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Found 8 results

  1. JJC

    Hardtop removal

    How an old person takes the hardtop off on his own RVWP's idea. JJC
  2. I am engaged in the second restoration of my TR3 steel hardtop. It has never had a headlining (and the steel band is missing). Does anyone know where I could find exactly how to fit a new lining as Triumph intended? - how is it retained at the front and particularly, the sides.I believe mine is an early one although I'm also not clear what the differences are between an early and late model. Thanks, Mike
  3. Hi, I've trying to work out how the two piece seal for the cantrails that I've got from Moss fit the hardtop. Could anyone take/have a photo showing the profile. It seems to have no relation to the picture in the catalogue. I have two rubbers plus some furflex. It looks as though the rubber should be compressed between the cantrail and the hardtop, but the profile is not wide enough and has a raised edge that I cannot see will fit correctly/flush? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi all, i fitted a factory hardtop to my 1970 TR6 only yesterday, cars never has a hardtop fitted. Having drilled through the windscreen trim using the windscreen factory frame holes for guidance, the crush tubes do not sit flat on the top of the screen finisher when the bolts are pushed through, is this correct and how do I overcome this. I have the rear and B post bolts fitted but the windscreen bolts appear slightly out of line, does this mean the windscreen frame will need adjusting slightly and can the door glass also be adjusted to suit ? thanks
  5. I am just about to put in the headling into the 5s hardtop, a job that I am not looking forward to! I have found a thread from 2008 explaining the sequence. Basically, install the crossbars, glue the rear, glue the front and then the sides and trim all when set. If anyone can confirm this sequence I would be grateful. However my first question is are the locating end pieces on the cross rails removable? These pieces are original and appear impossible to insert into the sleeves in an assembled state. Many thanks Tim
  6. I read an old post from Ian Cornish about him using Aluminium J section to make new rain channels for the TR3 hardtop.. Is it still available?Has anyone made any progress on getting a profile bent to shape?
  7. iani

    New Lid

    I popped over to TRGB this morning to collect a hardtop I'd bought from them on eBay, I noticed that there was another one in better condition and took that for a little more money. The headlining had a coating of mould but 10 mins with some baking powder and a scrubbing brush and it's come up very nicely, the roof even came with the mounting bolts for the B post.
  8. Hi all I am preparing a hardtop for my Tr3a and have all the parts except for the two roof bows. Does anyone have a spare roof bow(s) for sale, or one that they are happy to measure/ photograph to help me make new bows. Regards Alan
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