferred as current key also operates doors.) Also if buying complete with key then which is best, original or aftermarket? The reason for new switch is since fitting a new battery about 4 years ago I have also fitted a new solenoid & new earth leads and car has started fine except for a couple of occasions, the last being in a 40 min stop start traffic jam the other day when I stalled the engine and when I turned the key it just clic
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