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Found 6 results

  1. Morning all In the slow process of making a loom. Looking at the 1969 RHD schematic shows a OD relay but the old loom has none of the wiring to support a relay or as expected a horn relay either. A relay came with the car but had been removed along with the loom when I bought her so I have no reference, am I correct in assuming the OD relay fitted to the bracket below where the wiper motor sits along with a horn relay if fitted below. If so was the OD wiring incorporated into the main loom or is it a separate sub loom? Any advice or pics of a OD relay only car appreciated.
  2. Probably a question for one of the EFI boys. I have an old Innovate Lambda set up and AFI gauge left over from a previous project lying around gathering dust so I thought I might put it to work in helping set my car up when the time eventually comes. Once set up the gauge will be removed and used only if/when required. The car will be std with a duel down pipes from the OEM cast manifold so I was wondering where's the best place to weld the bung into the exhaust? Thanks Andy
  3. Evening all Just started to strip the grill down as the paint on the aluminium grill is lifting along with the metal frame due to surface rust but I'm not sure if it was originally a gloss or satin black finish? There is also a long extruded anodised rail which has some pitting. I guess these are no longer available along with the rotten black ribbon I found in one of the channels. Thinking of powder coating this silver would this be the correct colour? Might then simply paint black the bottom of the channel to simulate the ribbon. What's everyone else done? Thanks
  4. Hi folks Just put my headlights together after having everything shot blasted and powder coated but the rubber grommets that keep the wiring in place as they pass through the side of the bowls have hardened and shrunk so they are not sealing. They are not the usual type but have a cone tail to better support the wires as they pass through the back. The hole in the bowl has an internal diameter of 12.5 mm but I can't see anything on e bay or the usual suspect to use as replacements just new pig tails/connectors. Anyone any ideas on where I can get some form or is there another option
  5. Hi all A few more questions. Refurbing the head lamps this afternoon and I have two different chrome finishing bezels. A snap on and a screw on version. Which is the correct one for the year? The headlights are also an odd pair, one is a sealed beam the other a halogen H4 unit. Any recommendations with regard to headlights which look period. Also one of the wiring harnesses has two green and one red heavy gauge wires with bullet connectors but have been cut at the other end . Any ideas? I can only guess they might have been for a pair of fog lights given the gauge.
  6. Hi Folks Wanting to fit the engine/box to the chassis just to check everything body wise/gaps remain the same before I send the shell away for blasting and paint. I have some new rubber engine mounts and rear gearbox/OD rubber but I can't find in my boxes of bits the rest of the gearbox/OD mounts for a A Type. Anyone have second hand all the mounting bits required or pics of what's needed? Happy to pay. Thanks Andy
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