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Found 406 results

  1. Hello guys, I'm still playing, in my few spare time, on an ex US, carburetted + air con TR8. I've removed all the air con parts (I'm allergic), and rebuilt a standard TR7 heater with new radiator and all anccilaries to fit under the dashboard. But it's not the problem : I've also modified the cooling fans wiring loom for something far more simple, and now need to find the temperature cut in/out of the sensor in the radiator (a rebuilt standard TR8 unit) : is there here any TR7 V8 or TR8 owner who could help ? Thanks in advance,
  2. I have bought the revington lightweight alternator conversion for my tr4 and I think the wiring etc all makes sense per their instructions. However, I have a couple of questions re the wiring generally. I have read elsewhere that is it a good idea to run an extra heavy gauge wire from the alternator to the battery (or starter solenoid if the run is shorter which it will be) to ensure that the existing wiring doesn't impeded the charging capacity of the new alternator. The alternator has three terminals - one for the lamp, one to the ignition (IG terminal) and then the output terminal post. If I ran the extra wire presumably this would be an extra wire on the output post. otherwise revington wire this post to the battery via the ammeter. is the extra wire a good idea. I have fitted the extra loom kit from revington already. This is wired from the starter solenoid, via a cut out switch. Presumably this helps the wiring as any lamps, fan etc goes through their new loom wire to the fuse box and draws current independently of the existing wiring that goes via the ammeter to the battery. is my understanding correct and what effect does all of the above have the the ammeter and it's reading? Regards Bob Ps I have fitted relays recently per Roger's suggestion ( see post on tr4/4a forum) and these are wired from the starter solenoid via the ignition cut off switch)
  3. Have a 73 cr which will only run on tickover after a 15 Mile run. If tried to rev it cuts out. Fuel pressure at steady 100psi but does dip when i try to rev it. Recently had it timed at Local garage to reduce pinking. Have found that advancing the timing using the vernier scale to halfway the car will rev clean though seems to pink. Changing coil makes no difference. Recently replaced all Fuel system with prestige set up. Looking for ideas as best approach, already sick of the car as,darent go anywhere without it breaking down. With this apparent timing issue worried about causing damage to engine. It has lumenition electronic ignition and it appears to have the original distributor and i use valvoline additive Cheers Martin
  4. Has anyone converted dash bulbs to LED bulbs. If so what sort of job is it is? Thanks Billy
  5. Hi All I need to adjust my headlamps as they are well out. Fit better bulbs and relays. I found this on the net which seems self explicit http://www.coolbulbs.com/HID-VISUAL-HEADLIGHT-AIMING-PROCEDURE.pdf However i have a question, do you align the headlamps down to the line which is 2 inches lower than the horizontal center line? I ask as i am sure i read somewhere else that you dont, but can find the info , to recheck. Thanks GUY
  6. Not limited to TRs. But I wonder if anyone know much about the differences between these types of systems, and what is the best system (effectiveness v. price)?
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