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  1. Who is this harryleemiller on ebay who seems to be selling all types of Triumphs dirt cheap. Is it a scam ? Rex
  2. Roger, Never mind about the car get the airfreighter back. It could be very useful if the Dover - Calais ferries keep stopping. Happy New Year Rex
  3. I agree with Andy ( PodOne ) and Tony C Lots more deserving folk out there than Lewis for a Knighthood or an Honour Rex
  4. I agree, I see Lewis has recently lost a legal battle to prevent a Swiss -based watchmaker which has been trading under the brand Hamilton since 1892 from trademarking the name. Is that ego or not ? Rex Happy New Year chaps, lets hope the next one is better
  5. Happy Birthday Roger, Hope you have a great day. Regards Rex
  6. Happy birthday Phil Hope you have a great day Regards Rex
  7. Amazing, after all those views on the other two websites, one advert in the TR magazine and its SOLD Rex
  8. Hi Andrew, Thanks for your earlier comments, however after 800 views at it on the Car and Classic web site and 613 on the TR for sale site, the car is still for sale. The last person to enquire about it wanted to know how to get it to Sweden, but never came back after I gave him chapter and verse how to transport it there. Don't know if its the Covid 19 that is putting everyone off, or just the uncertainty of the future. Hope you are keeping well Kind regards Rex
  9. Hi Conrad, I would not trust going, especially at my age and you are not a lot younger. I understand that the Newark Autojumble in your neck of the woods is not going to happen tomorrow now, yet I passed a very big car boot sale on the A60 near Harlow Wood yesterday. Could be the difference between indoors and outdoors events. Could be that if Newark gets any worse you could be quarantined yourself shortly being in the Newark and Sherwood Council area. STAY SAFE Regards Rex
  10. Thanks Phil, I appreciate that. Have a few people who are thinking about it, and one who e:mailed me and wanted it for sweet FA Bearing in mine that someone on e:bay wants £ 7500 just for a TR6 body tub and panels, I think my price is reasonable. As well as it being on TR Classified I now also have it on the Car and Classic web site Rex
  11. Phil, We have been through all this in the other thread, It was only second in the TR6 non standard at Stratford I know I judged it Rex
  12. Hi, Now have your e:mail will reply shortly Rex
  13. Rex Wyer

    TR6 Project

    Excellent TR6 Project on TR Register Classified site Have a look, something to do whilst on lockdown Rex
  14. Hi Chaps, Just to set the record straight Malcolm McKittens Red TR6 MAC 202L won the class on Stratford last year, BPA 61K came second losing out 10 points because there was nowhere in the boot to put a spare wheel ( if he had had one ) The boot was full of Stereo equipment. Malcolm is currently selling MAC 202L for £32000 ( its on TR Register classified site. ) as he has bought a Morgan. Wish I had £ 32k spare I would snap his hand off. How do I know this ? well because I was one of the judges for that class. Regards Rex
  15. Hi Conrad, Thanks for the birthday greetings, Yes we are both well despite this trying time. Will give you a ring and come over sometime, as I am getting bored stiff not working Regards Rex
  16. Happy Birthday Conrad, Have a wonderful day in rainy Southwell Rex
  17. +1 At Toms rates that's about £ 39000 plus V.A.T for the labour plus paint. Sounds rather high ? for a respray. Rex
  18. HI Graham, Good news is you can still buy Nitromors in a green can. B & Q sell it Regards Rex
  19. I had e:mailed Roger Ferris mainly about the BST TR250 /5 car which was advertised and basically got this as a reply: Hi Rex Yes I am aware that there has been quite a lot of furore on the forum, although I am not sure what has sparked it, as this is hardly the first time a 250 has been offered for sale as a 5. I've included a piece in my next report but its really it is a case of Caveat Emptor Regards Roger. So it looks like Caveat Emptor then. Rex
  20. Hi Graham, Tom has one for sale on e:bay at the present time, but its one hell of a project Rex
  21. The advert is saying its a TR5 which it is not, its a TR250. Who ever wrote the ad could do with taking a course in English language. Rex
  22. Andrew I have a pair of OE mud flaps you can have for VUX. I only live down the road from TR Enterprises so I could drop them off tomorrow and Tom could fit them over the weekend. Rex
  23. Ali, The quotes I had also had recommendations from previous users so I took those into account when picking the carrier Good luck anyway, Does this TR5 yodel since its come from Austria ? Rex
  24. Hi Ali, yes I used them to transport a TR6 from Somerset to Nottingham. I just put in what I wanted to do and received about 8 quotes to carry out the work. The chap who got the work on that occasion was brilliant. In essence you pay shiply about £ 40 and the rest goes to the carrier Would certainly use them again . Rex
  25. Darren, see the posting BST below. Its the same problem, TR250 for restoration but registered with the DVLA as a 5. If anyone wants the com number PM me and I will tell them Rex
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