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  1. Mark1965TR4aBRG


    ..remember the old Carlos Fandango ads on the telly.... Good to see they have a sense of humour which is sadly lacking these days...
  2. Yikes - what have I started here!! Pleased to report TR is back safe 'n sound from our TRip up North and I didn't quite get around to the lock - while it's here now I'll fit a master switch somewhere..
  3. Thanks folks. I need a big obvious visible deterrent such as the StopLock - Thanks Roger I'll pop by Halfords and exercise my trade card on my way up North this afternoon. I also have a Facet fuel pump and could quite easily put a switch in there or a master isolator - perhaps look at that after our TRip. Looks like the sun is shining so will post a few pic's on my return. Cheers
  4. Folks About to embark on a blast around the Lakes/N.Yorks/Borders etc and was thinking I ought really to have a Krook Lock or similar. What do people use/recommend and what should I avoid? Thanks for your thoughts.
  5. Speak to Gary who owns the business or Jason who actually does the engine re-builds. They are super busy so you'll need to plan and book ahead. I'm 20 mins from TRGB too..
  6. I have a TRGB Fast Road engine with 45 Webers, Red cam, Phoenix system, etc etc and it's great. If you'd like a ride in my 4a drop me a PM and I'll happily let you make your own mind up..
  7. I have a St George wrist band over each cylinder and over my expansion bottle cap too as they will steadily leak as described above.. These get changed periodically.
  8. That's a lie in - we're leaving at 04;00 tomorrow am... Safe travels
  9. Sounds strange to me & I can't comment on the similarity between 4 & 4a. I have very recently fitted the CCD uprated front hubs on my 4a and no issues whatsoever - everything lines up and has nicely settled in. Not sure this helps you Don, but just to confirm for me that all was well. Hope you get this resolved as the hubs are a lovely mod and match the CCD drive shafts too that smooth out the rear end.. Good luck.
  10. Rolling Road will give you the accurate air/fuel over the rev range.. I had to change my head recently and although re-worked to the same spec' I still went for a set up at the RR.. I'm also at Classic Le Mans so another reason to have the carb's tweaked..
  11. Wise words above - well said gentlemen. Advice you have plenty of but use this forum as there is a real wealth of knowledge available to you for anything and everything TR related.. Good Luck & enjoy the ride!
  12. TRGB will be able to help you.. 01487 842168 Always a good idea to have the fall back bonnet pull - not needed mine yet, but it's there and tested regularly....
  13. Hello Simon I'm near Cambridge.. I've had the whole car in pieces at some point in the past, so like you have had the front suspension totally apart before and it is all poly bushed. I do have a spring compressor thank you - might need a new piece of studding if I recall from the last use.. Yes, I have the modified mounts too and thanks for the thought.., Will not get to this job now for a few weeks, so I will postpone the hammering fun for a while.. Cheers Mark
  14. Not replacing the vertical links unless there's an issue with mine and I understand getting the stub axles out can be challenging..
  15. Folks As my gearbox is away having a refurb', I'm about to replace the standard front hubs for the CDD ones that have been sitting in my garage for nearly a year.. I'm also planning to change the fulcrum pins & I haven't given it any thought yet, so before I start what's the best way to go about these jobs? Cheers Mark
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