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  1. Hi Mac. give me a call. 07931 977508 Russ
  2. Morning Mack. PM sent. Regards Russell
  3. Has anyone any experience with Ian Sims, Carhoods, Birmingham. In particular their fitting service. Thank you, Russell.
  4. On the same theme, I think?. On doing a complete body off restoration, the engine and gearbox, having been completed first were put to one side, the clutch operation was tested, and all was well. After well over two years, and having installed the engine/gearbox, and fitted the body, the clutch was found to be frozen solid. Even with a short length of tube, and measured force, it would not move on the lever. Having now removed the gearbox, inspection revealed that I could see a clear pattern of marks on the flywheel where the plate was stuck. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, lack of knowledge is not. I hope my experience will save someone else a days work with a good friend. Russell
  5. Advice please. I have a NOS clutch complete, but with no grease included. What grease should I use for the clutch splines, and the release collar. Thank you, Russell
  6. Hi Geoff. PM sent re engine block. Regards Russell
  7. YOW500

    Speedo repair

    Iani. I agree. + 1 Russell
  8. Thank you all so far, interesting. Any additional advise with regards to operating pressure ( 400 or 535 lbs ) would be helpful. Also, given Waldi's comment re the small number of rivets/fracture, would the higher pressure be detrimental ? Russell
  9. I have been told that the Borg Beck clutch for the TR6 is now being made by another manufacturer, and that they are not what they once were. Is this true, and if so is there a good alternative in todays market? Any advise would be welcome. Thank you. Russell
  10. Thanks every one. It looks like the County Pistons would be good value for a weekend car. Regards Russell
  11. I understand that after market con rods may come into contact with the block, does anyone have experience of this please. Thank you Russell
  12. The TR shop are doing what looks like a good deal for a set of TR6 pistons. Has anyone fitted these pistons, or has an opinion regarding there suitability for a road car? After market con rods are also well advertised, and look like a nice design. Are they better than the original in terms of weight and balance? Your constructive opinions would be welcome. Russell
  13. I also used Revington, they seem fine. The big issue was fitting them. Removing the front pin proved impossible. The body had to lifted from the chassis. No problem, LOL, Stuart Edwards did mine. Russell
  14. Plus 1. Fitted one of Tom's. Russell
  15. Thank you all. I have completed Roger's little trick, it worked very well. No more leaks, I hope !!!!!!!!!!! Russell
  16. Hi Roger. Thank you. All good information. The last thing I need is another leak, or to find another front plate. Russell
  17. Hi Waldi. Thank you for your fast reply. Yes, all that makes sense, I just did not want to do something that I might regret at a latter date. i still wonder why the front plate has the holes missing? Have a good day, thank you again. Russell
  18. My front engine plate has only only three fixing holes running along the bottom of the plate. in the gasket set there are two gaskets, one with three holes, and one with five holes. In the TR6 manual page 12.41.05 sheet 6 five holes are clearly indicated. Holes two and four are missing from my engine plate. these two missing holes would bolt through to the front sealing block, the block has the threaded holes in the correct location. Given that this location is prone to oil leaks i assume the more fixings the better?. i am missing something very obvious. An explanation would be much appreciated. Thank you all. Russell
  19. Hi Mickey. PM sent. Russell
  20. Looks great?. Very unsafe in an accident. Not something to loose your head over !!!!
  21. Hi again Tom. email sent to you. Russell
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