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  1. "A braking issue. A footnote !!!!" Just to say, thank you, to David Ferry for getting me out of trouble last week, with a pair of his refurbished calipers. Despite having new calipers, discs, pads, and shims, fitted to my TR3a the brakes were disconcerting to say the least. The pedal travel was far too much prior to the brakes biting, I did spend a lot of time trying to track down the problem, but with no success. Having taken the car to a garage the problem was found to be the "New Calipers". The caliper pistons were withdrawing into the body of the caliper far too far. The result being a very low pedal when the brakes were next applied. I contacted David, had a pair of his refurbished calipers fitted, and all is now well. I suppose the moral of the story is. Dont buy 'New calipers' get an original pair refurbished by a reputable company? My thanks to Roger at R and G Evesham for finding the answer. ( Next time I'll get my wife to push the pedal, and I'll look at the calipers !!!) Russell
  2. Thanks to a TR member the TR2 twin bonnet catches are now sorted. I am still looking for a front bonnet main spring assembly to copy if anyone can help please. Thank you. Russell
  3. Evening Colin. My first TR2 was MFH480, the reg is a Gloucester City car. I hope the TR register can help you to get it original number back? Where are you in the Country. Good luck with your project. Russell
  4. I am local to Wotton, and have seen the car, does anyone know the lucky owner. Russell
  5. Hi Dan. That sound like a possibility. I have sent you a PM, I hope!!! Please let me know if you received it. Regards Russell
  6. Thank you Roger. That does make sense. If I were in the design office at the time I would try make both sides the same to keep the costs down. Russell
  7. Hi Keith. Thats a start, thank you. So, are they handed?. Russell
  8. I have been asked to make a pair of early TR2 twin bonnet catches. The parts book gives the same number for L and R. I have been told that they are handed, are they? Now for the difficult part. Does anyone have one that I can make a copy from please. Thank you. Russell
  9. It is there. Click on the left right arrows as the lots go through, it will come up for a short time, and then it moves on to the next item. Looks VERY rough. Russell
  10. Red TR3 for sale on Ebay. Is this car known to anyone please. Russell.
  11. During the course of a recent restoration I found it difficult to find the door lock mechanism. The item is not available from the usual commercial companies. So, I decided to produce a small number from scratch. I did a CAD drawing of the individual parts, these were then 3D printed to check the detail. The small production run is made up of laser cut and die cast parts, commercially available pinch bolt, clevis pin, and fasteners. The spring is a close copy of the original sourced from a well known Bristol supplier. Please check my classified ad if you are looking for a door lock mechanism. Russell
  12. Hi Charlie. PM sent. Also thank you Tom. I am going with Don Hoods, when they can fit me in. Russell
  13. Thank you all, so far Everflex looks like the one to go for. Russell
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