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  1. cookie

    Limora Starter

    WOSP fitted and working, new tool developed to get the nut on. On to the next problem now, won't start !!
  2. cookie

    Limora Starter

    WOSP on order, fingers crossed it won't be too difficult. Dave
  3. cookie

    Limora Starter

    I did see that the power was less. The issue I have have with the WOSP is, as I understand, it comes with the top fixing stud in place it cant be installed without punching a hole in the footwell. It seems the Limora one doesn't have this stud so shouldn't need access to the top stud via the footwell. Dave
  4. cookie

    Limora Starter

    Thanks, did you manage to fit it without bashing a hole through the footwell to get at the top nut.
  5. cookie

    Limora Starter

    Hi, Hs anybody used the Limora starter motor, is it any good. Thanks Dave
  6. Although the sender is very old it came out the tank about 5 years ago and was fine. So in 5 years its filled up with petrol. Just intrigued as cant find any holes, leaks or how the hell it got in there. Dave
  7. Hi All, Just wondering if anybody had come across this before. The fuel gauge packed up and was found to be the tank sender. The float was about 95% full of petrol so obviously not doing what it should. On inspection we could find no way that the petrol could have entered the float. No amount of shaking could get any fuel out, no visible holes, even squeezed it with a pair of grips and couldn't get any fuel out. So my question is, how the hell did it get in there. Thanks Dave
  8. Finished a full restoration recently, fitting the carpets was the easy bit. I used spray on contact adhesive where required. used new underlay. Few studs to fit which i found easy. Dave
  9. Trying to get rid of the dreaded resonance, as cheaply as possible. However there seems to be some conflicting info on the various suppliers websites. Firstly i've seen that changing the existing (cloth braided pump) to PRV pipe for a rubber one, could cure this but could lead to petrol smells in the boot. Anybody fitted, or has a, rubber pie and experienced petrol smell and has it cured resonance? Secondly, Some sites say supplied ready to fit others say the unit needs to be calibrated with a gauge. Anybody fitted a Diaphragm PRV straight out the box without the need to calibrate. Was the new PRV a direct replacement or was additional pipework required Currently have Bosch pump (TR Shop), new pipe work, refurbished PRV, MU etc. Thanks Dave
  10. It's a brand new tank, new pipe work, all injection parts refurbished. If it is muck then no idea how it got there, unless dodgy petrol. Any hints on what and where to look for it. Thanks Dave
  11. Update.. Today i took out injector 2, nothing not even a drip of petrol. Removed plugs, bled injector, eventually got some fuel through. Haven't swapped any over yet. Went for a 15 mile ish drive with a bit of the loud pedal to the metal. Driving beautifully. Will take it out again on Tuesday to see if its still ok. Thanks for all your comments. The VuVuzela came back for a very short time, next job i guess is a new PRV. Dave
  12. Hi, Was in the process of trying to do that but afraid it didn't work. Dave
  13. Brilliant, i know that feeling as just finished one too. You are definitely right about a small 'f', as i am finding out. Dave
  14. Thanks for the comments, the plot thickens. Started her up, seemed like no2 not firing. Had all the plugs out, sooty so cleaned them up. Prob due to car not being on the road for long and no real journeys. While the plugs out, took out injectors 1 and 2, lovely conical spray. Put it all back, started her up, lovely, running just how a TR should. Took her out for a short road trip 4 or 5 miles. Running lovely for the first 2 miles or so. At the end of a faster bit of road, slowed for a roundabout, noticed straight away not running well again. Like that all the way back. Injector 2 not pulsing, took it out, no spray, not even a dribble. Tried all the usual tricks for a short while, no luck. Any ideas what could cause that. Set up is. Bosch Pump PRV, MU, Injectors all refurbished by Neil a while ago. Just over a 1/4 tank of petrol. Thanks Dave
  15. Hi Waldi, I have driven a mile or 2 in it and its really not good, firing on 5 at most maybe 4. There is the odd backfire so thinking the plugs may need cleaning. On cylinder one i wasn't getting a good spray so need to recheck that. Very frustrating as it was running like a dream around 3 weeks ago. The other thing i don't currently understand is that when i pulled off each spark plug cap the note changed. Will be having a play on Sunday. Dave
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