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  1. Be wary of what you use it for as it is un fused!
  2. Dear Peter Many thanks for the knowledge.
  3. TW seems to be the concensus Many thanks for responding.
  4. Could anyone kindly tell me the needle size for HS6 SUs for a TR4a standard engine.
  5. Help please. Can anyone tell me if a Starter Motor from a 2500 saloon engine (MM) will fit a 1965 4a?
  6. I have the chassis (commissioning number) its a CTC...... I have now registered the car with Jo Whitty. Now the work begins.....
  7. Hi Stuart Yes, but its a 4a. I thought the one you mentioned to our mutual friend was a 4 as he refers to a solid axle!!
  8. Help! The chassis number on this 4a is 60685 CT. it doesnt make sense as all the data I see it should start with CT....... Anyone?
  9. Garden water hose - perfect size!
  10. Hi Jerry Not a dig at you, a general obsevation, but your CB would best placed nearer the battery. If the car was in an accident. What rating is it?
  11. Hi RobH Thank you for pointing out my error. I am trying to spark a conversation about fusing the Brown Wires, and failing. Guys seem obsessed with very smart fuse boards but leave yards of un-fused cables in the loom. Doh!
  12. Dear All I believe there are two issues here Manage the unfused wires in the loom to avoid fire risk. Fuse seperate components as required. My view is that 1 is essencial and 2 optional. The Operating time of modern Auto Blade fuses is shown on the table attached they are very precise even in high temp engine bays. The old 1 1/4 Glass fuses fitted to our cars have characteristics as shown below . They are not so good at high temperature engine bays. My goal was to prevent fire so therefore I fitted 40A. They will blow in less than a second for a short circui
  13. Dear Alan I Understand that the Lucas wiring loom has its roots in Tank wiring where there were no fuses to my knowlege. Thereafter the lack of confidence in fuse holders pushed the designers down the route you descibe. Now, we as current temporary owners of out TRs, dont have to accept their pre war concepts and risk fire. Fuse the +ve supplies with reliable 40A fuses and holders and whatever else you fancy we will all be safer.
  14. The above solutions are very smart but in my opinion there is a more serious TR6 Loom error to address: The Brown Wire is a 12V UNFUSED +ve from a connector near the Battery post, it supplies: - · The purple wire 40A fuse whose circuit includes the Horn, Interior Light, boot light, headlight flasher. · The red wire 40A fuse (via the headlight switch) this circuit includes Front Sidelights, instrument lights · The Brown wire feeds the ignition switch (unfused) which in turn connects it to the white wire, whose circuit includes the fuel pump, coil, distribute
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