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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, finally tracked down an annoying oil leak on my rebuilt engine, I have the Purolator full flow filter head, the oil leak is between the housing and the threaded spring holder, not numbered in the Moss catalogue, there is a copper washer between the housing and the spring holder which sits in a recess, the copper washer is 50thou thick and I annealed it before fitting. When I took it apart to inspect there where aluminium shavings where the nut on top of the spring holder was bottoming out on the filter housing, it looks as if the copper washer is too thin, it is the original, am I miss
  2. Hi All, I have noticed a slight weep of oil from the cylinder head gasket of my TR5. It is on the left had side of the engine on the same side as the engine number pad. If I clean the area and run the engine statically the leak doesn't appear but after a 100 mile or so run there is oil present along the length of the joint. It is not possible to see where the oil initially emerges as it runs along the joint. I have found a number of posts about this for the TR5 and TR6, so it seems to be a common problem. There are a number of solutions offered but at this stage I don't want to remove the
  3. Hi, I have an oil leak from underneath the distributor gear housing. There I a purpose made hole, but I guess it not supposed to chuck out oil. The attached. Picture shows the hole when viewed from underneath. I can understand there being oil in the housing for the distributor gear and metering unit. Just can’t fathom why there is a hole and why so much oil is coming out. Any help/advice appreciated
  4. Hi all, I’ve recently found an oil leak coming from a hole on the bellhousing and I can’t figure out what it is from the Haynes manual or info online. The hole looks like a bolt hole minus the bolt. However, it looks a bit larger than the others and has a raised ring surrounding it. Also, there is another, smaller, hole close by on the left which isn’t leaking. Does anyone know what the situation is here? Should something be screwed in? I’ve attached a couple of photos. It’s a 1981 car, 5 speed, 2 litre. Any knowledge, suggestions gratefully received. Thanks all,
  5. Having got my TR3a engine running as smoothly as it has ever done, I now have a significant oil leak from the rear of the engine. Initially, I thought it was coming from the rocker cover but although that was part of the problem it has now been fixed and the oil leak persists. Yesterday, I put the car up on ramps so that I could take a good look underneath and discovered a steady drip fom the bottom of the bellhousing when the engine is running. It's definitely engine oil and stops when I turn the engine off. When I rebuilt the engine, I had the rear of the crank machined to take a
  6. Pezza


    Hi I'm doing the clutch on the TR6, I have a leak coming from the rear of the Overdrive where the prop shaft flange goes in to the Unit Can I remove the nut and take the Flange off and just replace the seal or is there a pre load on this nut. Also if not and I can does anyone know the Torque setting? Thanks
  7. I've noticed some oil appearing around the base of N0 1 push rod tube. I will be doing a head rebuild over winter and this would obviously be a good point to address this. I can't see on the workshop manual how these tubes are fitted - anyone know? Thanks.
  8. Not strictly a TR6 engine, but a 2500 saloon engine I've recently fitted to my GT6. So to all intents it's the same. I've got a persistent oil leak from the timing cover seal. I rebuilt the engine before fitting it to the GT6, new seals and gaskets all through, not to mention other much more expensive stuff! After 250 miles the front oil seal was weeping, so when doing the first oil and filter change I took a look. There's a slight wear groove on the crank sleeve where the seal lip runs but I've seen worse. I polished the sleeve with emery and put it back with a new seal. 20 miles more an
  9. I have recently started to have an issue with starting my car (1970 TR6 Pi). It takes a lot of turning the engine over before it will start. I have listed below some clues which may help you help me (I hope!) 1. It does not flood so no smell of petrol. 2. When it does start, I take it out of the garage and it leaves a small trail of oil (engine I think, and no smell of petrol) 3. I then leave the car standing a few minutes to warm up and it leaves a patch of oil on the tarmac. 4. Then after I have taking it for a run and return, it does not leave a patch of oil as in
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