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Found 4 results

  1. My slightly basket case 4A back on the road after a 15 year slumber and things are settling down nicely the more it's driven. However, the tacho and speedo are not really catching up with the rest of the car - both under reading. Guessing that the magnets have become a little demagnetised after years of stuck in the same position. I've managed to get some oil down the tacho cable but no difference. Any other possible causes?
  2. Hello wise and experienced ones, The speedo on my TR6 hasn't worked properly for nearly a year. I've tried investigating and sent various components to a reputable reconditioner for testing and refurbishment if required. But the speedo still hasn't worked as it should. For a short while it's able to register 15-20mph but after a mile or two it gives up completely. Long story short... I've spent an afternoon on diagnosis and the angle drive is slipping. With an electric drill running anticlockwise, the speedo can only just register 15mph through the angle drive but with drill direct on the speedo cable at similar rpm, the reading is about 95mph. Turning the AD anticlockwise by hand against resistance I can feel it slipping. So I'm pretty sure of the diagnosis. Where would you recommend to get a replacement, as I've heard of aftermarket angle drives that don't last long? Revington offer a replacement at £41 and given their reputation for quality I think that's the best option. Anyone here got experience of Revington's replacement angle drive please? Thanks in advance, Nigel
  3. Hi guys, Hope those of you who got out for drive it day yesterday had fun. On the way home my speedometer stopped, I've just had a chance to look at it and pulled the speedo cable and it appears to me that the plastic bush has moved so that the square end can't engage with the speedo drive (I can't move this bush by hand). It looks chamfered like the opposite end and I can tell there isn't a snapped off end still in the speedo. Am I correct and if I need to order a new one can I just measure the inner cable length? Gareth
  4. My speedo stopped working and while I was researching an overhaul of the instrument, I checked the cable and found the gearbox end hanging loose. I have now unscrewed the retaining collar and pushed the cable outer back in place. There is a bit of oil about so it will slide out again. I plan to clean it off with white spirit and glue it back on. Please advise on the best adhesive ? At least it will be a lot less expensive than the overhaul While I had the speedo out I tried the Nut and Bolt Store for a wing nut to retain the instrument in the dash board. They could not identify the thread. One of my brass circular nuts had a cross thread and was very hard to remove. Does anyone know the thread? They are hard to reach and difficult to use pliers for tightening. Thanks Richard & B.
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