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  1. Also thanks to Roger. He was able to spin for me the twin bonnet catch spring cups. I have spun aluminium hub caps for Messerschmitt KR200 in the passed, Spinning is a bit of a black art. I used hardwood pattern blocks, with the tail stock of the lathe with hard rubber centre tight to the aluminium to be spun. After several attempts, the best method for me was to use a hardwood handheld tool tightly/securely wrapped with cotton cloth, and a Bee's wax lubricant. The problem I found with aluminium was that if you are not very carful, you can pick up the aluminium surface, and end up with
  2. Plus 1. Pick up at my door, and into Germany very quickly. Russell
  3. Hi Marco. See my reply to under body guard. Have a good Christmas, stay safe. Russell

  4. Hi Marco. Good to hear your comments. Out of 169 views you are only the second person to reply. Your well founded observations are appreciated. I have used the wax type products in the passed, their application was not easy for the amateur in all locations. Your comment with regard to ease of application is interesting. It would seem that from their company advertising the solution goes on easily, and finds its way into the more difficult smaller places. I'll try some. Thanks Marco. One last comment, "how do you keep your workshop so clean!!! LOL. Russell
  5. "Lanoguard" metal protection is finding its way into the classic car market. I understand this product has been used in the marine, and aircraft industries for some time. There advertising suggests that its application for the amateur is easier than the more well known wax type applications. Does anyone have any experience with "Lanoguard" please. Russell
  6. Hello Russell,


    Did you get enough take up on the LH bracket?


    David Owen

    1. YOW500


      Good morning David.

      No, you are the only one who wants one.

      Bob Smith has an original one for sale on the Forum, and I have contacted him with your name, so I hope he will contact you, and send you the bracket.

      I would also think that you must be able to find a second hand one in the USA?

      Good luck with your project.





    2. David Owen

      David Owen

      Yes, thank you.  I did contact Bob and we are working on it.  I committed to you first so I wanted to make sure I didn't leave you with one less buyer.

      Nothing in the US.



  7. Hi All. Very surprisingly I have had enquiries about the LHS dip switch bracket for the TR2 - 3. If say a dozen were needed I would make a small batch. If you need one, late or early type, please let me know. Russell
  8. Hi Colin. Plus 2 for the remarks above. I too would want to remove the stanchion plates prior to a respray for the best end result. With care you will be able drill out the holding screws. If you did damage the treads there are several "thread inserts" on the market that you could use to make good the fixing screw locations. If "push really came to shove" you could drill a small pilot hole straight through to the inner RHS footwell wall. From the inside, open up the hole big enough to pass a small socket to carry a lock nut. From the outside fit the stanchion plate in the usual way.
  9. David. If you check out Macey's Garage in the USA they have the LHD dip switch bracket at $42. Russell
  10. Hi David. It's a funny old World. I've been asked by a small number of people in the UK to make RHD one's because they have imported cars from the USA, and you want a LHD type. I'm sure someone reading this has one in the UK that they have removed, and with luck, will send it to you, I hope!!!! Kind regards Russell
  11. A friend has asked me to make a right hand drive dip switch mounting bracket for a L H D car which he has imported. Please see the couple of pictures below. As far as I am aware there are two types, early No2, and late No1. These are both a copy of the original, laser cut, and folded steel plate. Please contact me if you need one, I will make a small number of each. The cost will be £18 each. Russell
  12. Hi Ian. Yes, thanks for that. I do know Simon. The set he had is now sold, but he has offered me one of the small windscreen type. so I still need to track down the other types if possible. Russell
  13. Hi All. Looks as if there may be some interest in making up a small batch of the male types. Am I correct in saying that there are four different lengths, including the wood screw type? Does anyone have an example of each type that I could, beg, borrow, steal, or buy.? Also, one for you Roger, what is the thread type? Thank you in advance, I hope !!! Russell
  14. Hi Dave. Yes. Don Hoods made, and fitted my hood, for my TR3a last year. Nice people, and for me, a good job. They will need the car for two of three days. I don't know the time frame now, but I did book my car in, well in advance. Russell
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