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  1. Hi David , looks like Big John has sent some identifying pictures. Nice one. Pm sent to you re the unavailable parts., with Pictures !!! Conrad.
  2. Hi Tim, is this what you need.. Conrad.
  3. Brilliant Nigel, these cars need using, shopping in a car , is shopping in a car, no matter what make or age. Good for you mate, Conrad.
  4. Do you want both sides plenum rubbers and the felts too. Conrad.
  5. Hi David, I reckon I have these in my lock up !! Not sure where else you may find them, maybe turn up occasionally on EBay and alike. If interested please let me know. Conrad.
  6. Hi Tim, maybe I can come to the rescue, but will need to go and look. I am restricting myself for obvious reasons, but actually when I visit the lock I don't see a soul ! Will get back to you Mate. Conrad.
  7. Great to see and here the Vulcan. My experience was when my Dad was at his last posting at RAF Newton in Nottinghamshire. We heard that a Vulcan was going to land and then used for some sort of training purposes on the ground. It Circled for ages it was fantastic and then eventually landed and taxied up to one of the massive Hangers. A feat in itself as it was a totally Grass Airfield used for Pilot training in Chipmunks !!! We had a Standard Vanguard at the time which easily drove underneath the wings. Very excited for a teenage boy ! Conrad.
  8. In the Wilds of the Welsh Hills. Conrad.
  9. Good Morrow Robin, Such Generosity from the South of Olde England, I applaud you in times of uncertainty, I must have paid you too much for toiling in the fields and forests of our great Kingdom. So sadly you are now docked to 80% Furlowed Payment. So less shilling for you my boy. ! Stay safe Robin of the Good ! The Sheriff of Nottingham.
  10. Well done Marco, and thanks for taking the trouble to inform me. Best of luck with your rebuild. Conrad.
  11. Heheheheheheheheheheheheh, thought it may provoke a Negative , it was a positive suggestion ! Shopping round here is maybe a dozen cars in the car park at the moment, so no problem at all... A TR has to be seen in public at some stage in it's life , or what's the point of having a a classic. Keep safe Boys, Conrad.
  12. Excellent work....brought back memories too. Conrad.
  13. I took my 5 out for the first time this year on Monday of this week, how great the feeling is , Sunshine but cold in the shade, going through the gears and overdrive seamlessly in and out ! Found a great new spot to walk the dog , with great Nottinghamshire Views. Now she is firmly put away, but I have a few jobs to do , and now plenty of time to do them ! Keep safe , Conrad.
  14. Hey Stef, All the best on your Birthday. Stay safe, Conrad.
  15. Hi Marco, I have sent you a PM. Little Envelope top right hand of the page , should have a red number on it . Just click on it. Cheers , Conrad.
  16. Hi Marco, I could possibly help you with the vent lid. Conrad.
  17. Definitely avoid the knee, the rest doesn't really matter. Cheers Conrad
  18. Hi Andy, I have an assortment of both of them, ranging from in bits to New old Stock. Let me know if interested, Cheers Conrad.
  19. Definitely not a race Tim , but the World is now watching you !!! Heheheheh. Have fun , Conrad.
  20. Very nice too Graham and with the Original Type Rubbers, So would you say that a Concourse Car should be prepared like that to please the Judges ? I doubt that there are many like that left, and as Stuart points out many owners have made changes over the years, they work just the same but just look different. Best of luck with the rest of your build Tim, will she be at Stratford This summer ? Cheers Conrad.
  21. Hi Denis, as far as I know, you have the modification and that air bleed valve is a rare beast ! Whoever owned my car didn't have the dealer Modification done ! Cheers Conrad
  22. Many Happy Returns Tom, Bet you are at work, have fun. Conrad.
  23. Morning Tim, Good to see you have a set of early rubbers. Foe what it's worth, my 5 has the Plenum with just one outlet to the rocker. No Air bleed, the adjustment is on three screws and works just fine. Many have the Two outlet Tr6 type set up , with the brass Air bleed as your picture shows. Looking good, Conrad.
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