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  1. Hi Marco. Firstly. I have to say that you and Nick have completed two very detailed projects, all credit to you both. Secondly, Marco, does 'an experiment' mean that I have to cut the top of my expensive Vitesse gearbox? LOL Russell
  2. Hi Nick. Thank you, and a lot to take in. Your forward location of the gear lever itself looks like a good, and proper answer to the problem, although not an easy fix. Your tunnel has a raised box around the gear lever location and this would help with regard to the height of the gear lever platform. As you can see from my previous picture the gear lever platform level looks as if it may just work with the TR3 tunnel. The gear lever mechanism may just be able to be accommodated by the existing opening and its rubber boot above, providing it is no higher than the existing Mazda box platfor
  3. Looks the part Nick, do you have the advantage of a slightly higher tunnel at that location ?. More information, and pictures please, if you have the time. Russell
  4. OK Stuart, more embarrassment, for me and those who don't know why, why not blue crimp connectors. Russell
  5. Hi Marco. Trust you and your family are safe in Germany. With regard to your last post, the gear lever position. This detail was always going to be a problem. I was hoping that the gear lever could be moved even further forward by breaking into the gearbox itself, and thus bring the gear lever into the original Triumph location. As you know I have a gearbox, and I did look into the possibility of a direct connection, and to do away with the extended linkage. So far I have not managed to solve the problem. Vitesse ltd had the same issue, and solved it as you have suggested. As yo
  6. Hi All. I am one of three TR members that have a quantity of TR spares to sell at Malvern in August, hopefully!!!! I have tried to contact power that be, but with no luck so far. Can anyone help with information/advise as to the best way to go about selling at the show. Do we need to book a plot, is there a cost involved, is it first come, first served, etc, etc? We have never done this before, and I don't want to turn up, only to be refused for some good reason. It would be our intension to turn up on the Friday, and stay all weekend. Thank you. Russell
  7. Rob and Bob. To thank you for taking the time to respond. The alternator was the issue. Testing in the way Rob suggested gave a result of 17.5 volts at the battery, at 2000rpm, Wow!!!. Replacement alternator solved the issue. Just as aside I have an original alternator with a keyway, and allen key centre to aid the removal of the holding nut, a more modern type with just a keyway, and the final up to date type with no allen head, and no key way. Thats progress for you, LOL. Russell
  8. Hi everyone. My TR3a was fitted with an alternator years ago by a TR workshop, with no issues. On a recent start up, and short run, the gauge is showing 30amps plus, at anything over 2000 rpm. This only reduces if the lights, etc, are turned on. There must be a problem?. Help would be much appreciated. Russell. PS I'm rubbish with electrics, please keep it simple if possible. LOL
  9. After several weeks, and "e mail chats", ( what a joy way to communicate they are!!! ) I have now been reimbursed in full. It really should not take that long. Russell
  10. Mazda MX5 engine and box could be a good contender.?
  11. Hi Bob. Yes, I understand that, but, my contract is with Parcel2Go. They are the party that has made me the 'fair offer'. I presume they have a contract with anyone they wish, who will deliver the goods, or in my case, not!!!! Russell
  12. Hi everyone. Just for information. In November I sent off a small parcel to a friend with couple of remanufactured parts. The parts were correctly described, accepted, and insured for their market advertised value of £40. The parts never turned up so I started the process of trying to get my money back. Parcel2Go were given the name of the recipient, his order, the original advert, and my bank details clearly showing the transaction. Parcel2Go have offered £18, describing their offer as a "Fair offer". At this moment in time they are refusing to pay the full insured market value amount. I
  13. Also thanks to Roger. He was able to spin for me the twin bonnet catch spring cups. I have spun aluminium hub caps for Messerschmitt KR200 in the passed, Spinning is a bit of a black art. I used hardwood pattern blocks, with the tail stock of the lathe with hard rubber centre tight to the aluminium to be spun. After several attempts, the best method for me was to use a hardwood handheld tool tightly/securely wrapped with cotton cloth, and a Bee's wax lubricant. The problem I found with aluminium was that if you are not very carful, you can pick up the aluminium surface, and end up with
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