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  1. Just had our 3rd run after fitting the interior back in after a gearbox/overdrive rebuild, all was fine on the out ward run testing the overdrive all working fantastic, started back and the overdrive would not work. Got home and checked the oil first all ok. The relay under the bonnet is clicking but solid not operating, but if you push it up by hand it holds in. flick the switch and it drops out ideas welcome thanks. Mike Redrose group
  2. As it was a nice afternoon I just popped out for a short run, we have some nice country side around Cheshire. Mike Redrose Group.
  3. Evening Pete I am enjoying you work your doing on your engine and all the info you are putting in your posting this will be a good reference for others, keep up the good work. Carole also says hi. Mike. Redrose group
  4. Only a short run around the lanes near our house to test out the gearbox/overdrive and diff after a complete overhaul all went back in easily than expected. Just need to recheck all nuts, bolts and oil levels before re fitting the interior. Mike. Redrose group
  5. Not quite black and white but still looking good.(well I think so) Mike. Redrose Group
  6. Hi, nice looking twin, I got my new motor from TRBITZ. Mike Redrose Group
  7. Gordon if you scroll down a few pages you will find work done on wiper motors. I have just replaced my motor. On my motor it has Red live from the ign switch and the wires from the wiper switch are earths to make the circuit. So you probably have one that should come from you ign switch and a earth from you wiper switch if it is a single speed motor. Mike Redrose Group
  8. brenda


    Evening all, as I have the gearbox out i need to change the clutch, cover and bearing. Which do you recommend I look at we use the car for holidays and weekend runs no racing. Mike. Redrose group
  9. Morning all, got the job finished gearbox out the only thing that got in the way was the flap on the bottom of the heater. Now got to clean all parts take off and tidy up things under the dash as there is loads of room now. Mike. Redrose group
  10. And not sure y it’s in the TR6 area.
  11. No that bit is easy, it’s getting the twin boxes and Y off. Mike. Redrose group
  12. This mornings job is to start and remove the diff and gearbox. Diff out and gearbox just needs lifting out in the morning. mike. Redrose group
  13. Redrose TR Meeting today at the Cock@Budworth. Good turn out but the wet weather kept the cars away only five TRs on the car park. Mike. Redrose group
  14. brenda

    Wiper motor

    Evening all , Just had a few hours in the garage installing new wheel boxes and new motor. Wired up temporarily two speed switch to test and get the stop and park working. Next is to replace burnt out wire in the loom (that will be fun ) hopefully do that job mid week ready for going out over the weekend. Mike Redrose Group
  15. brenda

    Wiper motor

    Just spent a happy two hour getting the cable rack out, full of old grease and dirt. Found out why the motor has burnt out the drivers side wheel box cannot be moved with fingers and very stiff with wiper arm on. Removed from car and cleaned still very stiff so ordered two new ones, also found that the live cable from the lng switch has burnt out ( no fuse to wiper motor another job to do) so if you have not looked at you wipers for a while, I have found you a winter job before it costs you. Mike Redrose Group
  16. brenda

    Wiper motor

    Thanks for that Graham I’ll give it a go, but it was very tight. If and when I get it out is there a lubricant I can put in the tubes. Mike Redrose Group
  17. brenda

    Wiper motor

    The wiper motor has finally failed and is burnt out. On taking the motor out this morning I have a little question to ask. Can you pull out the cable rack from the Rigid tubing or is it a full stripdown as it is tight to move in and out approx 1/2 inche. Mike Redrose Group
  18. Morning all johns post is in epic drives.
  19. Last night was our last night in the little bolt hole by the river Dart we had a lovely relaxing time. Today we drove to Greays Court National Trust for a look round and then onto the Bear and Ragged Staff near Oxford for our last night before heading home. Mike. Redrose group
  20. Glad you are on your way and can enjoy the rest of your holiday. Mike Redrose group
  21. Day4 Road trip. Left Clovelly this morning stopped off at Castle Drogo for a look round and lunch. Then onto Kingswear for 4 days, giving the TR a rest and using the steam trains and river boats. Staying in a little bolt hole right by the entrance to the upper ferry and railway line. Mike Redrose group
  22. Suzanna if you are staying in the Red Lion you can go down a very steep and narrow road and get a permit to park otherwise you have to park at the visitors centre, all goods go down by sleigh and donkey. They were doing one of the houses up and there was loads of scaffolding, must of been ok coming down but to take back up thats going to be a job and a half! Mike. Redrose group
  23. Day 3 Road Trip. Left Cheddar Gorge this morning, stopped off at Arlington Court for lunch and a look round. Then on to Clovelly Village we are staying in the Red Lion in the room with the green balcony and the TR is parked on the beach car park for the night. Mike. Redrose group
  24. As above full MOT. Extra eyes you may miss something. Also you get your brakes tested correctly (one may not be working correctly as I found out with the wife’s car) Mike. Redrose group
  25. I have had one for a few years. I got it as I am a Hgv driver just showed my driver card. Surprising what you can save money on but still check on-line because you can still get things cheaper at other outlets. Mike Redrose Group
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