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  1. Hi Dave, have you tried Craig at TR Bitz he has loads of old stock in the outside lockup’s. Mike Redrose group
  2. I have bypassed the rheostat, going to fit 2 position heater sw with the rheostat knob (so it still looks like a rheostat) and fit small cabin lights and boot and under bonnet light. Mike Redrose group
  3. JP Exhaust have moved to Congleton from Macclesfield now. Mike. Redrose group
  4. Well had a afternoon in the garage fitting new LED dash bulbs and wiring and fitting rear high level stop light. Mike Redrose group
  5. I know it’s a Tr4a but all this about dash lights mine have just arrived with a high level brake light, another little job to do in lock down, I’m going to take out the rheostat what have others replaced it with, I was thinking of a 2 position heater switch for some small cabin lights then boot and bonnet light. Mike Redrose group
  6. Hi we did Scotland 500 in May 2017 some great roads and not as busy as it could of been, keep to the small roads that campers can’t get down. Mike. Redrose group
  7. Just had this from the Event Organiser, very sad news as this is a well supported and well organised event with lots of different makes of classic cars and a large field of auto jumble. Mike Redrose group IMG_7251.mov
  8. Starting with jan 2016 testing new headlights, 2017 being followed from club meeting, 2018 two old cars together, 2019 short run out to make sure it still runs, 2020 taking engine for rebuild. Mike. Redrose group
  9. Hamish. You have started something now, maybe start another post. March 2018 Redrose meeting we stayed in the caravan was a great weekend with a little snow. Mike Redrose group
  10. Happy new year everyone, had to get the TR out of the garage today to put away our Christmas decorations, so could not miss the opportunity to go for a run. Mike Redrose group
  11. Hi Bob no Brass plug on my engine rebuild before or after. Mike Redrose group
  12. Good afternoon all, as Christmas is getting close and I cannot send all the forum members a card I thought I would post one on the social scene. Happy Christmas everyone have the best time you can and let’s look forward to a better TRing year in 2021 all the best. Mike & Carole Redrose group.
  13. Thanks Mick, but unfortunately we will not be able to attend this time as we are booked on the Traws weekend as it’s the same weekend. For others looking for a day or two out the Donnington weekend it is is well worth a visit. It is a well run event and you can get up close and personal to the race cars and drivers. Also the Leicestershire TR group make a good coffee. Mike Redrose group
  14. Afternoon Paul, it must be angle of the photo as there is a good 3” gap around the filter to the nearest pipe. As Stuart says the copper pipe is for the brakes, thanks for your concern though. Mike Redrose group
  15. Morning all, I may of found the problem with the oil leak, this morning I came to remove the oil filter and the adapter plate spun round as well, when I installed it I did torque it to 12 lbs, and only put the filter on hand tight. As I have a new one may as well put it on, did a dry run first to see if all fitted, there were some slight differences in measurements but not a lot. All fitted and car has been running for about 30 min and no oil. The only thing I did not do last time was the put blue loctite on the adapter bolt do you think it could of loosened with the vibration? Mike Redr
  16. Just got a new spin on oil filter adapter and this one is different than the one I have on, this new one is a one peace unit looks like the bolt holds all the unit on, my old one is in two bits and the oil filter pushes the adapter plate onto the large rubber seal. Mike Redrose group
  17. As I cannot go out in the TR Carole got me to put up the out side lights this week, hopefully Santa will see us this year and stop with some gifts. Mike Redrose group
  18. Had the same problem with my spin on oil filter adapter but lost all the oil from newly rebuilt engine after running it for 2500 miles, ordered new parts fitted and did another 700miles before putting the the car in the garage for three weeks, (doing bathroom conversion). Had to move the car out of the garage yesterday and no oil on the garage floor, left car running for a while come to move car back into the garage and there’s oil on the drive, looks like I will have to do Bobs conversion to stop this happening again. Has anyone JB welded the parts together? Mike Redrose group
  19. Happy Birthday Andrew have a great day. Mike Redrose group
  20. Got from another site, as I don’t watch this program. Mike Redrose Group
  21. It looks good there used to be a big factory here, not been for a long time but most of the site is house’s now. It used to smell nice when I used to deliver goods to site. Mike Redrose Group
  22. Well I think I put the roof on to early this year as this morning was a little warm inside the car. Had a good run around enjoying the wonderful countryside we have, Chapel-En-Le-Frith, Dove holes, Tideswell, Longnor, Blackshaw Moor, and back home. Mike Redrose Group
  23. Well done Paul that looks fantastic looks good with the red top. Hopefully you can get out and enjoy as you think of your next project. Mike Redrose Group
  24. I get it from RS Cars LTD 0162 717346 have a look a the web page, Mike Redrose group
  25. Penrite oils GB40 for gearbox and overdrive, and I think it’s 90s for diff. Mike Redrose group
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