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  1. +1 At Toms rates that's about £ 39000 plus V.A.T for the labour plus paint. Sounds rather high ? for a respray. Rex
  2. HI Graham, Good news is you can still buy Nitromors in a green can. B & Q sell it Regards Rex
  3. I had e:mailed Roger Ferris mainly about the BST TR250 /5 car which was advertised and basically got this as a reply: Hi Rex Yes I am aware that there has been quite a lot of furore on the forum, although I am not sure what has sparked it, as this is hardly the first time a 250 has been offered for sale as a 5. I've included a piece in my next report but its really it is a case of Caveat Emptor Regards Roger. So it looks like Caveat Emptor then. Rex
  4. Hi Graham, Tom has one for sale on e:bay at the present time, but its one hell of a project Rex
  5. Rex Wyer

    FND 205F

    The advert is saying its a TR5 which it is not, its a TR250. Who ever wrote the ad could do with taking a course in English language. Rex
  6. Andrew I have a pair of OE mud flaps you can have for VUX. I only live down the road from TR Enterprises so I could drop them off tomorrow and Tom could fit them over the weekend. Rex
  7. Ali, The quotes I had also had recommendations from previous users so I took those into account when picking the carrier Good luck anyway, Does this TR5 yodel since its come from Austria ? Rex
  8. Hi Ali, yes I used them to transport a TR6 from Somerset to Nottingham. I just put in what I wanted to do and received about 8 quotes to carry out the work. The chap who got the work on that occasion was brilliant. In essence you pay shiply about £ 40 and the rest goes to the carrier Would certainly use them again . Rex
  9. Rex Wyer

    FND 205F

    Darren, see the posting BST below. Its the same problem, TR250 for restoration but registered with the DVLA as a 5. If anyone wants the com number PM me and I will tell them Rex
  10. Rex Wyer


    BST is Buy, Sell Trade. Its the 7th link down on this forum under useful links or its the Buy Sell Trade heading on the TR Register Web page. I have only passed on the information gained talking to the seller. Its up to others to form their own opinions as to who is telling the truth. Rex
  11. Rex Wyer


    Hi, Have spoken at length to the seller and can confirm that the car is a TR250 with a CD com number and a CC engine number. It was brought into the country in about 1996 and converted to RHD and registered ( but don't know what as ). The seller took the car in payment as a bad debt some time ago from someone who acquired the car in 2002 ( as the 3rd owner ) and as the person had lost the log book he applied for a replacement. The first one that came had it as a TR2 which was obviously wrong so he spoke to some one at the DVLA and explained that it was a TR 250 the american version of a TR5. The diphead at the DVLA said that their computers could not recognise that so when the log book arrived again it was down as a TR5 The seller is quite open in stating what has happened and it all depends on who buys it, as to how honest or not what the car is eventually sold as once its been restored. I have no idea how much its worth given the circumstances above, but £ 10k sounds a lot for a TR250 in need of restoration, even though its already converted to RHD. Rex
  12. Hi Chaps, Finally solved the puzzle and had a PM from Dave IOW who confirms it is a furlex from Rimmers colour is shadow blue. Many thanks for all your input. Regards Rex
  13. Hi, A friend of mine with a TR4 on Sunday at the IWE saw a TR4 with powder blue furlex, exactly the colour he wants. He cannot seem to find any anywhere else. The owner was not around but his mates said he is on the forum as isle of wight bob. If so can Bob PM me with an idea where he got the furlex from and I will pass the info on. Many thanks Rex
  14. Rex Wyer

    FND 205F

    Nice one Pete and with a surrey too it was very cheap at the price. Looks like you and tomtr250 are saving the TR 250 world ( apart from the ones which have been re-badged ) Mike its easy to buy just look at TR250/ TR5 on the American e:bay site Regards Rex
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