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  1. Saturday 14 Redrose Cars had a excellent day at the 50th Bunbury Village Day, and then had a short drive to a local pub for dinner and a drink. Mike Redrose group
  2. Well done Mr H all you need is some wet weather to try it out. Mike. Redrose Group
  3. Roger the Museum and auction is well worth a visit we stayed in the village for a couple of nights. Mike Redrose group
  4. brenda


    Got the car sorted then, enjoy yourself and thanks again for the morning run round the I O W. Mike. Redrose Group
  5. We had a excellent morning with Pinky, a nice run around part of the island. And then stopped of for lunch with him and his wife. We then continue onto Osborne House. Roger we passed Roman Villas on our run but we Have a full itinerary, we will put it on our list for next time. Mike. Redrose group
  6. TRs on the IOW yesterday we visited the Needles Battery, then a small drive to Ventnor Gardens. Today we are meeting up with Pinky White who is taking us for a run. Mike Redrose Group
  7. Stayed in Lymington last night, going to the ferry this morning for our trip across to the IOW. Starting at the Needle. Mike. Redrose Group
  8. All up and eating a full English to start the day. Spending the day at Beaulieu Motor Museum. Then going to Lymington for the night. Mike Redrose Group
  9. Morning all today is the start of our road trip to the I O W. 7 TRs meeting at Blakemere Craft Centre then meeting 2 more at Ludlow food centre, for a run to Winchester for the night. Mike Redrose Group
  10. Three cars from the Redrose Group joined the Prestatyn Classic Car Show Run today, the morning started a little wet but by lunch it was dry so off cane the roofs. A good 100 mile run was enjoyed by all that took part. Mike. Redrose Group
  11. Good day out and a good turn out of Triumph cars some that I have not seen at other shows. Fun to watch when it started to rain. Mike. Redrose group
  12. Thanks H, unfortunately we had other things booked for tomorrow or we may have had a run down, enjoy you run and enjoy your day honouring you dad. mike & Carole
  13. Today some members of the Redrose Group are doing the Weaver Wander Charity Classic & SportsCar Event. This is a 70 mile run around Cheshire ending at Hankelow Hall. Mike. Redrose group
  14. Today I’m going to the Official opening day for JP Exhausts. Coffee, Cake & Cars. Then Sunday we’re going to Festival of 1000 Classic Cars at Cholmondeley House And Gardens. Hope everyone else is having a good weekend. Mike. Redrose group
  15. H loads of photos on Redrose page. I can post on all other groups I am in but not on Register. I used to but it just keeps coming back photo to large. Also l can only get on with my i phone and not my I pad after the forum upgrade, probably my fault but will keep trying. Mike. Redrose group
  16. Redrose group visit the Gawsworth Hall Classic Car Show 21 cars on the stand, and we won best club stand. Lots other very nice cars to look round. Thanks to all members that attended. Mike. Redrose group
  17. Hi Mick, both Carole and I really enjoyed today, it was great meeting up with the other TR members, thanks again for organising. Mike Redrose group
  18. brenda

    Angle drive.

    Copper washer 95p at Rimmers sealing washer copper lD 7/16 538532. mike Redrose group
  19. That looks really good credit to you, looks like you have loads of room in your garage. Mike. Redrose group
  20. H. Give Macc Paints a ring that are very helpful 01260 298822. If you have a wheel that can scan it and get a colour match and give you the code. Mike. Redrose group
  21. Looks good mike. Redrose group
  22. brenda

    Nice weather

    Wet weekend at Shelsley Walsh having a drive round in a Morgan on Sunday. I will be bringing back the TR. Mike Redrose Group
  23. brenda

    Nice weather

    Had a good run out today around the Roaches. Great lanes for the Tr, has anybody else had a run out today. Mike. Redrose group
  24. H as the weather was still good today I also had a run out to the Roaches, hope this weather continues. Mike. Redrose group
  25. H. We have a old sewing machine in the loft that you can use, it’s been up there about 5 years and not been used. Keep up your threads and photos/videos. Mike. Redrose group
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