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  1. Thanks Wayne look forward to it arriving always a good read.
  2. Just got back from holiday and I thought I saw before we went away that the club magazine was coming along soon, but not in our post. Could someone let me know if I have missed it, or if it’s on its way. Mike. Redrose Group
  3. Last night was our last night in the little bolt hole by the river Dart we had a lovely relaxing time. Today we drove to Greays Court National Trust for a look round and then onto the Bear and Ragged Staff near Oxford for our last night before heading home. Mike. Redrose group
  4. Glad you are on your way and can enjoy the rest of your holiday. Mike Redrose group
  5. Day4 Road trip. Left Clovelly this morning stopped off at Castle Drogo for a look round and lunch. Then onto Kingswear for 4 days, giving the TR a rest and using the steam trains and river boats. Staying in a little bolt hole right by the entrance to the upper ferry and railway line. Mike Redrose group
  6. Suzanna if you are staying in the Red Lion you can go down a very steep and narrow road and get a permit to park otherwise you have to park at the visitors centre, all goods go down by sleigh and donkey. They were doing one of the houses up and there was loads of scaffolding, must of been ok coming down but to take back up thats going to be a job and a half! Mike. Redrose group
  7. Day 3 Road Trip. Left Cheddar Gorge this morning, stopped off at Arlington Court for lunch and a look round. Then on to Clovelly Village we are staying in the Red Lion in the room with the green balcony and the TR is parked on the beach car park for the night. Mike. Redrose group
  8. As above full MOT. Extra eyes you may miss something. Also you get your brakes tested correctly (one may not be working correctly as I found out with the wife’s car) Mike. Redrose group
  9. I have had one for a few years. I got it as I am a Hgv driver just showed my driver card. Surprising what you can save money on but still check on-line because you can still get things cheaper at other outlets. Mike Redrose Group
  10. Day 1 road trip. Looks like we chose the right week, run down to Montacute House for a look round and a sandwich. (took Carole ages to realise that we had been before, the last room of the house!) now at Bath Arms Cheddar for two nights. This house was used as inspiration and a model for Wallace and Grommit film The curse of the Wererabbit! They have a film running showing how it was made. Mike. Redrose Group
  11. Today was the Redrose Group Meeting after the meeting we had a short run to TR Bitz. Craig, Johnny and the team put on a open afternoon with nibbles for the local TR Groups about to 45 TRs turned out for a great afternoon to catch up and look around the workshop. Mike. Redrose group
  12. Enjoy Mike. Redrose group
  13. Meet up with the Stoke and Shropshire tr groups today at the Festival of 1000 Classic Cars at Cholmondeley Castle. Next week after our TR Meeting we are having a short run to TR Bitz for a look round and coffee. Mike. Redrose group
  14. Very nice hope to come and see some racing live next year. Mike. Redrose Group
  15. Looks like he didn’t drive to far and only one TR. Mike Redrose group
  16. Excellent day at the Gold Cup Oulton Park Cheshire. Approximately 54 TRS from Stoke Shropshire North Wales and Redrose group enjoyed a full day watching the racing and catching up with new and old friends. Mike. Redrose group ps hopefully see you all at TRBitz 8 sept.
  17. Morning Mr H. I am going Saturday Sunday and Monday so I’ll put some photos on and let you know if we get the same spot. Mike. Redrose group
  18. Thanks Pete for your lovely comments it was a real pleasure to meet you, glad you enjoyed your weekend as did we, hope we get to catch up again soon Mike and Mrs Brenda (aka Carole)
  19. Just spotted the sprint and hill climb boys. mike.
  20. H. We are going so will have a look round for you. Like you last video. Mike Redrose group
  21. Good day driving the Dingle Peninsula. Mike Redrose Group
  22. You could get in touch with Pinky White TR member on the IOW he was very helpful when we visited. Mike Redrose Group
  23. Yes we’re going but not till Saturday morning should be a good weekend. Mike. Redrose group
  24. Two members from Redrose Group having a holiday in Ireland. Stopped the night in Termonfeckin. Titanic Museum this morning. Mike. Redrose group
  25. Four Redrose Cars had a run to Carfest North we had a great time in the rain and mud. Mike Redrose Group
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