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  1. JDB

    TR7 Spider

    I am close to buying a tr7 Spider. I have always loved this edition and have an opportunity to buy one. What should I look for before buying it? Thanks, JDB
  2. Sometimes you can't just decide on a car on its paint. The paint color on the TR3A that you have shown is non-stock as Alec has stated. If you search TR-Register Forums, you will find TR3 and TR3A paint chips. I might even have a copy. I have a TR3 and a TR3A. The TR3A is in better condition, but if I would buy another triumph "TR3", I would go with a 3A. But it is all what you like. Anyway you look at it, you will be happy with your choice. JDB
  3. For £8500, Alec, you could probably buy a basket case, but I've seen three in the last six months sell for around £31,000. Anyways, the Italia is one of my dream cars. But I think I'm going to buy a TR7 Spider in the next month or so JDB
  4. http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C218759 JDB
  5. JDB


    Just threw out my Tr2 competition shocks when I cleaned out the garage last week. Mistook it for another... I wonder, how many triumph parts were thrown out over the years? Even the LeMans and Prototype triumph cars. Damn!.. Anyways it had surface rust, but still.. JDB
  6. Parlo po 'di italiano. Forse, provare con un kit di Carb ricostruzione o cosa Ashley consigliati, un Jet-Grose. Buona fortuna, JDB
  7. Most likely, it is reproduction. The style is similar to the TR4 Badge. Then again, it might be a early TR2 badge. Maybe from one of the three TR2 prototypes... EDIT. It looks like the TS1 badge doesn't say Triumph on the bottom.. HMM? JDB
  8. Thanks for your replies. Alan, it seems as if they were custom made due to the difference of the Covers between 9517 and MVC575. On the other hand.. just dreaming, angelfj... The guy I have making the Tanneau Cover does make carbon fiber material and can shape it if he has the molds.. Anyways, I will be going withe Tenax fasteners, under the cover, hidden like the Jabbeke Car. He's also working on my other, Very different 3A. JDB
  9. Actually, correct me.... There were 5 Metal Tanneau Cover. 3 of which were made for the 1954 Grand Prix and 2 for the famous SP Models. God, what is the value of these cars today??? I hope not as much as that TR3S posted a few months back.. If your wondering, Here is some of the connections I have of the 1st Grand Prix. All of these cars had Metal Tanneu Covers. Eduardo de Carvalho - Triumph TR2 Paul Du Toit - Triumph TR2 Reginaldo da Rocha - Triumph Tr2 Thanks, JDB
  10. Ohh Alan, I would like a copy of that Print... Or original if you would like to sell it..? Anyways, I re-examined the pictures I have, and it seems that they used the Tenax Screws on the 1954 Macau TR2, that won 1st place that year. Many people don't know about this car, but its value is that of the MVC575, more or less. The metal Tanneau cover is still intact, and is RHD! Tada! JDB
  11. Thanks Viv, You have done a fantastic job with Copeland's TR2SP. Anyways, my idea was to use DZUS mounting brackets with our standard T tool. I'm pretty sure it is what the Jabekke team used. However, the owner of the MVC575 might have a clue, but I don't want to bother him. Thanks, JDB
  12. The trouble is mounting the thing. The Jabbeke team easily took it off and put a convertible top and windshield on. Wonder how they mounted it.. I have pictures and a video but thats about it. I plan to use aluminum(easy to shape). You have to shape it on the interior capping and so, find a way to mount the metal sheet onto the car (kind of like a tr2 hardtop). I will post picture when we're done. In the mean time, Any ideas? JDB
  13. You might think I'm posting this to advertise or introduce a new topic about this rare/unusual triumph part. I am in the process of building one of these like the SP models (Jabbeke, Maccau Tr2). I know these are rare to come by and there aren't few around. Actually, there are only two I know have been made by Triumph. I'm sure if you you go through the roots like Bill Piggot or Graham Robson, you can find a few produced, but I, like most don't have these connections. My friend has machine shop and is making me one for a favor on my part. I have pictures of replica metal tonneau covers, and a
  14. I'm thinking about putting a A-Type Overdrive in a non Overdrive 1962 TR4. Would this lower the value price of the 4 or???? JDB
  15. This is an addition to my previous post. Why we haven't seen any other swallows like this example, is because this is a one- off. This is NOT a Prototype. Ghia also built a coupe version of the swallow doretti on body No.1209. But dont get me wrong, this coupe has some history. Cheers, JDB
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