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  1. Well this morning is the start of reinstalling the rebuilt engine, to start with rewrapping the 4 branch, then dropping the engine in, it may have been a little easier with two but I got there in the end, do a little more tomorrow morning. Mike. Redrose group
  2. We were invited to park our cars by the front doors of The Castle of Mey this was the Queen Mother’s Scottish summer retreat, well worth a look round. Mike Redrose Group
  3. Stopped of at John o Groats for a photo shot on one of our holidays Scotland 500. Mike Redrose Group
  4. Well spotted Hamish I have gone for the Racetorations oil breather and catch tank I need this engine to breath. The old engine only had a breather on the rocker cover. Mike Redrose group
  5. brenda

    Vacuum Pipe

    Should you have and do you need this vacuum pipe? I have been running my 4a for 10 years with just plastic pipe running from carburettor to distributor. Mike Redrose Group
  6. Hamish yes we have 89mm liners and pistons with a mild fast road camshaft, are you going to the meeting on Sunday. Mike Redrose Group
  7. All finished I think it looks fantastic hope it runs as well as it looks, it will probably take couple of weeks to fit and test as next week is the school holidays and we have the grandchildren. Mike Redrose group
  8. A few more photos all bottom end finished, working on the cylinder head valves and guides. Mike Redrose group
  9. Morning. Malbaby yes the camshaft bearings have been replaced as new camshaft has been installed, Mick I don’t know as its being built by a engine specialist, I will enquire on Monday when I visit. (They have a open house policy ) I had to supply new bolts as the existing ones had stretched. Mike Redrose group ps just getting ready for a run down to Stoneleigh.
  10. Looks a little wet and windy for the run down, but should be nice and dry once we get inside. Mike Redrose Group
  11. After a total strip down and thoroughly good clean the rebuild starts.
  12. Monty, if you go into the club shop there is sq and round window stickers Mike Redrose Group
  13. brenda


    Has anyone seen, put on your car or has photos of Tr4/Tr4a with the steel wheels and knock on centres. Mike Redrose Group
  14. Morning Hamish hope you get your bits back on soon. Do they have spectators at this event? if mine is up and running I may have a run over to have a look a what happens at these events. Mike Redrose Group
  15. Carole and I were looking at it this afternoon it looks very interesting, but unfortunately we are fully booked up on holidays this year, I’ll have to retire and then we could fit more in. Hope you have a great time. Mike Redrose Group
  16. Just a quick thanks to the staff at the shop 50 year rally plaque ordered on Thursday afternoon and the postman delivered this morning looks very nice well done to all. Don’t forget to order yours folks. Mike Redrose group
  17. brenda

    Wing sealant

    +1 this is the same stuff I used on my rear wing, make sure you have gloves and a cloth to clean up with. Mike . Redrose group
  18. Will look good H. Mike Redrose group
  19. At least it still looks like aTR3 and not a hot rod, not for me but others may like it, Mike. Redrose group
  20. Just come in for a coffee and put the tv on sky turbo triumph tr3 there going to make into a hot rod !!!!!!!! Mike. Redrose group
  21. Mine is not going out just yet, hopefully back on the road end February. Mike Redrose Group
  22. Evening Pete, no you have not missed my posts, I am finding yours most interesting. At the moment I don’t have the time to carry out such a time consuming rebuild. I was losing a lot of oil from the push rod tubes and the catch tank was getting more oil in than usual. Did a pressure test on the cylinders and found that No4 was well down. We were thinking of doing the engine next year but as you know we do a lot of miles and decided to bring it forward. The crankshaft may of found another problem that I have being trying to rectify for a while, the car shakes at 57 / 62mph hopefully we can now get that sorted. Mike and Carole. Redrose group
  23. Afternoon Pete still enjoying you post. I am having my engine rebuilt. The lads put the crankshaft on the balancing machine and said that they could probably only get it 70% balanced. As it had been worked on before not very successfully. I have got another from our local TR specialist (Craig TR Bitz) so that’s on the machine being balanced. Mike. Redrose group
  24. Just going through the calendar for this year. One of the days out is MG & Triumph spares day before I book is there any discount vouchers about thanks. Mike Redrose group
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