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  1. Hi guys. AC Mechanical Fuel pump is now my slave I have it sussed. Two points. When I dismantled the pump, the diaphram was tight into the body, so when replacing said diaphram with a new rubber I pushed the thing down, I now know this was a mistake, I doesn't need much pushing at all, just enough to engage the T piece. Second point my AC point is handily labeled with IN on one fuel connection (Hanes manual says mark the this before dismantling, noy neceassary. To make the installetion of a new diaphram easy(!) I found it best hold the Rocker Arm in the vice. See how "loose
  2. My best wishes go to anyone with particular TR skills. Wishing DD all the best.
  3. In preparing to install the engine I thought it a good idea to maintain the AC petrol pump. After a thorough clean, the mechanical parts seem perfectly OK. So, I have just replaced the perishables. Small problem, I cannot re-assemble the pump. I can’t get the T piece to engage, whatever I try fails. Is there a trick? Help, please?
  4. The one from a well a known TRshop is great, cheap too.
  5. I know i have banged on about it before but it would be prudent (IMHO) to fuse the wiper circuit. You were lucky the short bit of wire melted with burning the car up completely. Even better fuse the Brown wires that go under the dashboard.
  6. Hi Roger I have bought red springs I was wondering on Jets?
  7. I have a pair of HS6 Carbs from a 2500 TC Saloon Type FZX1263. I would like to fit them to a TR4A motor (which should have AUD 209). I have replaced the needles (flexible (Top Hat)) from BOB with BAQ (nearest available match to TW according to mintylamb). Do I need to change the jets? Any advice welcome please as I am all at sea here!
  8. I have looked at the http://www.mintylamb.co.uk/suneedle/ site and gone for the BAQ as it looks compatable to the TW / SW standard needle.
  9. Help please. I am adapting some HS6 Carbs from a 1976 2500TC saloon (AUD9 / PDC2A) for use on my 4A. Can someone suggest a suitable needle (Top Hat type?)? My engine is standard with a Phoenix Extractor and I have K&N Air Filters.
  10. Be wary of what you use it for as it is un fused!
  11. Dear Peter Many thanks for the knowledge.
  12. TW seems to be the concensus Many thanks for responding.
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