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  1. Great to see cars re united with their original registration numbers.
  2. It is simples you can do what you wish to your own car, however should you modify it and not declare it to the insurance company your insurance is likely to be nullified and you may find yourself in trouble with the authorities. If you rebuild it and change the chassis or body and do not tell DVLA of the new body/chassis numbers you are committing an offence If you give DVLA wrong or misleading information that is a criminal offence. If you sell it and give a misleading description or say it is something that it is not - then that is fraud. Anything else is semantics, jeal
  3. Would be wonderful if it was to show at the IWE in Andrew's survivor class before it gets restored and all the originality is lost.
  4. Well things have most certainly changed - I am almost sorry I asked! Hello Tom, how you doing? I must find time to come see you guys again, all changed in Blidworth too I understand. Yes, Tom I have the answer to my original question, but surely I should not have had to ask in the first place. It used to be obvious and easy. No one but YankeeTR5 knew the answer, so I suspect as others suggest, the majority will not know of or find the wealth of info available, will give up and not bother to return. Without asking the question how would I have found out? But for a lean period in past two y
  5. I am not on the forum a great deal these days - so have I missed something? I find there is but a single page for the TR5 forum, where have the previous pages gone? How does one access them? What has happened to all the years of shared wisdom and information on all aspects of TR5' as well as many great photos? I must have missed something or am I getting paranoid in my old age. Looking elsewhere, I feel the whole forum has lost something, life I think!
  6. More like a box cut diagonally . Flat side of the box on top, two triangular sides. Fibre mat between column and top and stay bolted to RHS I am trying to post a picture via a URL from Flickr but all I get is " you are not allowed to post from that Image extension" doh. used to use photobucket but they now charge. grrr.
  7. I have experienced a problem new to me and I am wondering if any one else has had this problem? The triangular box under the dash. labeled an Anti Torque strap in the moss catalogue, page 211 part 104, has fractured. This the small section on the bulkhead that supports the steering column and to which the column stays are bolted to. I am told it is metal fatigue? I am a "chunky" person but i do not use the steering wheel to lever myself in or out of the car. hence I am wondering how and why this small but vital piece breaks? It is not shown in the original ST parts manual consid
  8. Registered 1st Aug 1968 - not sure of build date ( memo to self order a heritage cert) I do feel last year was miss-conceived as it the IWE occurred before the TR5 was launched. To me 1968 was the year of the TR5. I will be there whatever in CP2557. 2556 or 2558 anyone?
  9. Harry, a timely reminder of the 50th anniversary of most TR5's I did not make Malvern last year but believe the TR5 was celebrated then but surely 68 was the zentith for TR5's. It would be wonderful to continue the anniversary into Lincoln this year and attempt to get a record number of TR5's together. Your tale of successive builds is an interesting one. Would it not be great to arrange the TR5's at Lincoln in Chassis sequence? Duncan
  10. Initial view it looks nice, but a more careful study shows that if you want a perfect "original" car there is much detail and potentially expensive work to do. It will all come down to what you want. I think many would be very happy with a car like this and not be bothered about getting her back to as original. I suspect few cars are still as original, most will have some changes if only small. I set out to keep mine original but during the rebuild I realised it was not practical so small upgrades have been fitted but nothing outrageous. For my money ( if I had any!) I would prefer t
  11. I knew this TR5 and its owner many years ago when it was local. I had a small hand in final stages of rebuild - fitting fibre glass wings. Good steel ones were just not available. I wonder if it still has them? It was a fast TR5, faster than mine. The owner at the time looked after it meticulously and had owned for some time before he did the work on it - which was a first class. Last seen in a garage near by being sold by his Ex as part of settlement - sad day. It also featured in Piggots book on TR's pictured at Nene Valley rail shed.
  12. I too spotted it in the Telegraph this morning and was sure I had seen it before, but as stated above I think that was CP2. If genuine then I am with everyone else ideally it should be as it left the factory to be significant to a true enthusiast. Many small details wrong, and it does not look like a recent restoration. Every chance past owners have made small modifications to "improve" it possibly unaware of what they had. Was not the bleed valve a recommended factory retro fit sent to garages to fit when servicing? It will be interesting to see what it fetches and if it turns up at
  13. Mjr Tom, I have a photo from the concourse at Malvern a few years back - Wedgewood Blue. In my humble opinion it is too nice, looks as if it has never been driven. Good tidy and usable TR's do it for me, but over restored far beyond how they were when new for me is just not real.
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