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  1. I think he's taking the "Mickey". Chris !!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi Chris, and others. TR Action mag here today 10th July. Did I get the last one? !!! LOL Russell
  3. Ha Ha, probably, possibly, I'll ask him next week!!!!!
  4. TR Action still not with me in Gloucestershire. Is it something I said !!! LOL Russell
  5. Not with me in Gloucestershire yet. Russell
  6. "Like it or not", and at the moment, for our TR Action members, it seems to be "not", the move to on line magazines will not be prevented. Ask the younger more eco-conscious generation. Lower costs, convenient, interactive, better for the planet, AND, we all get TR Action at the same time, at the touch of a button. Russell.
  7. Hi Rob. PM sent. Russell
  8. Marco. A very nice piece of engineering indeed, all credit to you. Look forward to its test drive. How on Earth do you manage to keep your workshop so clean all the time LOL. Russell
  9. Marco. A very nice piece of engineering indeed, all credit to you. Look forward to its test drive. How on Earth do you manage to keep your workshop so clean all the time LOL. Russell
  10. Hi Marco. Firstly. I have to say that you and Nick have completed two very detailed projects, all credit to you both. Secondly, Marco, does 'an experiment' mean that I have to cut the top of my expensive Vitesse gearbox? LOL Russell
  11. Hi Nick. Thank you, and a lot to take in. Your forward location of the gear lever itself looks like a good, and proper answer to the problem, although not an easy fix. Your tunnel has a raised box around the gear lever location and this would help with regard to the height of the gear lever platform. As you can see from my previous picture the gear lever platform level looks as if it may just work with the TR3 tunnel. The gear lever mechanism may just be able to be accommodated by the existing opening and its rubber boot above, providing it is no higher than the existing Mazda box platfor
  12. Looks the part Nick, do you have the advantage of a slightly higher tunnel at that location ?. More information, and pictures please, if you have the time. Russell
  13. OK Stuart, more embarrassment, for me and those who don't know why, why not blue crimp connectors. Russell
  14. Hi Marco. Trust you and your family are safe in Germany. With regard to your last post, the gear lever position. This detail was always going to be a problem. I was hoping that the gear lever could be moved even further forward by breaking into the gearbox itself, and thus bring the gear lever into the original Triumph location. As you know I have a gearbox, and I did look into the possibility of a direct connection, and to do away with the extended linkage. So far I have not managed to solve the problem. Vitesse ltd had the same issue, and solved it as you have suggested. As yo
  15. Hi All. I am one of three TR members that have a quantity of TR spares to sell at Malvern in August, hopefully!!!! I have tried to contact power that be, but with no luck so far. Can anyone help with information/advise as to the best way to go about selling at the show. Do we need to book a plot, is there a cost involved, is it first come, first served, etc, etc? We have never done this before, and I don't want to turn up, only to be refused for some good reason. It would be our intension to turn up on the Friday, and stay all weekend. Thank you. Russell
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