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  1. SpitFire6

    Coaxial hydraulic clutch release

    Drum roll ********** What was the problem, Batman?
  2. & what is this?

  3. SpitFire6

    efi throttle bodies size

    My ITB's are staying. No more questions in the head! Can I run with #200 mesh over the inlets while I work on the plenum for a few weeks in this weather? I need access for adjustment over a few weeks and it's not dry here. Cheers, Iain.
  4. SpitFire6

    Rocker oil feed banjo thread size

    Hi, Stainless will corrode if in contact with ferrous. I thought stainless was harder than steel? Cheers, Iain.
  5. SpitFire6

    Alternative heater valve

    Wire nuts. Ok to use on 480VAC over 100 amps I think. Always wrap PVC tape around it, be sure to stretch to break. Use them on a 12VDC 20A car and people call you Spawn of Gash. Scotch loks for me. Cheers, Iain
  6. SpitFire6

    How to remove the idle measuring valve? (On TR6 CR)

    Hi, Could you not have just backed the idle screw out more and use the existing 1/2" barb? Banjo sounds good for clearance issues. Yea, I know the post is old. Cheers, Iain.
  7. SpitFire6

    CP Throttle ajustment

    Hi, mine was Orings on injectors. What is the thread on the idle screw? I want to blank mine. Cheers, Iain.
  8. SpitFire6

    Oil Leak from Rocker Cover

    Hi, Nice n clean rocker box! How many miles on the engine & what oil? Cleanest I have seen for a long time. Cheers, Iain.
  9. SpitFire6

    Problem fitting 4 seasons heater valve

    Happily agree mate.
  10. SpitFire6

    Problem fitting 4 seasons heater valve

    Hi, I ditched the heater valve over twenty years ago. No regrets. The car is toasty in the winter and roofs down in the summer. The one functioning lever is always on defrost. If i was wanting to control flow thru the heater I would fit a 12V solenoid. Just my opinion. For my daily. Cheers, Iain.
  11. SpitFire6

    thermostat for summer use

    Hi, I run a modern three port 87 degree thermostat with fan switch on at top hose at 95 on and 92 off. CP engine and VW rad. And more.. I would run the highest temp stat all year. Cheers, Iain.
  12. SpitFire6

    Seeing in the Dark!

    HI, Fit LED's LOL. Cheers, Iain.
  13. Hi, When the alternator is under-load you will get the belt noise if the pulleys are not lined up correct or the belt is wrong. Under no-load i.e plug removed the alternator pulley is not loaded. Don't disconnect the plug and run the engine though, you risk kaputing the alternator as I have done. I had the wine for a year and loved the sound! People asked if I had a super charger. Belt snapped. New one fitted and now no noise..I did shim it as much as possible and am sure the washers are in the correct place, but the luvly noise has gone. Cheers, Iain.
  14. SpitFire6

    Headlight improvement

    Hi, I am soon to fit H4 LED lights. I just need to add a three pole timer connector and they will be up and running. Compared them to H4 halogen and the low beam cut off looked fine. Much brighter than the 55Watt HID lamps they will replace. I don't like the warm up time of the HID's. The LED's have a much faster switch on time, ideal for flashing. Will hopefully last longer than ye old filament lamps. Cheers, Iain. Edit: Relay hot required as only 30Watt a lamp. Doing my bit for the environment.
  15. SpitFire6

    Fuel & Temp Gauges

    Manfred, Sorry for delay in replying. Steel wool could get left behind and short out things. Steel wool would be difficult to use, but you had successfully used it. Steel wool just is something I would not have used. If it worked for you good job. Cheers, Iain.

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