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  1. Looks like a good thrust bearing conversion Marco,? tell us more. Russell
  2. Hi Marco. For what its worth Vitesse use a Ford concentric slave cylinder. They use the existing TR flywheel. On the TR4a they use an 8.5 inch Helix clutch plate and an uprated MGB clutch cover. Remember the prop shaft is also a made up special. The speedo will need to be recalibrated in the usual way by a specialist. Please let us all know how you get on. It looks like a very difficult job for the amateur? Russell
  3. plus 1. for Charlie D. Russell
  4. Hi Nick. PM sent. Regards Russell
  5. Richard. Very interesting. Have sent you a PM. Russell
  6. Roy, you are potentially correct. These situations can be very difficult. In the case of the bonnet catches the likely fail, to allow the catch to open, would be the spring. In my case the original spring has been copied by a National spring manufacturer. The early TR2s also had twin catches, and a safety catch. So you end up making a judgement call in connection with the particular item you are making. Russell
  7. Roger, and others. I have been involved with another car club in the passed, and over a very long period of time have made, or organised the manufacture of many parts. I am afraid over that long time things have changed. "Product Liability" is a very big issue for the private individual making parts. Particularly anything that is made which could be understood as a "Safety critical". The obvious ones are, brakes, steering, suspension, etc. There are others that are not so obvious. Several years ago a UK club sold hub caps to a man in the USA. The hub cap came off, and hit a car coming in the opposite direction, causing personal injury. The club in question was extremely wary of selling anything else into the US for fear of litigation. For the private chap in shed making parts for historic cars simply in order to keep them going can be a real concern if something does fail. In my experience Product Liability Insurance is almost impossible to obtain under these circumstances. Russell
  8. I have been contacted by a TR Forum member who is restoring an early TR2. He asked if I would make him a pair of bonnet catches complete with their inner wing platforms. As you can see from the pictures the prototype items have been made. My thanks to Daniel Morris in Honolulu!!! for supplying me with a rare original set to copy. My intention is to complete one off, small batch, of catches and/or platforms. The price for the twin bonnet catches will be about £340 for a pair, the cost for the handed inner wing platforms will be approximately £100 a pair. Please contact me if you would like further information. Regards Russell
  9. Hi David. If it helps I have a stanchion plate cut out section which I use when making stanchion plates. Please send me a PM giving your contact details if you want to. I would also be happy to take a few general measurements if you think it would help. Having said that if your hard top is original I would tend to go with that, and make the side screens to fit. If all did not come off the same car they could be well out. Regards Russell
  10. Ralph. Just got back from Stoneliegh, could not find one. If you need an original set, Simon Westlake may be able to help you. Russell
  11. Evening Ralph. Referring to the above, with regret, I can't help with an original teardrop square, I only have an original one used as a permanent reference, for jig building my copies. If you get stuck, please contact me and I will supply you with a set for one door. Due to the small numbers they are made up on an individual basis, so you will need to give me a couple of days. The cost is £30 plus postage. Regards Russell. PS. worth a look at Stoneliegh?
  12. "A braking issue. A footnote !!!!" Just to say, thank you, to David Ferry for getting me out of trouble last week, with a pair of his refurbished calipers. Despite having new calipers, discs, pads, and shims, fitted to my TR3a the brakes were disconcerting to say the least. The pedal travel was far too much prior to the brakes biting, I did spend a lot of time trying to track down the problem, but with no success. Having taken the car to a garage the problem was found to be the "New Calipers". The caliper pistons were withdrawing into the body of the caliper far too far. The result being a very low pedal when the brakes were next applied. I contacted David, had a pair of his refurbished calipers fitted, and all is now well. I suppose the moral of the story is. Dont buy 'New calipers' get an original pair refurbished by a reputable company? My thanks to Roger at R and G Evesham for finding the answer. ( Next time I'll get my wife to push the pedal, and I'll look at the calipers !!!) Russell
  13. Thanks to a TR member the TR2 twin bonnet catches are now sorted. I am still looking for a front bonnet main spring assembly to copy if anyone can help please. Thank you. Russell
  14. Evening Colin. My first TR2 was MFH480, the reg is a Gloucester City car. I hope the TR register can help you to get it original number back? Where are you in the Country. Good luck with your project. Russell
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