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Found 500 results

  1. len1

    Black cills

    I am ready to paint my cills in black but am unsure of the correct position to mask off. Can anyone help with a picture ? Or is it just painted to the chrome strip ? Thanks in advance Len
  2. I remember seeing a photo(s) here on the forum most likely posted by Stuart detailing the ideal locations for the above. I've searched the archive in vain, can anyone help out please? Richard.
  3. I am planning to sand off my boot lid over the weekend and need some advice. I have a sanding flap fitting for my electric drill which does not seem to even scratch the paint. So I am considering a sanding disc. If I go right back to bare metal will the discs damage the surface and what grade of paper would be best. The inside has some strengthening supports. The top and bottom edge could be treated by my local sandblaster but I am worried that they may distort.. Please advise. Richard & H.
  4. Contemplating building a paint booth in my garage , wondered what amount of air movement is needed and filter size. Thanks Mark.
  5. cp7535he

    Bonnet Seals

    Looking at the bonnet seal fitting CR TR6 ~ guidance needed ! Unsure which way the rear seal is fitted its the left one in the pic There are 'lips' on both Sealses the Lip go on the engine side I noted that the Moss replacement Rear seal does not extend right across ~ does this account for the two bonnet position cones ? The Front Seal I have fitted with the lip on the outer body edge ~ correct? Is this right ~ thanks robin gwtr
  6. I am looking for both side channels for the boot seal on my 1958 small mouth, does anybody make these items. I saw a post dated Jan 2016 from Stevecross who had made some for himself, I have PM'd him but no answer, if anyone knows him could you give him a nudge. Thanks Steve.
  7. Hello...my first post here. I'm planning on refreshing some of the inner door components next month. Already have new waist seals, glass, liners for the channels, and sound deadening panels...... While I'm at it, the door top finishers probably should be changed also. Has anyone on this side of the pond used the ones Rimmers offer? Be interested to hear how they fit, look etc. A pair delivered to US is same or lower than buying here at the moment. http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-824901 Thanks
  8. Hi all Could anyone tell me what the width (top and bottom) of the boot lid opening should be on a 1955 TR2 please? I realise there will be a bit of 'wiggle factor' (I'm talking across the outer edges of the rain channel each side) Kind regards Ade
  9. len1

    black rear panel

    so in about 3 weeks my body tub should be painted,, what i need to know is the paint code for the matte black rear panel and various other detail bits. Can anyone advise me of the code. i hate going to the paint suppliers without all the info ! thanks in advance Len
  10. Getting close to the end of a refresh with VHP, started as a engine bay repaint...........dont ask I got a bit carried away ! Anyway, the rear screen seal is as hard as Hades! Does anyone have a recommendation for a seal that fits and actually holds the screen in, the one I have does but it was a brute to refit it a couple of years ago and could do with replacing. Iain
  11. Mark69

    Boot Lid

    I have what sounds like a cup full of c##p floating around between the two layers of my boot lid. Is it possible to separate these without doing to much damaged so I can clean and treat properly. Your thoughts and ideas welcome. Mark
  12. I want to fit new 2500 badges above the quarter light on the rear wings of my TR5. It's a bit of detail that wasn't done during my rebuild about 20 years ago and I've just treated myself to some badges. So, is there a template that describes it's exact positioning relative to the quarter light? Like so many things, this may have been covered before but I can't find anything on the forum. Many thanks, Malcolm
  13. Crawfie

