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Found 9 results

  1. Hi It is time to replace the hood on our Blue Grinnall. Can anyone recommend a hood supplier and a hood fitter in the Thames Valley area. Phil Silk was recommended years ago but I think he has stopped trading.
  2. I have a TR7V8 DHC which has been languishing in the garage for 10+ years. It runs , needs MOT and then I want to bring it up to snuff. My sometime back preference would have been to do away with the original black spoiler and fit the race version and painted the black bumpers the body colour. Life now seems to be to prefer original. Would appreciate comments Jeff
  3. Hi, I've got a problem with the engine on my 1980 TR7 DHC. I was driving along and it was running fine, and then suddenly it started knocking really loudly. I pulled over immediately, switched it off and trailered it back home. I've taken the sump off and the main bearings and big end bearings are all fine. There was a bit of play in the small end bearings, you could see movement between the piston and con rod but only very slightly, and all four had equal play. If one cylinder was like this and the others were fine I might have thought it was this. It seemed to come on so suddenly as well. Th
  4. I still have a TR7 clutch cover and friction plate for sale . . . . see Buy Sell TRade http://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/47649-bargain-clutches-for-sale/ And I'd be pleased to see it find a new home ! Cheers Alec
  5. Hello, I'm trying to sell my Uncles TR7 V8 3.5 / TR8 soft top, due to his illness he is unable to drive her. He bought her new in 1981 and in 1990 was converted by S&S preparations to a V8 along with brakes,twin pipes, suspension, run on unleaded etc, She has been stored in a garage all her life, engine bay, boot, underneath protected with wax so she is rust free the silver paintwork looks new and she has only done 70,000 miles from new she starts no problem, no smoke, no rattles and revs freely however she has been sat for a year so we have replaced her battery but I'm gu
  6. Out in my DHC 7 Tuesday 16:30 and got caught in down pour !!! bloody roof leaked along the seams and windscreen along the top edge, I got soaked may as well have got out and danced in the rain Does any one know of a goog seam / stitch sealer, and I suppose I may as well have the windscreen taken out and resealed by Autoglass or similar. Nigel
  7. One of the 22 TR7 press cars is for sale on Ebay. These are the JRW---V convertibles used at the launch of the convertible at Woburn Abbey in January 1980. This one claims to be the first pre-production convertible and it's VIN number would suggest it may be the earliest of the 22 press cars although there are earlier RHD convertibles. This is not my car and I do not have any financial interest, just historical. The buy it now is £6000 probably a bit hopeful but if this was a TR6 from the press garage in a roadworthy condition just imagine what it would be worth! I wonder how long, if ever,
  8. Hi, I have recently joined the register and gave bought a 1979 left hand drive convertible which was exported to California when new and has the engine modifications for pollution control which were a requirement for that market. It also has air conditioning. Has anyone had any experience of removing the surplus pipes, pumps and so on which forced additional air into the engine which I believe reduce engine power? If so, any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards Philip
  9. Hello chaps, I need a pair of very good, or almost as new, TR7 convertible doors (yes, I've sent a message to Rob), but can you please tell me the differences between early (ie round inner lock button, the most commonly found) and late (ie square inner lock button) panels ? My first car, owned since nearly 30 years, is a late model TR7 (end of 1981), with the square lock buttons, and I would like to know what kind of work I may need to modify earlier doors, as the inner door handle, in the middle of the panel, is different too. Cheers,
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