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  1. ..10 years ago (- 1 1/2 moths) I tool delivery of a work in progress 4a from TRGB and tomorrow my car goes to a good friend of mine, who will give it the time and enthusiasm I'm not doing at the moment. I will fortunately (I hope..) keep the opportunity to now be the co-driver to my friend who's been my co-driver on 4 Classic Le Mans trips and a few UK tours too. Just wanted to acknowledge this forum and the individuals that have helped me over the years, so thank you one and all and I wish you safe TRavels.. From me and my 4a.. Ta Ta 3rd June 2020 Front by KTM Marky, on Flickr
  2. I've put my Brompton in the boot before now!
  3. It was a combination of steering wheel play, body roll, lack of brakes plus masses of understeer and tyre roll!
  4. I do like the number plate.. If only it was 1965 TR... I once drove a bog standard 4a and it scared the life out of me as I threw it at a corner as I would my own car and it just wanted to go straight on.. never again! Have to agree with the creative writing nonsense too.
  5. Full Phoenix system with manifold and single rear silencer - sounds great and suits the car perfectly for me.
  6. Found this on my phone, so had these rods in ~ 4 years now.
  7. Yes, I have a set in my 4a and have done for quite a while now. I recall my first drive with these and the engine pickup was noticeably quicker, a bit like taking weight off the flywheel. Recommended by me that's for sure!
  8. Will slow you down in the corners for sure... I'd have the wheels changed personally.
  9. Thinking about it I'm pretty happy with the ride height as there's reasonable compliance when driving and if I do hit a bump mid-corner the car isn't upset - just absorbs it and carries on. The tyre wall obviously helps too as does keeping correct tyre pressures. General ground clearance is OK with the silencer as mentioned being the low point. I have hit the front pan a few times when in a dip at speed, but then again that was probably preceded or followed by another bit of the undercarriage connecting with the highway too.
  10. Mine's got lowered stiffer springs and I really wouldn't want to be any closer to the deck than this as keeping the silencer off the tarmac would be an issue. An inch or so less on the front would for me prove problematic I think. I'll post a front view too to see if that demonstrates what I mean better
  11. No trouble Andy. I think TRGB but then again I get all of my TR stuff from there. To be honest I mounted them in a more easily accessible place to drill the door so I didn't have to disassemble the door. They're fine really and tend to keep the passenger side so the passenger has a rear view leaving me the drivers side and rear view. Glass is flat - the curved glass gives a really odd reflection that I'd prefer not to have.
  12. 185 65's. I'm quite low as you can see in the pic' but no rubbing and plenty of thrashing about on bumpy roads too.
  13. First time out in the 4a since October '19 & having sorted the dicky connection into the leccy fuel pump 1st turn of the key and off we go..
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