    Bonnet Respray

    The paint on my bonnet is really starting to look awful. For whatever reasons i have small blisters popping up and what looks like crazy paving under the top coat. Basically it looks like cr@p and needs repainting. Could the sages give me a general idea of the price I will be looking at ? I've contacted a couple of body shops and the prices have been @£200 per panel and £50 per panel too blend it in to the wings. I this reasonable ?
  14. You may recall that I recently renewed by bonnet dzus and washers, only to find it started rattling. I then fitted the recommended stops and spacers and fiddled about with their respective heights. It no longer rattles, indeed I would say, is so tight it is almost monocoque-like now ! However, I have noticed that the rear of the bonnet part of the hinge - where it rests atop the scuttle - is beginning to rub, I guess because the bonnet (hood) is now clamped lower at the front. In this chain reaction of adjustments, how do I raise the bonnet hinge before it rubs through the paintwork? Is it a case of just raising the stop and dzus anchor bracket further - or is it time for a fatter gasket under the scuttle part of the hinge ? TVM ps - olde smokey (aka the bondo b*tch) will be available at the TRR stand (is there one?) at the Silverstone Classic all weekend, please feel free to leave notes pointing out the missing bits !
  15. Afternoon again gents, Can anyone provide a photo of the matt black area behind the grill. Thanks Steve
  16. What is the technique to get my car back from the paint shop. It was a two week job involving the two front wings and the front panel. We have just passed week 11. The body shop have done a great job so far. The bonnet gaps are correct and the door gaps are even. The grille fits the front panel which now fits very well. I have been there three times and sent four emails over the period. I called last Wednesday with the letters for the front panel, so that they line up properly before painting, and asked him to finish it in a week. He said he would try. It was agreed that it would be done two weeks ago, but that did not happen. I rang at lunchtime on Saturday and he came to the 'phone did swearing and was angry, saying that the job was taking much longer than he thought and he was not charging me any extra. In order to maintain income he has to do other work. I can understand his position. If he is losing his temper then i will not call again. I must be down to emails now which his wife, who works in the office, only replies that he is doing his best. There is a Ford Capri and another old car gathering dust in the top workshop and when I inquired about them he explained that the owner did not care. I have made it clear that I do care but do not know what to do next. He did the two back wings before and the finished work was first class. HELP
  17. I have a quick question regarding the small "shelf" that is part of the inner front wheel arch assembly.(Mounted on that is another smaller one to which the brackets for the horns and horn relay are mounted). On my 4a the ones attached to the inner wing are the same and are about 10" long with curve indented in them. I noticed that on a friends 4a the drivers side is the same but on the passengers side, the curve is not in the pressing, it is straight front to back. Was there any difference between 4 and 4a inner wings? I have have viewed many engine bay pictures on the Internet, and cannot work out why there should be any difference from one side to the other, unless in the past there was a replacement inner wing fitted. So I ask if any knowledgeable members can enlighten me as to 1. what models had that difference, and 2. would any cars have one of each from new? Many thanks for your help. Andy C
  18. Hi, I would like to fit an original hardtop to my TR6. Could anyone help me with fitting instructions? Apparently printed instructions have been existing in the past... Many thanks, Dave
  19. Hi Working on a rebuild of a tr6 and it is a bit of a tail of woe that I won't both you all with. Anyway advice request. Having trouble with bonnet alignment its away right now but due back shortly. Seems my hope for the bonnet fit is a bit Basically to my eye it appears the front end is out of square and therefore the bonnet has not a hope of fitting with nice gaps all round. I think the dimensions are good just out of square. I wondered how movable the front outer wings are in relation to the inner wings? As I mull this it seems rigidity seems to come from the actual bolting of the wings inner to outer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  20. I have replaced / renewed the half grommet and washer on my bonnet dzus's (original dzus's retained), as they were either missing or very rattly. Now the fixing doesn't rattle, but the new parts have had the effect of clamping the bonnet down very tight - too low, such that when driving the rigidity of the bonnet seems to cause it to rattle instead What is the best way to address, just add a thin washers to the the bracket that the dzus clamps into ? Thanks.
  21. Who supplies rear bottom wing repair sections? Mark
  22. I have been fitting my repaired front panel to the 3a after a delay at the paint shop. The panel fits well and I have spent two days fitting all the bumpers lights etc. The front grill was quite time consuming. The letters on the panel are tricky to fit with the panel in place and my fingers are sore from pushing those little clips. The real problem is that when I went to fit the bonnet catch, the front support bar has been fitted the wrong way so that the holes on the underside of the the bar are at the wrong side of the car. The obvious answer is to remove the front panel and start again. It is new paint, fits well and I want to be road testing the new water pump. I am sure that if I take it off there will be damage, scratches and problems. The question is how can I drill new holes on the underside of the bar from the engine bay? Is there some tool that might help to drill upwards.? Is there another way to fit the bonnet spring? Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks Richard & H.
  23. Hi, went for a spin in the sun today, car going great. However passenger side latch stopped working, door flew open, luckily passenger grabbed it. Can't see anything broken but the latch doesn't spring back any more (the part screwed to the door) . These seem to be NLA, so anyone go one willing to sell ?
  24. Hello all, Is this stuff any good http://www.frost.co.uk/automotive-paint-coating-electroplating/automotive-paint/eastwood-paints/eastwood-rust-encapsulator-paint-black-946ml-us-quart.html ? Seems to be just what I'm looking for, I simply want to freshen up sections of chassis as I go along with little or no prep. Or is this just as good at a far lower price http://www.frost.co.uk/frost-chassis-black-paint.html ?
  25. Evening all Does anyone have experience of acid dipping body shells? Any recommendations? Jp
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