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  1. Thanks for the advice. I hadn't considered a commission sale so I will look into that with TRGB (it was they who restored the hardtop for me) and also Anglia for the auction side of things.
  2. Thanks to the vagaries of the employment market it looks as though I will probably have to sell my 1955 TR2. I've been looking at what is on car and classic / ebay etc and the prices being asked are extremely high and I can't believe are realistic. Mine is a 1955 short door and is an older restoration, so is certainly not in concourse condition, it is however very good mechanically with O/D and took me down to Barcelona for the GP earlier this year without missing a beat. It also has a recently restored hard top (and fitting kit on the chassis). I will add some pictures to the post tomorrow but I was wondering what the collective view of a reasonable value was ? As a starting point I paid £18k for her 6 years ago without the hardtop so was thinking in the region of £25k, would that be too high ?. Also any recommendations for the best way to sell her, physical auction, ebay, private add etc Sadly Andy
  3. Mark The TR2 in Worthing will be mine, I'm working in Sussex for a year (doing a weekly commute from Yorkshire) and am using the TR as my daily driver for a couple of months whilst the weather is OK. I did bring it down earlier in the year, but sitting outside in all the rain we had April/May time did it no good at all. It is surprisingly comfortable on the long trip up and down the M23/M25 and M1, not as quick as the modern car though obviously, However driving up on Tuesday night was a blast with the roof off, heater on low and the stars twinkling overhead. I passed a member of the Goodwood group (i assume) in a red 4 or 5 heading south on the A24 as I headed north. Andy
  4. Use the second link provided by french, that works.
  5. Our eldest doesn't like the 2 for the same reason. I picked her up from school in it once (a Saturday morning club thing, so not a lot of people about) and she told me that "some people might think your cool but everyone here thinks you look stupid !" she had her head down all the way home in case someone recognized her. She takes her test in 6 weeks but her attitude hasn't changed. Our youngest on the other hand loves it
  6. Congratulations, you don't hang about do you. It was only about 2 years ago I came down to look at your 6 !
  7. Thanks Tim, I'll place the order now. Andy
  8. Gents I'm wanting to change the brake pads on the front of the 2, however I am not sure which type I should be ordering from Moss. I'm not bothered about performance etc so will just be going for the standard pads. But from the picture below can anyone advise me which of these I need: GBP172 TR3-3A TR4 to CT4689 wire wheels TR4 to CT4387 steel wheels or GBP114 TR4 from CT4690 wire wheels TR4 from CT4388 steel wheels TR4A Thanks
  9. http://youtu.be/qZWl6XHwCQo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cY44nAJLb34
  10. Trying again, this time in 4 part http://youtu.be/zYV1ceBBtJw http://youtu.be/jGDNk4nVjdM leaving parts 2,3 and 4 to upload and process whilst I sleep !
  11. For those who can't use iPlayer removed link to "too long" video
  12. Rod, the DVLA should still be able to give you the details, you just need to request (and pay) for them: http://www.direct.go...ine/DG_10016794 I got the entire owner history for my 1955 TR2. Andy
  13. Well that was hard work but it's finally fitted. Ian, I had to remove the LTD posts from the rear quarter to get the side brackets on the hood and cappings line up (which necessitated taking off the interior trim to retrieve the spanner and nut from the interior space when I dropped them on multiple occasions). Even then there was a lot of pushing involved as the capping and roof liner combined to make them very difficult to line up, so it's definitely a 2 person job ! I also removed the hood sticks whilst I was at it so I can give them a paint and going over. I should say that I didn't install the fittings as they were already on the car, but I have renewed a couple of them.
  14. Hi Ian I'm in Yorkshire so am quite far away unfortunately. But once I've fitted the hardtop properly this weekend I would be more than happy to take some pics or I have Friday off work next week so would be more than happy to take a trip. Andy
  15. Thanks for all the help and suggestions (yes it is a 2). I've ordered the rubber/furflex for the guttering and once that's installed I'll fit the hardtop properly before taking a hammer/heat to the frames to make them fit properly. I appear to have one original and one repro. I haven't decided yet but will probably get them covered by Don's Hoods as they did a good job supplying and fitting the tonneau. The front flap is going to need to be VERY big by the look of things if it is to fit into the gap between plate and stanchion. Edit - The hammer mainly is for the mounting arms, as with the brackets fitted to the door cards the frames angle outwards towards the top so that they stand proud of the stanchion/plate by a good inch
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