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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Bit of a newbie here. I have a '57 TR3, which was running very nicely. But now seems to have no ignition. Possibly a short somewhere? The background The night before Gaydon, I drove part way up country to stay overnight. All was good and fine. Next morning, dead battery. I didn't give it too much thought. Jump start, fired up immediately and off we went. Stalled when nearly at Gaydon and had to have a jump start. Same again when leaving Gaydon. Knackered battery I assumed, so bought a new one on the way home. All was good. Parked at home in the garage. Went to
  2. This fault was new to me, the engine wasn't running well, so I tried tuning carbs and ignition and checked the plugs. I didn't get any result and it seemed that it ran even worse after checking the plugs. This continued until I finally discovered that the brass insert in the cap, of one of the caps, was stuck on the plug. Checking the other caps showed that 3 out of 4 brass connectors were loose. Substituted them for considerably more expensive caps and the engine is now running as it should. So, advice to myself, stop buying cheap stuff!
  3. Hi All Just want to do a quick check on IGN timing for a 72 Pi. The brown book lists the static timing as 11 degrees but no timing at idle, unless I’ve missed it, though it does for US cars. Now it’s a bit of a pain to slowly turn the engine over to get evrything in the right to check esp when the fan is in place and rad full of water. So two questions, is there a sneaky way or turning the engine over or what should the dynamic timing at idle, so circa 800rpm. Cheers Keith
  4. Hi all I can’t coax my 6 into life. So after rebuilding most of it I’ve come to the first start in many a year and it sort of won’t. Pretty much everything has been changed or refurbed so either I’ve got something wrong or I’m stupid (this latter one is high on the list of suspects, lol) I have fuel being supplied by a newly refurbed (everything) Pi system and it all seems to be getting to the right places and the starter turns the engine over pretty energetically. The main issue seems to be no spark at the plugs, so no attempt to fire. I’ve used one of those In-Line I
  5. Hi all I was reading a post on here yesterday which suggested the correct dizzy would be a Lucas 22D? I was going to send mine to the Dizzy Doc for a refurb but I need to be sure its a 22D I cant see any stamp to say it is and worryingly its marked 08 1974 which suggests its not the original one from the car. Is a 1974 a 22D and anything I should look for? Or do I need another one? Thanks Andy
  6. pinky

    Broken down ,

    Today I broke down, I went for a drive with tors, ice cream etc, driving progressively along the militarty road, all of a sudden car start running rough, then stops completely, Thought, cant believe this, just got back from Germany, 1200 miles, no probs, then this, so I had a check round and come to the conclusion it was the coil, baught a flame thrower a few years ago, sapose to be the dogs, only done about 6000 miles, so I was reluctant to find fault with it, I waited for it to cool down, still the car would not start, got it back home fitted an old coil and the car started an
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