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  1. Untaxed since 1st June 1993. Died, aged 11... Maxwell
  2. Maxwell

    TR7 Hello

    Met - in a manner of speaking. A mutual friend or two ...! Maxwell
  3. Maxwell

    TR7 Hello

    Ahh! Jaybee - We've already met! Your story is in the new Wedge Book I'm preparing! Mum's the word! Maxwell
  4. Maxwell

    TR7 Hello

    Alec - Don't forget mine in Kent! Maxwell
  5. Steve - Out of interest, how many points have you accrued? Maxwell
  6. And, I forgot! Some great footage of the Tim Lanocha car - 828bhp at the rear wheels - including an extended interview with Tim himself! Maxwell
  7. Just finished watching my copy - an hour-long interview with Stylist Harris Mann on Disc Two.. Maxwell
  8. Maxwell

    Seat cover

    Two just come on eBay.... Maxwell
  9. Ten minutes was enough for me, I'm afraid. Maxwell
  10. Maxwell


    Paul - I saw the reply and you got my hopes up! Maxwell
  11. Maxwell


    Does anybody know the whereabouts of OOM711R? White TR7.... Maxwell
  12. Alec -- Andy's a regular on there !!!!!!!!!!!
  13. You're lucky to have a garage........! Maxwell
  14. Maxwell


    TR7 Fixed Head. White with black vinyl roof. Formerly known as Nellie/Robyn.
  15. The Kent Car belonged to Mike Duggan. I seem to remember a photograph of it in a copy of TR-Action when he used it to get married: That would be about five or six years ago. Of course, the tonneau was left off on that occasion for logistical purposes! Maxwell
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