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  1. Hi Neil What do I need to be looking out for with the pin size. If found the same part as Stuart advised from the same supplier. There is no option for pin size and the web site advises this part will fit the 74 TR6. Looking forward to eradicating this squeak. As cubehopper advised, the noise attacks unwanted looks. Cheers Rob
  2. Thanks for the ideas. Will try the ant rattle springs first and see how I go. I could only find one supplier if these on eBay, however in saying that I do find some suppliers will only ship to the uk so don't come up in my global search here in Australia.
  3. Hi Recently I have noticed driving down the freeway a rotating squeak sound coming from the front wheels ( I think ). Decided to replace the wheel bearings. They were fine and did not stop the squeak. Tapping the brakes, noise stops. Wheel bearings are good, pad thickness fine and all tolerances ok. I have read about TR6 squeaking brakes, however these all seem to be when stopping, not coasting. Does anyone have any ideas? Cheers rob
  4. Hi graze Thanks for providing this feed back. I have been thinking of getting a new hood myself. Do you have any pictures of your nice new hood? Thanks rob
  5. Hi tony I have not done anything one the rear (apart from diff out to repair the mounts) so have not looked at the camber. I may have been accelerating when this pic was taken. having another look to day in the shed it does not look the same so the pic is a little mis leading. I will compare other tr6 when I at the next club meet. Thanks for the pointer
  6. Hi mark From moss the headers are PXTH604 with the super sports cross box PXS5203 http://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/33708-phoenix-6-3-1-headers-and-cross-flow-muffler/ Had to modify the exhaust tube to get it through the breast plate on the chassis Thanks
  7. Hi mark I fitted the Phoenix headers with cross flow rear. Purchased from moss. No problems with the standard under slung linkage. I did have to modify the bracket for the air manifold so it cleared the extractor pipes. It does sound good and really freed up the engine, money well spent. rob
  8. Thanks Alan, good to know ths pump works. I have now ordered the sytec pump. I have a direct power feed with relay in place so extra amps should be ok.
  9. Thanks mark. Found the post I was looking for http://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/3581-bosch-pump-part-numbers/?hl=%2Bbosch+%2Bfuel+%2Bpart+%2Bnumber
  10. Hi I have been trawling through the forum to get information on the best fuel pump to replace the bosch pump I have installed I cannot find a part number on the existing pump. With bosch changing some part numbers it's all seems a bit confusing. So looking at other threads in the forum I could references to the following pumps Bosch 0 580 254 040/sytec P3022.1 (sytec appears to be a in tank model) Bosch 0 580 254 910/sytec P3019.1 My question is what is the best bosch or sytec pump for the TR6 today? I am planning purchasing the prestige pvr to see if this assist in
  11. Hi I went the Phoenix headers and cross flow muffler. Made a huge difference. Expensive, but worth every penny. Car is more responsive and has a fantastic sound. Who needs a radio. http://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/33708-phoenix-6-3-1-headers-and-cross-flow-muffler/
  12. Rorr1971

    Revotec fan

    No problem so far. It only runs on for about a minute. I have also fitted a higher output bosch alternator to keep up with the fan, bosch fuel pump and electronic ignition. No more glowing red light at idle now.
  13. Rorr1971

    Revotec fan

    Hi mark I have just completed this with a revotec fan. Mine runs off a hot power source with its own fuse so runs on to cool the car after its turned off. I used the relay supplied with the fan by just pulling the connector off the supplied relay. Mine is a 1974 model with a volt meter so i did not have to worry about any ammeter issues. The thermo switch is the lower stainless pipe with a boss fitting. Attached is a diagram of what I did. Works well. Have already been for an hour drive on a 30 degree day and was stuck in traffic. No issue. Did not bother with a light or overide
  14. Hi Neil, Thanks for the reply Yep new sleeve. The old one was very grooved from the dodgy seal. When you say dry seal do you mean just the gasket with no silicone? Do you know if any of the other bolts penetrate the water channel ? thanks Richard for the tip
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